Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Never to old to stop learning

Look away from the screen now if you are a chocoholic as
this will not do your teeth or waistline any good.
They are made in Yorkshire and are delicious.
I found them in my favourite browsing shop 

As kids Mum would always buy us a comic or a toy after a
visit to the dentist. Well we had to have some
sort of treat after our vaccine jab.

Oh yes, I’m supposed to reporting on what’s on my desk.

Well surprise surprise there is something on it.

I’ve started an online textile course

The first assignment was constructing, deconstructing
and reconstructing a piece of striped fabric
into different patterns.

After a shaky start,  thinking I’d dropped a clanger
signing up, I got into my stride and now I’m fired up
for doing more.

The course is NO RULES PATCHWORK with
Textile Designer Jayne Emerson.

It’s been good to revisit some of my old art books

I’ve not looked to far forward into the course as I
might frighten myself witless.

In the meantime it’s keeping me out of mischief.

Can’t hang about this morning as it’s market day.
So I’ll pop back later and visit your desks.

Take care

Monday, 22 February 2021

Not going out out kind of weekend

Not going out, outfit of the day

Toast dress 2020
Cardigan from 2x2 boutique in Ulverston, Cumbria
Fly London boots
Antique full length cotton petticoat 
Daisy brooch gifted by The Queens Drawers vintage trader

I did go out, but not out out as in to the pub.  I drove Mum to our
favourite farm shop to pick up some shopping for our neighbours
who are in their 90’s.  They love the currant teacakes and trifles.

Now the pensive look could be mistaken for being sad.
The truth is I was deciding whether to let the wandering welder have
the crust off the end of the freshly baked loaf I bought.

In the end it was a no brainer.  I’d rather give him my last Rolo than
let him have it heehee.

I said to Philip can you fix the little stool please.
It’s one I bought years ago from an antique shop in Kendal
for the grand price of £4.50

I bet the stuff he’s mending it with cost more than that.
Look at the name of it - Sticks Like Sh*t

Today I’m digging out some equipment I’ll need for an online
course I’m starting with textile artist Jayne Emerson.

And I’m carrying on with a February challenge set by Jayne.
I’m revisiting some of my old creative pieces triggered by a theme
everyday.  The word for this one is “Reverse”

Actually that’s Tuesday’s theme, so I’m in front of myself.

Thanks for popping by.
Let’s hope Boris gives us some good news later today.
Keep smiling, spring is on its way.
The crocus are out.

Friday, 19 February 2021

Friday Smiles. ........ everyone’s trying to get in on the act

Joining in with 

This was me the day after my first vaccine jab.
Having a headache, a few chills and being shattered
for a day are a small price to pay for long term safety.

In any case it was good to legitimately do nothing
all day.

As I’m behind with myself, himself said he’d step in and give
you an update on his wardrobe.  This is his man cave look.

I personally much prefer him in his Sound of Music outfit.

Now we can’t let a Friday go by without one of my Mum’s
cartoons that she posts on Facebook.  The other cartoon
is one she put on as well, I’ve pinched it for storytelling purposes.

Oh crikey the whole family wants to get in on the act today.
My brother in law sent this.

Hi Lynn, Here is one for your blog. Elena has washed Thomas's favourite football shirts he had as a lad and Man Utd supporter. They have washed well and are blowing in the fresh breeze. They date from circa 1993 to 2003.

Even my car and the Doodly birds are putting in an appearance.

Coronation Street fans may remember these two actors.
No not the two in the middle.
They are attending the grand opening of a flower shop.

You guessed it, it is owned by another family member.
Obviously before Covid.

Well I think that’s enough from the Holland, Coulthurst,
Foley clan for one week.

Have a good weekend whatever you’re upto.
Keep smiling, spring is on its way.


Ps.  Hello Tina & Peggy, I’m sure you’ll be tuning in xx

Wednesday, 17 February 2021


It’s not my desk, but it is newsworthy.
I had my first vaccine jab yesterday.
The Astra Zeneca Oxford one, and the wandering welder
had the Pfizer one three weeks ago.

I’m in the kitchen now doing my best to throw the dead
tulips out but it’s not happening.  Instead I’m being all
arty farty with them.

