Sunday, 20 September 2020

Lockdown Diary - the potty painter

If this is what he’s going to be doing during retirement I think I better get the insurance policies dusted off.  The man is a maniac.  The wandering welder has now turned into the potty painter.

He’s at the top of the house painting the rendering.  Mad as a box of frogs.  Get down you loony said I.  

Can’t quite reach this last bit.  I’ll have to do it from the inside, said he.  Then I got a right eyeful.

Well he’s certainly cheered my weekend up.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  

New covid restrictions or not I’m keeping my distance from that sight heehee.

Stay safe everyone and please wear a mask if you can.

Monday, 14 September 2020

Birthday boy and a bit of quirkiness

The wandering welder’s birthday celebrations started on Sunday with a posh lunch at our favourite family run hotel, Clare House at Grange Over Sands.

It may look like we had the place to ourselves but within minutes of us arriving the dining room filled up. I love the relaxed elegance of this place and the food is always special.

Monday was the big day and Philip had a morning opening his presents and cards before we went off to see friend Maria in Ulverston.

Here we are at Coniston keeping socially distanced.

The cheeky welder hasn’t lost his charm with the ladies even at 71. 

The sun shone and the scenery was beautiful 

As we hadn’t booked anywhere for lunch we struggled to find somewhere to eat so headed back to Ulverston after visiting the summer Coniston Vintage Shop held every year in the village hall.

We had a lovely lunch in the quirky Fourpemce Tearoom, owned by Sam & Jane who are great hosts.

Honestly, you can’t stop looking round, it’s rammed with antiques, their own homemade oils, vinegars and dressings. They even make their own cloudy lemonade.

See that lamp, well that came home with us for the living room. It could help us decide which way we are going colour-wise with the new carpet. 

Talking of colour, don’t you just love the painted houses of Ulverston.

While the sun keeps shining we may just stay another day at the caravan and pretend the world is still a peaceful place and things are normal.

Thanks for popping by.
Stay safe.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Beyond excited

Beyond excited today

The sofas have arrived back from the upholsterers 
and they are fabulous

From this 

To this and there’s two of them and a footstool.

All we need now is a new carpet and we will be sitting pretty.  It’s hard enough getting us out of this room normally.  There’s not much chance now.  Winter hibernation will be a cosy one. I’ve a standard lamp to bring from Auntie Gladys and one or two bits to finish off and that’s it.

I’m hoping to find myself an old library step like this somewhere so I can get to the top of our 
bookshelves more easily.

This morning I’ve started Hazel Gaynors historical novel A Memory or Violets, set in Covent Garden Flower Garden in the late 1800’s - 1900’s.  My lockdown reading has been really diverse.

Hope you’re all ready for a good weekend.  Up north we’ve been promised sunshine so we are off to the caravan.  There’ll be a Sunday lunch in our favourite hotel in Grange Over Sands - Clare House and a visit to Ulverston at some point.

Stay safe, aware and apart.
You can have a virtual hug though 

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday

Nothing to see here work desk wise except a few more stitches added to a cloth I keep adding scraps of fabric to for no other reason than I can and it stops me nipping to see what there is to eat in the fridge and pantry.

I feel guilty joining in with What’s On your Workdesk Wednesday when I’ve nothing to show.  It’s like showing up for class without your homework.

But then I thought well it’s not just about the desk I’m sure. It’s about our friendships, the community Mrs D has built up over the years as much as anything for me. So I’m here despite not crafting.

We’ve had another wedding anniversary this week our 31st and 41 years together as a couple.  You can see us growing old together on my last blog post HERE

"Happy anniversary I've got you these flowers" said the wandering welder.

"Well”  Said I  “I've got you something to smooth all your cares away - a new iron"

Look at this idea I spotted the other day. I might give it a go.
I’ve had bits and pieces of glass in my garden for years and they’ve never cracked, so it should be ok.  I won’t be using the best Waterford crystal obviously.

I’m sorry I’ve nothing more creative to show you this week but I do thank you for dropping by and I hope all of Mrs D’s deskhoppers are all well and happy.

Here’s to friendships.
See you next week 


Happy anniversary to us

Who’d a thowt it,  this surly looking youth would one day be the love of my life for the past 41 years.

You knew how to treat a girl in them days, whisking me off to Tenerife after only a few short weeks together.  The tales we could tell about our courting days.

Then 10 years later a mad fortnight in Miami with friends celebrating a hen do, a stag do, your 40th, our wedding and finally a honeymoon in Palm Beach.  We all came back skint but happy and now 31 years later we are still laughing and smiling about the fabulous time we had.

And now as we celebrate another wedding anniversary  I can still say you’re the best thing since sliced bread.

Your wandering welder days may be over but you’ll always be my bright spark and you’re still a proper dapper chap.

Happy anniversary to us my love

Sitting these crazy days out together 

Lynn & Philip 
x x x

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Old mills and upholsterery skills

I’m a sucker for the interiors of old mills, so today was doubly exciting when we returned to take photos of our sofas nearing their upholstery completion.

Mr Raj kindly let me take some photos of the old mill workshop walls.  Don’t ask why old cardboard templates should appeal to me but they do.

And now the main event.  The rebirth of our three times recovered sofas.  

We’ve had them 25 years and are still wonderfully comfortable. 

It was fabulous to see the fabric we are having laid out on the cutting bench with the shapes already cut out for the back cushions.

It’s a bit of a self indulgent blog post this as it ages since I’ve visited anywhere that roused my love of old industrial textile mills and all they hold inside them.

Mr Raj talked us through the process of reupholstering and said he had paid particular attention to our job as the fabric was so unusual and a difficult but delightful job to work on. The craftsmanship of his tradesmen is excellent. The pattern matching and cutting has to be exact so as not to waste precious material. Everything is carried out on site.  If you were to buy a brand new suite or chair the frames are made in situ as well.

Nearly there now

What an exciting project this has been for us all.
As it was pointed out to us, most people want grey or beige plain fabrics now so this was a good chance for the team to practice their skills.

The final episode will be later this week when they arrive back home.

We are a tad excited.