Tuesday, 26 May 2020

What’s on your Workdesk

Well last week was an exciting one at our desks.  Thank you all for your good wishes and lovely comments, celebrating 11 years of us all chatting, swapping ideas and inspiring one another.  Julia you are amazing keeping us all together, especially now in these immensely troubled times.  Thank you.

As you can see I’m still obsessed with stitching together tiny bits of fabric and making them into little hangings.  My workroom wall is full of them.  I think it’s become my go to thing to relieve tension.  There’s no plan with them I just layer them up as I’m going along.

I’m using twigs to hang them from.

This is a hanging I did sometime ago.

Here’s my book bags. I make them for my very special books to keep them in good order.  I’ve had a long overdue shuffle round of the stuff on display in my workroom.  I dare’nt for shame show you the floor and other areas.  Maybe next week.  That’s if I’m not still stitching bits of fabric haha.

Right that’s me done, I’m off to the local market, we are lucky enough to have a fishmonger, butcher, greengrocer and  baker.  So lots of fresh food and a nice chat with the traders. I don’t do supermarkets at the best of times so there’s no chance of me going now. Take care everyone and I’ll see you next week.

Monday, 25 May 2020

Lockdown Diary - Bank Holiday Monday

I’m starting Lockdown Monday with  a grumble.
Thinking I was supporting a local author I preordered her book “The Secrets of Love Story Bridge”.  Publishing date April 2020.  

Then I noticed she had recently published another book “Secrets of Sunshine”,May 2020,  so I sent for that as well.

Imagine my surprise this morning when deciding which one to start first I discovered it is exactly the same story in both books.  Unbelievable!!!    I’ve never come across this before.  I’ve been caught out when book are reprinted with a new cover but never a new title.

Apparently the first was for the US market who wanted a different title to the UK one.  Have you ever heard anything like it.  What a con.

Needless to say I’ve sent the first one back as I paid £20 for it.  The second one was £7.  I’ve written to the author but her explanation was as bad as a politicians.   Grumble over now.  Time for some sunshine.

The Doodly Birds are joining the,  Lockdown on our lane party.  I designed these nearly 10 years ago and they used to appear on books, bags, clocks, pens, mugs, coasters, cards, and these postcards.  They’ve all flown the nest now and they are not like homing pigeons, they won’t be making a comeback.  Done that one, ticked it off, got the T-shirt.  Well
Philip has, he still wears his haha.

Here they are with Big Ted waiting for the walkers to say hello.

Right I’m off as it’s time  for my favourite programme of the week - Grayson Perry’s Artclub, channel 4, 8pm.  This week’s theme is HOME and here’s his bear Alan Measles peering out the window.

Could be looking for his friend Ten Bob Ted.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Lockdown Diary - Saturday 23rd May 2020

As the weather was to windy to walk over the moors we went down into nearby Healey Dell Nature Reserve. It’s a lot more sheltered down there. We are lucky enough to live overlooking the reserve and have magnificent views from our windows.

Don’t think Philip was impressed with my tree climbing skills.

Isn’t it a beautiful place. 

This is the fairy glen with the stone viaduct above.  The viaduct was once a local railway line.

After a light lunch at home and a change of clothes off we went to see our beautiful niece.  I think the lockdown has messed with my normal organised birthday brain.  Turns out it’s not Olivia’s birthday while Monday.  

Two gorgeous girls,  Olivia and Blossom the teacup

Back home and time to reflect on how strange it felt to be out in heavy traffic again after all these weeks and how sad not to have been able to hug everyone and  have a cuddle with young Blossom.

Friday, 22 May 2020

Lockdown Diary - Do you know who I am, because I’ve forgot

I remember the days when we were considered a cool couple.


Now well into weeks of lockdown we look more like this.

I’ve collected photographs together to remind my hairdresser friend what I used to look like.   I might have to go to an ironing service to get rid of my new wrinkles though haha.

This is a good day,  most days I look like a bottle brush.
I’m not one that goes to beauty parlours but I’ve never been able to do my hair and as someone who doesn’t smoke or drink I don’t begrudge myself my weekly hairdo.

What little luxury or treat are you missing during lockdown.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

A special What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Now doesn’t my pile of UFO’s (unfinished objects) or as I prefer to call them PHD’s - Projects Half Done look neat.

Only thing is I was overwhelmed with the whole lot so I shoved them back on the shelf and decided to show you some stuff I actually finished in the past.  I know that’s cheating, but hey these are strange times we are in and it’s allowed.

A little box I made for a friend going through cancer treatment last year.

Message on a bobbin. Made with paper & wire.
I ran some workshops making these a few years ago.

And finally, as I don’t want to push my luck, this is a picture I made for a friend’s birthday.  It’s made from old book pages and paper and machine stitched.

Hope I’m forgiven.
Stay safe everyone.  I know we are all scattered around the world and it’s affecting us all.

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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Lockdown Diary....... Tuesday

Monday nights is Grayson Perry’s Artclub night on Channel 4 and we are obsessed with it.  Each episode there is a theme for the week. Last night the art was based on what you see out of your window.  Pretty pertinent during lockdown as it’s  something we are all doing.

We have the most fantastic views over a nature reserve and can see for miles over three counties.  But this view is from the  velux window in my  bathroom and is what I see when in the shower.  It’s actually the tree tops I see.  Sometimes I imagine I’m in a forest, it’s very peaceful apart from the sounds of the birds singing.

I’ve started a new book this morning.  An early morning read in bed with a cuppa is always a good start to the day. Especially with this view.  Prue Leith is a terrific writer of fiction, you can imagine yourself in the places she describes.  I’m glad I’ve picked up another of her books, it’s a good lockdown read.

There’s not a lot happening in this house today, except for a couple of work related phone calls, a chat with a neighbour who gave me this pretty vintage spoon as a thank you for getting them little treats over the past few weeks.  They haven’t been out for two months and still don’t know when they will be able to.

So apart from putting in a couple of loads of washing, deciding on salmon fillets with rice and vegetables for tea, having our usual walk round the block, there’s not a lot to report. I didn’t even do my Pilates practice.  I guess some days are just like that and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it.

I need to pull my finger out though and get a blog post ready for Wednesday’s regular looking around the Workdesks.  We have a theme tomorrow.  We are all going to blog about a project or projects we’ve not completed.  Well I’ve no end of them so that won’t be a problem.