Saturday, 15 December 2018

Dr Who/Street urchin mash up

I found these rather fab 90’s St. Michael’s cropped wool trousers today in the charity shop for £3.  They looked a bit big, but since when has that stopped me.

When I posted a pic on Instagram, one of my friends said I looked like a mixed up style of the current Dr. Who

and a street urchin.  I’ll take that description,  I like the idea of that.  The coat and waistcoat are charity shop finds that I’ve had a while and the red spotty blouse was a vintage find at Stockport Vintage Village.

My mind went into overdrive then as to what else I could do with the look.

Flicking through some images on Pinterest I came across the actress Diane Keeton.  I think she has her own great style and looks fantastic at 72.

I love changing my image and mashing things together. I’m never happier than when it’s been created  from the things I’ve foraged from charity shops

Time to put a few ideas together I think and  see what I can come up with next.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

I’m thinking about it.......WOYWW 496

I’m thinking about it.

I’ve got a whole day to myself so I’m drawing up a list of the things I want and could do.

The housework, watch a film, do the ironing, 
do something useful, faff about,

Visit a friend, read a book, stitch,
 wrap Christmas presents, write cards

Go for a walk,  visit a favourite place, go out for lunch 

Bake a cake.

Stay in bed

What would you do ?

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Monday, 3 December 2018

Funny Coincidences

I do love a coincidence, don’t you ?

So, yesterday (Sunday) I was watching  historian Tiffany Watt Smith talking about her book “SCHADENFREUDE” on Sunday Brunch on Channel 4

You pronounce it SHAH:dən:froy:də

A few comments on the pronunciation

  1. In German 'sch' sounds like the English 'sh' in 'shop';
  2. The 'a' sounds most like the 'a' in 'father';
  3. the first and last 'e's are neutral vowels, so more of an 'uh' sound like in 'the';
  4. the 'eu' in German rhymes with 'boy'

The first coincidence came this morning while I was reading my library book, when blow me down with a feather the very word appeared in it.

But what does it mean, I hear you ask.  It’s when we laugh at someone else’s misfortune.  For example when someone trips up or spills something down their jumper or makes a mistake.  Do you get the picture.

The second coincidence was the fact that my sister is a real one for giggling when someone has a little misfortune.  Not in a nasty way, she just gets tickled very easily.
But not only that she is an avid reader of Alexander McAll Smith’s books.   So I guess that’s her Christmas presents sorted.

Factoid - SCHADENFREUDE is a German word and doesn’t translate into another language 

Friday, 30 November 2018

All change ......

You brought out my winter wardrobe

Gave us some lovely trips out 

And even saw me back to doing a bit of crafting and doodling.

And we all know what comes next on the calendar.
Whether you enjoy it or not I hope the season is kind to you and sees a happy ending to 2018

Saturday, 24 November 2018

My Mum - A real star

Today I’ve been out for afternoon tea with a real star,

my Mum who was celebrating her 86th birthday.

Born in 1932 she has been through a lot in her life, always remaining positive and doing her best for us three kids.

She lost her own Mum at the age of 24.  Her father had left them when she and her brother, my Uncle Derek, where only young.

I only remember my childhood as one of being loved and cared for by this strong woman even when she must have been going through all sorts of hell when our own father left us when I was 18, my brother 15 and my sister only 8 years old.

There wasn’t the song and dance made in those days about how hard things were, everyone just got on with things. Mostly privately.

Look at her now at the age of 86 she does Facebook & texting , has a more modern phone than me.  Goes out every day.  Half the time we haven’t a clue what she’s upto.
She says she’s planning on staying while she’s a 100 year old.
Well here’s to you Mum,  I sincerely hope you do as you are a real star and a Mum to be proud of .

Happy birthday Mum 

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

She’s Back In The Room

Oh eh up, she’s back in the room.  Can you believe it.

We’ve been having drama, but now the letter has arrived to say the beloved husband is clear of sepsis and pneumonia I’ve found myself back here and even doing a bit of stitching.

Hope everyone else is okay 

I’ll be doing a bit of desk hopping over at Julia’s later, hope you can join me.