Wednesday, 20 October 2021


Eh up ! I’ve actually made something useful.
Two sets of table mats and napkins.

All made with scrap pieces from my fabric stash.

The test will be if they survive the washer 

The kitchen has had a bit of a revamp.

We found some scaffold boards in the garage, bought some
brackets and as if by magic we have new kitchen shelves.

We’ve painted the pine pantry cream.
It was originally a wardrobe. Last year we added
panels of wallpaper. 

When I say “we” I of course mean the royal we.
It’s the wandering welder who is doing the painting
not me.

It’s all coming together nicely. Even better we’ve spent very
little on doing it.

I’ve added a utensil rail and a few twinkles above the horrid
extractor fan whose only use is as a light and for banging your
head on.

So no workdesk Julia but we have been busy.

Take care 
Hope you feel better soon Annie


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Friday, 8 October 2021

Retirement Diary - cornflakes, clogs and treasure

As summer turns to Autumn and the leaves start to
turn rustic colours, it’s time to reach for the comfort food.

My little Old Beetham Post Office recipe book hit the mark
with its Cauliflower & Broccoli soup.  I added a tear & share
cheese and pepper plaited loaf from Park Farm Shop, Ramsbottom.

Okay we all have a weak spot and here’s mine, Cornflake cakes
with a mug of tea.  More specifically the ones made by our local
bakery Mannings.  I wonder if there’s a Cornflake cake addiction clinic,
I’d be a lifetime member heehee.

Friday night I spent a super evening on a stitch workshop with
a bunch of lovely ladies, albeit via Zoom.

Our host was Scottish based Lindsay aka The Border Tart.

Our aim was to make Tiny Treasure Bags.  No previous experience
required other than being able to thread a needle.

Using small pieces of recycled fabrics we stitched, chatted and
giggled the evening away.

I’ll leave you with a photo from last Sunday’s Family day
out in Bacup.  These are the Coconutters who have been
entertaining the town for years with their clog dancing.

Originally started when the men came out of the mines and
would sing and dance when they surfaced into the daylight
after a hard days toil in the coal mines.

I wouldn’t liked to have been one of the wives trying to
wash their workwear.  Let alone the miner having to scrub
himself clean.

We are having some lovely October weather I hope
you can get out and enjoy it.

Have a good weekend 

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Look who’s at her workdesk

Here’s the proof, look sometimes I do sit at my studio desk.

Getting to work on the latest prompt for the textile group I’m in

The task is to create ten different designs using one fabric
and backing pieces.

I’ve reached nine. I’m sure I can squeeze another one in.

Look I’ve made something useful with one of my samples.

This is the original fabric piece. The wandering welder brought it
home from a job he was on at a bleachers and dyers.

This week I’ve invested in a stack of self coloured fabrics
as it’s not something I have in my stash of stuff and I’m
constantly caught out when it’s called for in a project.

On Friday I’m off over the border to Creative With Nature in Todmorden,
where I’ll be spending the day making an upcycled fabric coiled
pot with Emma Wilkinson at 

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Have a lovely crafty week deskhoppers 

Monday, 4 October 2021

Retirement diary - Autumnal Days

We are loving this retirement malarkey
The week has started with a walk round nearby Cowm Resevoir.

It’s a beautiful walk anytime of the year and particularly
stunning in Autumn.

At one point we sat on a bench feeling the sun on our faces
and chuckling about what we would put in a packed lunch box
if we had brought one.

‘Cheese butties’ said I, ‘with a sliced tomato on brown bread and a packet of plain crisps’.

‘I’d have a penguin biscuit in mine as well’ said the wandering welder.

‘What no banana butties ?’ 

‘What about a drink’ said I.

‘We can dig into the pension and buy one off the man in the tea van
when we get to the other side’ said himself.

‘Good idea. Then home for an afternoon of reading my new
library books and an episode of escape to the country’ said I.

Look I managed to bag the new Jamie Oliver book.

Enjoy these Autumn days
Lynn & Philip
x x

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Our little tin can in the Lake District

September has sped by and today is the day I get my first full state pension.
It’s also my little sister’s birthday and she is on her way back to Oxford after
spending a week with us and Mum in the Lake District.

Obviously yet again there’s a lack of crafting going on to

There was a lot of fabulous crafts to see at Prom Art in Grange Over Sands
though. It runs the full length of the promenade. If you ever get up there over summer
this event is on the last Sunday of every month ending In September.  It’s well worth a visit.

I may just have treated myself to this Conker coloured cord jacket
when we visited the little market town of Ulverston.  

2x2 is a favourite shop of mine to pop into when we are there.
There’s lots of small independent shops, an indoor market and
nice places for a bit of lunch or a cuppa and its home to the
Laurel & Hardy museum.

We spent a lovely afternoon in Broughton with friends having
lunch and scarecrow spotting 

This morning we will be packing up ready for leaving our little tin can
in the lakes.

It’s a beautiful day. Time for breakfast and another cuppa though
before we go.

Have a good crafty week folks.
Sorry if I don’t get round to commenting, I’ll be driving you see.

Take care 


Friday, 24 September 2021

Bucking the Lake District dress code

Well here we are again at our tin can in the Lake District.
There’s still plenty of flora and foliage to see on the
caravan park as autumn approaches.

We had a drive out to Hawkshead via the Windermere car ferry.  I should have gone across on a horse it’s only £2.  In the car it was £5.  It was a lovely adventure, even if the sail across did only last two minutes.

This little door made me chuckle with its sign
‘Bend or Bump’

After a walk round the village we had a coffee and cake before setting off back via Newby Bridge.

Now I obviously didn’t get the memo that frocks are not
allowed in Hawkshead or in the Lake District in general.
I was the only person wearing a dress.

Never mind birdwatching, I’m going out frock spotting tomorrow heehee.

I’ll be out with my Cumbrian chum on Monday
and I know full well Maria will be wearing something
pretty and not walking boots and waterproof trousers.

Off to visit the beautiful Holker Hall tomorrow.  It’s over
twenty years since we actually went in the hall and gardens.

Have a lovely weekend