Friday, 15 November 2019

The Pamela’s

As soon as I saw these super brooches by Viv Sliwka of Hens Teeth I burst into song.  Viv has named her creations “Pamela”.
This is how she describes them on her Instagram page 

Yes but why have I burst into song you might be asking. Do you remember Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders ?  If you do you might remember this song -

Pamela, Pamela 
Remember the days 
Of inkwells and apples 
And books and school plays 
Where little Brer Rabbit kissed Pooh in the wood 
And Fluff was the cat that sat on the rug 
Oh, Pamela 
I remember so well 
When Laurel and Hardy were shown at the flicks 
With sticky red lollies on splintery sticks 
Pigtails and ribbons and crushes on miss 
Secret discussions about a first kiss 
But you were young 
And everything was new 
Impatient to do things you couldn't do 
Oh, Pamela, Pamela 
You started to grow 
Answers to questions you wanted to know 
When the rest of your childhood 
Forgets as a dream 
And the harshness of life 
Dims those peaches and cream.

I love the words and think they suit the “Pamela’s” beautifully 

I’ve long been a fan of this lovely ladies work and have several of her pieces.

One of my favourite things to do is to support British Makers 

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Foiling Around .......

Talk about marathon crafting, this is what me and Mum got upto on Saturday at a two hour workshop.

Take an empty tube of tomato purée. Cut it open, wipe it clean, use the inside to create a lovely card.

My tomato purée tube card

I made a flower key ring with a cut up drinks can

And here’s my Christmas star made from a foil pie tin.

A lie down was needed after haha.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Autumn Clobber

Isn’t autumn the most beautiful time of year in nature.  I love where I live for seeing and being amongst it.

I also love the transition into winter clothes and being able to bring out my favourite Fly London boots and opaque tights.

I’ve added this gorgeous green Scottish knit jumper to my winter wardrobe.  It’s one I picked up in Ulverston, near to our caravan in the Lake District.

Last winter’s outfits included the Dr. Who / Urchin look and providing it still fits I think I’ll be wearing it again.

You’ll not catch me walking through the dell in a fleece and a pac-a-Mac or waterproof trousers.

Home sweet home

Looking forward to sorting through my clobber and coordinating a few more outfits.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Alice the travelling petticoat - Woyww

This week we closed up our caravan for the winter and said goodbye to our Cumbrian friends until spring.  We did lark around a bit before we set off for home though.

Craft wise a friend came round to spend the day making pretty wraps to go round jam jars.  Jacqui glued her piece (above) onto card before securing it round the jar.  It gave it more structure.

I’m going redo mine as the stitching is to big and you can’t see the word.  What I will probably do is make another and stitch this onto a skirt or jumper.

Also I’ve been entrusted with Alice the travelling petticoat and her travel journal.  Alice started life in South Africa as a plain white vintage petticoat and so far she has been to the USA, Ireland, Australia, France and various areas of the UK.
Each member of the Petticoat sisterhood can add their own embellishment and write a little about themselves in the journal.  The book is beautiful.  It has stories of  people’s lives and homes and the adventures they’ve had while the petticoat has been in their care.

So now it is my turn to add to this delightful story before I send her on her way to pastures new.
I’ll give you an update once Alice and I have got properly acquainted with each other.
You can see more photos on Instagram by checking out the hashtag #petticoatsisterhood

This is what my friend Maria added

And here the petticoat is ready to leave Australia 

Hope you enjoyed this little story

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Monday, 28 October 2019

Tis Done Now - woyww


Good morning desk hoppers, here’s the embroidery hoop I was working on last week.  Not often I can post a finished project haha.

Looking round my studio room (so called by my lovely hubby) My eyes fell up on some pieces I stitched together a few years ago when I did an online course with embroiderer Karen Ruane.  

and I’ve decided to work back into them by adding words and I’m going to attach them to hangers.  The little flowery thing isn’t really a hanger it was something I found for a £1 in the garden centre and rather liked the look of.

Once the pieces are finished and on the wall I’ll show you a picture.  This is the first piece of three.  All done from imagination and random pieces of vintage cloth and lace.

So dear friends that’s where you will find me today as my 16 year old VW Beetle is having her repairs done to get her through the MOT.  Looking at the weather though I’m going to take advantage of a nice walk on the moors as well.

Hope you all have a happy creative week
Lynn xx

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Sunday, 20 October 2019

Dyeing to show you - woyww

This is what the weekend is for - playing out.

A super Sunday spent learning how to dye threads 

Then using them to create an embroidery

What I’ve not said is that there was also a lot of chatting, laughing, drinking of tea and eating cake going on as well

Of course after an exhaustingly busy day there had to be a trip to the pub for tea.

Another fabulous workshop over in Brighouse, Yorkshire 

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