Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Gently does it

Crikey it’s cold out there.  The days are calling for thick tights and winter coats and boots.

Gently moving into 2018 with a bit of sketching and a bit of stitching 

Inspired by mixed media artist 
books and cards

And what better than an afternoon tea with a lovely friend to warm the cockles of our hearts during the wintry days of January 

Monday, 8 January 2018

A bag a book and Barnum

I kicked the week off by finishing this tote bag that I’ve made from an old tapestry,
a piece of hessian, some blue gingham and a bookmark.
Yes, the flap to hold the bag closed is a fabric bookmark with a heavy button to weigh it down.

This book is fascinating.... it’s the history of  where and how each colour got its name.  Who knew that whitewash was used on walls as a disinfectant during  a wave of flu & typhus in 1848. It was also used to obscure images and writings on walls that were thought to be offensive or untrue.  
That’s how we must get the saying 
“A load of old whitewash “

Went to the cinema to see “The Greatest Showman” the story of Barnum.
It was fabulous, lots of great music and dancing and some very bizarre looking people.
I’m into my second year of two for one tickets via Compare the Meerkat insurance.
You can buy a one day travel insurance for a couple of pounds and you’ll get a reward
of two-for-one tickets for a year.  Go on give it a go.

See you soon 

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Love, laughter and adventure

Happy 2018

I’m filling my year with laughter and adventures 

With beautiful things 

With things to do and workshops to look forward to.

And sharing it all with friends old and new 

See you soon 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Normal service will be resumed asap

Sometimes in life we have to step back for a while
Hide away, hibernate

Refresh ourselves

Normal service will be resumed asap 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Winter what’s on and what’s off

Oops !  I casted off to soon.

One thing I will not be casting off  is my winter clobber, it’s freezing up this hill.  
As my wandering welder husband likes to point out to everyone
 “well we are 1000 feet above sea level that’s why it’s so cold”.
Not sure about that, I would have thought that would have made us nearer the sun.
print by Rachel Grant

Then again if I stay in I won’t need my coat and hat and might even get round to some crafting again. It’s been empty desk syndrome for a while now.

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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Cost pair outing

I’ve definitely had a good £12 worth out of this M&S coat I picked up in the charity shop recently.
Here it’s worn with a dress made from a curtain that also came from a charity shop then upcycled by friend Val.

I’m wearing the coat with vintage St. Michael’s Boucle  scooter dress from the 70’s

It had another outing today teamed up with a frock that came as a freebie to me, a couple of lacy petticoats, opaque tights, a crotchet waistcoat and a pair of Fly London boots from last year.

The hat and scarf are charity shop finds as well.

I’m fed up with the cold weather already, aren’t you ?