Saturday, 13 April 2019

I forked out a tenner

I’ve had to wait since Saturday to show you what I’ve made this week.  I nearly bust a gut keeping it secret, but I wanted to share it with my deskhopping friends.

So apart from nearly poking my eye out and sustaining a couple of scratches along the way, what do you think of my cutlery wind chime.

I’m a bit chuffed with it and intend making some more.
I went on a two hour workshop at Touchstones art gallery in Rochdale, Lancashire (UK).  The best £10 I’ve spent in ages.  It included all the materials and an instruction print out 

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Friday, 12 April 2019

Tsundoku - what the heck’s that

I came across the word
this week

and burst out laughing 

That’s me all over 

There are worse things in life.
Like I said to the wandering welder 
Aka my husband Philip

“When you go to the pub and spend your money on a few pints, where does it end up ?”
  Down the toilet, I informed him.

Now then look where my money goes.

“I lost that one argument then” he said 

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

When friends craft together

A friend came round on Monday she wanted to make a birthday gift and asked if I could help her.

Here’s what she made.
A little tin collage

And here’s the one I’m working on

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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Bags n Birds n Books

I do like a book bag for keeping my nicest books in

So this week I made one to put this little beauty in for my friend’s birthday.


There’s nothing precise or measured about my sewing 
and cutting of material it’s always a Heath Robinson job
but it’s the thought that counts.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Gathered Found Made

I love to look at the work and creative thinking of others.
The textures, tones and rawness of Julia Joplin’s makes and  photography really appeal to me.

The Instagram page of 

Julia along with husband David run Radnor bed & breakfast in Hay on Wye.  This is also where she gathers, makes, sews and paints.

I’d love to stay and spend some time in Hay, browsing the book shops and quirky independant shops in the area

At the start of my creative journey some 20 years ago I was drawn to this type of work and would take photo after photo of the industrial look and nature.  Many images were of  rusted steel, paint stripped wood, windows and doors, twigs, leaves, moorland walls and fencing.

(All above images are Julia Joplin’s)

Later I’d work gathered pieces onto canvas or interweave twigs with found objects.
Still being drawn to the natural and the found in the work of other makers I’m feeling a creative pull that way.  Maybe it’s time to get out there with my camera again.

 collected created canvas 
By Lynn Holland

Spring is a time for floral frocks

It feels like tempting fate to say spring feels like it’s on its way.  I’ve started wearing my floral frocks living in hopes of warmer days.

Saying that I’m not ready to give up my opaque 100 denier tights yet

Nor am I putting my cardigans or jumpers away for a while yet.

Here’s a couple of outfits made from curtains I found in the charity shops and my talented friend created into skirts, tops and frocks for me.

Has anyone shed their thermals yet ?

I am a lover of my winter clobber but I also like to be able to go out without a coat 

Thanks for dropping by 
Lynn x