Thursday, 15 February 2018

Cover your modesty woman

If this mad friend of mine hadn’t said let’s go for a walk this morning around the reservoir where we can blow the cobwebs and calories off last night’s fish n chips and get ourselves blown to bits, full of mud and ruin our beautifully recently coiffured hair at the same time 

I wouldn’t have gone in the charity shop near where she’s lives after and ended up spending £4.50 on this fair isle waistcoat and a cord mini skirt that no decent 62 year old would be seen dead in it’s that short.  
I’ve tugged it down here to hide my modesty and so you won’t get a flash of my knickers 

We are off to see this new musical on Saturday, about the teddy boys in the late 50’s.
I better not wear that skirt if I’m going to be doing anything like what’s on the poster 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Love on the Workdesk

Ooh, err ! That title sounded a bit rude. 

I’ve stitched this for my valentine of 38 years 

Now I’m working on a little project, along with several other stitchers, that starts with pulling apart a small section of a very old quilt that has been re-covered many times as it became worn.  There was even a piece of an old flannel nightdress stitched into the layers.

 I am reworking it into a piece of textile art using simple stitching.  If I crack on I’ll have it finished for next week.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my beloved. 
He’s working in a boiler in Essex somewhere.
Blow him a kiss from me if you see him

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

When in winter wear Welsh

It’s been a cold week

so I’ve been wearing my 
Welsh wool Tapestry clobber

Mostly it’s from vintage fairs,  some I’ve been lucky enough to find in charity shops though.

Roll on the warmer weather 

Monday, 5 February 2018

What’s on my Workdesk (nothing)

Oh, help..... I’ve gone off the boil again, after thinking I’d found my Mojo last week.

 I knocked up a little bag to carry my notebooks 
and pencil in.
Well since then I’ve lost the plot and have no direction so I’ve dragged out my “go to” box when I’m stuck.

and made a strip of crazy paving ribbon

I bet the people over at What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday are more productive than me 

Sunday, 4 February 2018


I like magazine photography, little hints of a bigger picture.
They stretch the imagination and make me want to know more about the subject

Here’s some of my life’s little snippets.  

Late night stitching 

A place to sit and be inspired 

Some crafty moments 

Thanks for popping by

Saturday, 3 February 2018

I felt a little flush

Today’s lesson is
Always put the toilet lid down before you flush 
Why ?

So that you don’t lose your earring up the pipe when it flicks out of your ear when you’re jiggling about pulling your big girl knickers up 

OOPS !!!