Friday, 17 August 2018

Too beautiful for words


Pull up a chair and join me in a cuppa while we have a look round the beautiful Mansion at Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire, owned by the Egerton family and now a 
National Trust property.

Did you spot the steps for climbing upto bed 

The Lemon Bedroom, furnished by Gillows in 1812.
I wouldn’t mind a night in any of these beautiful rooms 

The second of three kitchens 

The Scullery

The Still Room used for preparing delicate dishes for banquets and afternoon teas, as well as  distilling perfumes, medicines, cordial waters.

The Linen Cupboard and Housekeepers parlour.

Don’t forget to turn the lights off before you leave 

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday

It is my desk but it’s not me sat there.
It’s my lovely niece Olivia.  When I was asked to
help with her summer project I jumped at the chance.

The theme is WASHING LINES 
Six pages filled with observations on washing lines.

As it’s usually raining when you want to peg out the washing 
Olivia looked at this image taken from Instagram using the #washingline and created this fabulous collage using a leaf paper punch,  stickers and Silver string

We were both happy with the results 

I don’t know whose looking forward to the next session more, me or Olivia heehee.  Great fun and inspiring.  Who knows I might get back into a bit of artwork myself now.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

In the Pink

This pretty dress and bolero are gifts from blog friends Vix and Ann when we met up in Chester recently.  They had their first outing this week and the bright colours were much admired and commented on.  Thank you girls.



What better than a Laura Ashley short cardi to top this  John Rocha dress,  both charity shop finds.  As you know I do love my brooches and this one is made by Vicki of THE LINEN GARDEN.  It’s made from cut fabric flowers from vintage fabrics.

Never seen without a basket in tow, this one is 
a charity shop find.

Just as the shops were about to close for the day 
I found this fabulous vintage crimplene pinafore and cotton skirt.  This week’s pocket money was well spent don’t you think at £13 for the two

Thanks for dropping by to see my latest wardrobe update.

Charity shop shopping means you are 
Helping good causes
Saving the planet 

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

What’s on your Workdesk

There’s nothing actually on my desk 
because I’m to busy talking to the wall

With a day free from any responsibilities I decided to revamp my workroom wall.  The theme is going to be WORDS.  

I’ve knocked up a couple of shelves and  put my stitched book bags on them.
The paper wreath I made some time ago.

I’ve still got a bit to do but that’s my lot for today.

Time for a pop round the desks over at 
Julia’s place.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Weir folk aren’t weird

There’s some funny goings on in the local village of Weir, Bacup, Lancashire up the road from us.  Decapitated bodies that all wear wellies and jeans.

Owls that don’t know they are only supposed to come 
out at night.

Trees that like to do a bit of crocheting, or as my old friend Ronnie would say “crowshiting”.  Naughty Ronnie !

I’d love to have a pom-pom border in my garden.

They’ve got the biggest snowballs I’ve ever seen

There’s lots of wildlife in Weir 

As well as a few farm animals 

One things for sure its a village full of community spirit and kind people.  
The best of them is my friend Anna who has opened her own Cafe Bar there and offers everyone the warmest of welcomes 

Well done Anna, we are so proud of you my lovely

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

What’s on your desk this week

Hello deskhoppers 
Im just about to glide down this elegant staircase in my vintage finery
and join my fellow diners for our evening meal.

I spent the day NOT slogging away over a craft desk but  lounging in the gardens of 
Clare House Hotel in Grange over Sands, Cumbria.  
The views beyond the gardens made me think I was in the Italian Lakes,
and the hotel itself as if  I was in an  Agatha Christie novel,  it’s so elegant.


It’s so beautiful I could have stayed forever.

Although we grudgingly said goodbye to the wonderful people of Clare House,
we have booked in again for later in the year.

So I guess that’s another week I’ll have an empty desk hee hee