Sometime later.

I bought these laser cut leaves and seed heads, from local
maker/designer Hannah Nunn, to hang up next to the air plant
mini terrariums in my workroom.  You string them together with
thin nylon.

They were hard to get a good photo of.  You’ll just have to
take my word for it that they look really good.

They’re hanging from the light fitting if you’re wondering.

Next up I’m going to dive into my stash of fabric to see
If anything inspires me to start a bit of stitching.

I should have a jab more often, I’m on fire today haha.

I hope everyone is doing okay.
Looking forward to seeing what you’ve all been doing.


I’ve popped back to add my respects to everyone else’s on the loss
of Shaz.  I never met her but we were friends through our blogs
and the things she sent me.
Love to you all who are feeling her loss today

Monday, 15 February 2021

I’ve got a new man


I’ve discovered Raymond Blanc on the telly.
At first I wasn’t sure as his accent is a bit hard to understand.
But his recipes surprised me.

A simple 7 minute Pea Soup

Fry chopped onions & garlic
Add frozen garden peas
Add boiling water & little salt & pepper
Simmer for three minutes 
Add a touch of olive oil
Blitz with hand blender
A’ voila enjoy.

But first a pamper morning
Shower, hair washed, facial & foot reflexology
and a Pilates session. Followed by a healthy porridge,
banana and blueberry breakfast.

I sound like I’m having a day at a posh spa don’t I.

This is what happens when I’m let loose with heated rollers.
Head full of fluff, looking like a throwback from the 1980’s.
Hopefully it will drop in a couple of days. Come back Angela
all is forgiven.

So I thought I’d take my chances on getting a table for Sunday lunch
at the pub heehee.  Living in hope like my brooch.

Nah,  it’s not happening so I better get rattling them pots and pans
and get cooking up our evening meal.

Before that though there’s my weekly telephone catch up with
my sister in Oxford.  We get a cuppa, get comfy and settle down
for a couple of hours nattering.  Thank goodness it’s not like the
old days having to go out to a cold smelly phone box and shove
loads of coins in.

Tonight we are going to watch the last episode of The Serpent again.
It’s worth a second look and tune into The Great Pottery Throwdown.

Let’s go into the new week with a smile
and purpose, knowing we are moving forward
Take care

Sunday, 14 February 2021

A 65 year old moody teenager


Postman Sid brought me another lovely parcel today
in the form of this Laura Ashley pinafore dress.

Vintage trader Marie of The Queens Drawers messaged
me to say she could just see me in it.
She was right.

Look at the lovely shawl and pretty flower brooch
she sent as a gift with the dress.

I teamed it up with a vintage Nightingale blouse I
found in a charity shop a few years ago and maroon
opaque tights and Fly London biker boots.

We always loved Saturdays before the pandemic.  After
breakfast and listening to Sounds of the Sixties on radio 2
we would be off over the border to our favourite market town
of Todmorden.  First up we would do our essential shopping, while
having a good natter with the traders.

Next up we would do a round of the charity shops before stopping
for lunch and a couple of drinks in one of Tod’s many fabulous
cafes and hostelries. 

I’ll have to admit to Saturdays being my least favourite day now
and I’m longing for the time we can go out again.

I’m hoping this little jug of bulbs will flourish. Mum bought me
them as a gift at Christmas and I should have had them planted up
by now and stored away in the dark for 10 weeks. It’ll be a miracle
if they do as I’ll probably forget they are there.

One lovely thing to come out of the day was a long chat on the phone
with my friend of over 40 years Sue P.  We had a lovely catch up and a
good giggle and both said we felt better for it.

The day and evening whizzed by and we were still without a water
supply, as we had been since early morning due to a burst
further down the road.  My heart goes out to the poor chaps
out there in the freezing cold doing there best to fix it.
At least we are in the warmth.

So apart from loading more photos on to the little Instagram 
project I’m doing, changing the bedding, a bit of vacuuming and 
cooking the tea that was Saturday.

I’m chuckling, as my inner self has been acting like a moody teenager all day.
So tomorrow I’ll give myself a kick up the backside, take the day and run with it.

Stay safe and take one day at a time.
Spring is on its way.