Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Life goes on …… woyww 679

After three floods and three moves Mum is now in her retirement apartment. She has even had time for cake with the Queen and a Jubilee party in the residents lounge.

Life hasn’t calmed down yet though as we’ve now got her old house to prepare for sale and I’m still ploughing my way through paperwork and hours on the phone trying to get through to services and authorities.  I don’t know how folk can say things are better now.  It’s a shame I’m not getting paid to do this lot as I’d be coining it in.  Oh yes and I’m also still dealing with the flood compensation paperwork.

So still no crafting yet.  However, my sister came home for the weekend and we managed an afternoon treat at a local art gallery.

The room of curiosities 



Update on crafting since I started this post.  My textile group had a little online workshop on the Cyanotype process.

If you don’t know what it is, it’s a dyeing technique using chemicals and the sun.

Looks lovely …… only thing is, it should be blue and not disappear
when rinsed through.

Wouldn’t you know I had been sent the wrong chemical mix.  Poor Kim who
I bought it off was mortified.  Not to worry said I, there’s worse things happen.
So hopefully I’ll post the real thing next week heehee.

Take care and have a good week

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  1. Oh dear. That cyanotype looks interesting in yellow, even if it should be bright cobalt blue! So sorted, as you say and it'll be fun to see the real deal. Your mom looks like she is quite enjoying her private audience with Her Majesty and what can I say but WOW to that magnificent lunch set up. Crikey! The gallery looks fab so I am off to the link for a bit more info.
    Happy WOYWW to you!
    Mary Anne (4)

  2. I'm glad your Mum's move was sorted without any further hiccups! I'm hearing you on the paperwork and sorting things out and certainly do not envy you there. It's good that you and your sister were able to spend some time together and visit that gallery. Your craft project looks ... interesting :-) Oh dear! xxx

  3. What a shame about the chemicals, but at least you know it works even though the wrong colour. Interesting objects at the gallery, and my those cakes look tasty! Happy. Angela #15

  4. Your cyanotype looks fab even if it is the wrong mix! It's a lovely thing to do - I might have a go with ben - it's always fascinating. Well done on all your efforts to sort your Mum out - what a lovely Jubilee weekend! xx Jo

  5. Great post today and so pleased to see your mum is settled. I know what a relief that must be. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x13x

  6. So glad your mum is now settled, what a relief for you both. I hope the paperwork gets sorted soon - it can be a nightmare I know. I do hope you get the right cyanotype chemicals soon - it's such a fun process - I have a huge box full of them and really ought to start using them before making more, but it's very addictive!
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Diana xx #14

  7. glad your Mum has finally got into the retirement apartment; and that you get all the paperwork sorted before too long. Look forward to seeing the cyanotope project - in cobalt! - next week! Happy WOYWW Helen #3

  8. Hellooo Lynn 🤗 what a relief for you all and your Mum to finally be settled in 💕what a lovely celebrstion it was by the looks of the photos ⭐ hoping you get the paperwork all sorted and out the way soon 🤞 So happy you and your sister got to spend some together. Here's to the righg chemical arriving for you to have another go😘 Take care, best of days wished for you with love and hugs Tracy #11 xxxxx

  9. I know it’s really hard to move your Mum into a retirement home even without the complications of floods and compensation so good on you. It’s a pain now but you’ll be able to look back with pride.
    Your cyanotype experiments look interesting- at least you made the mistakes now and will hopefully have some results you like.
    Take care
    Lynnecrafts 19

  10. Oh I’m relieved for you, I know the paperwork and admin is colossal, but at least your mum is now safe and sound and not caught in some limbo. It is a lot of work, thank goodness you’re there to take it on for her, makes me shudder to think how she’d cope without you. I love cyanotope, I’m looking forward to seeing what you do when the chemicals turn it blue! No doubt it’ll make me want to do it too….!

  11. Pity about the chemical mix Lynn - the images were so pretty. Glad your mum is finally settled. Good luck with all the phone calls and paperwork. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

  12. Glad your Mum is in and settled. Love the cyanotope. That exhibition is a bit weird!

  13. That’s such great news to hear about your mum, thank goodness it’s all sorted now and a big well done to you for dealing with all the paperwork/fallout from everything, it’s not easy! I loved the exhibition you went to, some fab pieces there and I look forward to seeing the blue cyanotype.
    Hugs LLJ 6 xx

  14. Good news about your mum. Have a good week, love n hugs, Cindy #22

  15. The queen got around a lot during her Jubilee. I bet your mom was happy to meet her. Glad she got moved, at least.

    LOVED some of the items you saw at the museum. some quirky, some not. If the cyanotype didn't work, it may mean the emulsion was bad, which can happen if it sits too long.

    This is the second time I've been without electricity in my neighborhood in the past two days. That's why I'm so late visiting. Happy WOYWW from # 1.

  16. I keep meaning to do the cyanotype thing. I bought the wherewithal in our summer but didn't get around to it...
    Love the images from the art gallery!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #16

  17. Hoorah! I'm so pleased that your gorgeous Mum is in her new abode!
    What incredible bits on display in the gallery, I don't know which I love more, I could spend hours gawping at everything! xxx