Sunday, 25 July 2021

And in the blink of an eye

No I’m not on the naughty step. Tuesdays sewing class was cancelled
because someone had been in Gail’s shop who had tested positive for
covid so she had to get tested herself.

Not to worry that gives me a week to bite my nails before I’m
tortured again with cutting and stitching accurately.

So to Wednesday and market day.
One of my favourite things is seeing our fresh fruit and veg
in the sink in cold water ready for washing. Doesn’t it look colourful.

Look here the strawberries look like an advert for Marks & Spencer.

In the garden the Astilbe has joined the party

And the hanging baskets are growing more beautiful
by the day

Thursday and it’s been a day of running round doing errands.
Poor Frida my 18 year VW is spending a few days in the garage
being serviced and a bit more tweaking ready for our trip upto
the Lake District next week.

We had a lovely early tea with our bestie and her Dad then
back home to watch Channel 5 Inside Hampton Court and another
episode of Baptiste on BBC Iplayer.

I might sound like my chirpy self but a lovely friend Sandy
lost her life to cancer recently at 48 and after visiting her
Mum and sister on Thursday I’ve lost my chirp a bit.

Here’s to you our beautiful quirky friend.
It’s hard to let you go.

Love to all our friends at home and in my little iPad world.
See you soon.

And then how did this happen so quickly
Our gorgeous niece Olivia off to her prom on Friday night.

Wednesday, 21 July 2021


In Grandma’s days Monday was always washing day, so
sticking with tradition the bedding was stripped and on the
line first thing, taking advantage of the hot weather we are having.

After a trip to the Post office I dropped off a frock at friend
Val’s, who I haven’t seen in over a year, then called
in on my buddy Jane and had a cuppa with her. Nearly four
hours after I’d left the house I reappeared to the wandering welder
thinking I’d left home.

After a late lunch I stocked my basket up with books, pencils, more
books, some stitching and headed off into the garden.

These are some pieces I’ve been tinkering with.
Painted bondaweb with yellow emulsion paint then ironed onto plain navy cotton.
Next up I’ve cut out pieces from a print fabric and machine stitched them down.
They are my sample pieces for the textile group I’m with.

Tuesday after my Pilates zoom class I set to work on the next
part of Jo Hill’s Flowers and Grasses course.

This retirement malarkey is full on, she chuckled.
How was there ever time to go to work.

I’ve a new book to start tonight by a new author.
It’s a modern day Romeo & Juliet with the trials of two
people from different religions.

Before that though I’ve got the last of the sewing classes
held locally.  I know I’ve managed to make a tote bag and
a fabric basket, but I have to tell you ladies all this pattern
cutting and accuracy is not for me.

I’ll be sticking with my usual make it up as I go along stuff.

Have a lovely creative week


Monday, 19 July 2021

Welcome to the weekend

Welcome to the weekend 


Basket at the ready, eh up there’s something missing.
No not the wandering welder, he’s getting the car out ready
for the off.

It’s a brooch.  A girl has to have a brooch or one is quite
underdressed haha.  Certainly not underfed from this angle.

So off we set, over the moors to visit our favourite market town,
Todmorden in Yorkshire. A twenty minute picturesque drive
from our house in Whitworth, Lancashire.

Today felt like Saturdays used to feel before covid. Relaxed.
The sun was out, the market stalls were full and we
came home with lots of treats and essentials.

Flowers from Petals & Patina, on the inside market, for the
jug I recently bought from THE LINEN GARDEN

Its an early birthday present for me from me. I’m spending
my pension money already.


A walk across the moor to post a birthday card.
Flowers and grasses gathered on the way back.

Time to stop and stare.

Back home there’s flowers to be pressed between the pages
of an old sales ledger

Some to put on my desk for inspiration.

and the rest outside where I can investigate their origins further
in the Flowers Show To The Children book from the early 1900’s.

Our local art gallery Touchstones have mounted their
newest exhibition - Grayson Perry’s tapestries.
So I’m sorting a date for us to go.  

Job done and it’s time for tea. French onion savoury
tart with salad and chutney for the wondering welder and a salmon
and asparagus one for me. Bought fresh on Todmorden market yesterday.

Tonight we will be watching the new thriller series Baptiste on BBC1
then trying our best not to binge watch further episodes on IPlayer.

I hope your weekend has been a luvverly one
and whatever the new week brings, make it a good ‘un.


Thursday, 15 July 2021


There’s not a lot happened since Wednesday’s blog post except
for learning about a Japanese printing method called Hapa Zome.
Flower bashing to you and me.

Here’s my first attempt.

Then I messed about with the image on PhotoGrid and
came up with a lovely print.

There’s been a call out from best friend Sue asking if I had
a toilet bag her Dad could borrow to take in hospital with him.

This led me to quickly stitching one together with no idea what
I was doing and ending up with one flowered side and one tweed side.
Don’t ask me how that happened, the flowers should be on the inside.
I knew I was getting a bit above myself thinking I could do it.

The night before at the sewing class I’m attending I managed to
make this fabric box with blow by blow instructions by teacher
Gail. I’ve never been as quiet in my life, I had to concentrate so hard.

I was sharp enough to use the same fabric on the inside as the
tote bag I made last week and I’ve got them earmarked now for a
friend’s special birthday later this year.

Next week is the last of the sewing classes. Even though I’ve
managed to finish things it requires far too much brain power
for my liking. I’m more of a faffer and bodge it sewer.

I spotted this the other day and thought Annie’s Friday Smile ladies
would appreciate it.

Here’s a little update of what’s going on in the garden

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.
Have a good weekend

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

It’s Wednesday again………. What’s on your Workdesk

Here’s a weekend round up before I get to my desk.

I took mum to a lovely little outdoor craft event at our local pub.
It was so nice chatting to folk and having a look round.

I’ve never liked fudge but these girls have got it right, it’s more like
eating traybake cakes.  It was their first fair and we wish them lots of luck.

Same goes for mother and daughter team “From Rainbows” their first event.
I didn’t think I’d see dried flowers coming back on the scene in as big a way as they
did in the late 80’s early 90’s. Well they have and are the new thing for weddings
and interiors.

Ok now to the matter in hand before I get removed from class
by our beloved leader Julia for waffling.

I’ve done some fabric printing with leaves and added reverse appliqué
for the no rules textile society nature prompt

and for my online free motion embroidery course with Jo Hill I’ve
completed a lesson in couching stems down with wool.  Took me a
bit to get the hang of it but I think I’ve cracked it now.

If anyone has ever been to the fabulous Sunday flower market on London’s
Columbia Road this little book is filled with beautiful images of the market.
It’s lovely and is one of a series of seven books of around London.

I pulled three flowers apart -  a rose, a penstemon and a dahlia and
with the petals made a new variety “whatsimebobs”. It’s being
pressed between the pages in an old ledger now.

Tuesday afternoon and after a session of weeding in the garden
I’m now doing a bit more flower studying before I get back
to the sewing machine later.

This is the bag I made last week at the sewing class I went to
locally.  This week it’s a fabric basket - gulp !

Now can someone tell the sun to get his hat back on please.

Hope everyone is ok and busy at their desks.
See you next week.
Take care 

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Doing what you love……..

Postman Sid you’re such a lovely man
Bringing me gifts in your little red van

Good friend Vix sent me a parcel which included brand new Petra dress
she picked up in the clearance shop and knew I would be able to layer it
up with Petticoats, cardies & brooches. The stamp collections will be
great for crafting. Thank you so much Vix for thinking of me.

And look at these clever book corners made by Liz aka Bizzymitts
Aren’t they clever. I’m looking forward to us being back at
Anne Brookes studio again in Brighouse later this year.

Thanks Liz for the bookmarks they are already in use.

I finished reading the fantastic book Where The Crawdads Sing
by Delia Owens this morning just as Vix parcel arrived which also
included Niamh Boyce’s book The Herbalist.

If you’ve not read Delia Owens book I would definitely recommend it.
It’s now being made into a film due out next July.

I’ve been saving this dress for tea out at the pub for the first
time since October with our good friends Jacqui & John.

The dress is a design by Ghost Fashion for Marks & Spencer
and has some lovely features, like the gorgeous frilled sleeves
for shoving your hankie up. 

Before the excitement of the footie final on telly tonight
there’s time for lots more textile experimenting for
this months prompt - Nature, with the textile gang.

I created a new flower made from three old ones from a flower
arrangement that was past it’s best.
Its being pressed in this old ledger book now.

Here’s a little montage of what I’m working on and with.
I’ve been printing, stitching, flower pressing, messing with layouts
on PhotoGrid and sketching.

It’s like being back at college and I’m loving it.

Enjoy the match if you’re watching it
and have a good week.

See you soon