Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Movies, celebrations and collage

Up north in Lancashire, UK,  it feels like it’s never stopped raining
since the new year kicked in.

It’s been perfect weather though for staying in and getting on
with course work and a new prompt with the No Rules Textile Society.
Saying that I’ve been wrapped up warm to avoid putting the heating on.

I’ve a new notebook for our zoom meetings and had the new
Celia Pym book bought me for Christmas. It’s a history of 
damaged and repaired garments, who owns them and what
happened to them.

This is a fascinating project.
One dress, stitched by 370 embroiderers, in 50 countries
over 13 years and now on exhibition around the UK

After a great zoom meeting on Saturday with my textile friends
all around the world, I got stuck into the new prompt COLLAGE.

The stash of magazines I keep came in very handy for the
first task, creating flat lay paper collages.

Next up I’ll be moving onto creating fabric collages,
possibly working with old samples from last year.

Saturday night was the start of our friend’s Trish & Lee’s
60th birthday celebrations.  If they are anything like me it
will be never ending haha.

After I posted last weeks blog post we went to see the new
Whitney Houston film.  I know a few of you mentioned you had seen
it. Well it was amazing.  It is so sad that her life ended as it did though.

Today we are off to see the latest Tom Hanks movie
A Man Called Otto.

Let’s hope the rain holds off.

See you soon

Wednesday, 4 January 2023

Hello 2023, let’s be having ya !

Happy new year from the hills of Whitworth 

I always thought I’d get through life without making a Christmas
dinner, but at 67 I’ve been caught out.  Mum is 90 now and decided
she didn’t want to do it anymore.  I’ve told my sister it’s her turn
next year or we are going out.

I had a lovely gift from goddaughter Amy, she is taking me 
to Manchester Cathedral to see Swan Lake by candlelight.

Back in the studio I’m all tidied and ready for 2023 projects.

I’ll finish off stripping the cork wall in preparation this week.

A friend bought me a bag of assorted wool off cuts and a
metal frame to make a rag wreath

There’s new pens and a notebook for a Masterclass I’m
doing called Essence Of Identity.

One of the modules asked us to do a self portrait. I nearly
had kittens thinking I’d have to paint a picture of myself

On closer inspection, it actually meant to put together
images or objects that showed who I am.

So here’s my little vintage writing case filled with things
that represent what I’m drawn to creatively.

Hope everyone is well over at

It’s nice to be back.  We’ve lots of plans for this year.
There’s a trip to the cinema to see the Whitney Houston story
this afternoon and a meal out with friends on Saturday.

Have a good week and thanks for visiting


Wednesday, 14 December 2022

What’s on your work desk Wednesday - I’m still here

A friend said why aren’t you blogging, we miss hearing your news.
Truth be told even though there’s been things to blog about I just haven’t had the heart for it.  I’ve lost my sparkle.  Health problems have drained my energy, as has the events of the past year.
Anyway no one wants to listen to all that so let’s have a little look at a couple of events from November and early December.

Our Queen, my Mum,  celebrated her 90th birthday with a surprise party. She was over the moon to see friends and family, some who she hadn’t seen for a long time.

At the start of this month we took another trip on the Northern Belle train.  It was as fabulous as when we went on it in 2021.

This year we went with our friend of 40 years, Sue and we had a lovely day travelling from Leeds to Hull and back via York.  We boarded the train and were greeted with champagne then served a seven course meal during the journey.

We were entertained along the way by musicians and a magician.  

This past week we’ve had heavy snow that’s still hanging around so I’ve not ventured far, choosing instead to stay in and doing a bit of clearing out, crafting this winter wreath and dragging out the Christmas decorations.  

I hope everyone at WOYWW is well and I’m sorry for being absent for so long.  I wish you all a happy Christmas and a healthy and happy 2023.   Ps.  Thank you for your card Annie xx

Take care 

Wednesday, 5 October 2022

The kindness of September

Looking through my September photographs makes me appreciate
the loveliness of time well spent.  Craft workshops, an art exhibition,
good books, a mini holiday, cinema visits and meet ups with friends.

There’s been a trip down country to see my sister in Witney, Oxfordshire,
where we visited the fabulous Burford Garden Centre.

We stepped back in time on a visit to the Cotswold Woollen Mill
at Letchlade.  It was so exciting to come across these old textile design
sample books in their museum.

At long last I got to meet up with Jayne Emerson, textile designer
and creator of the No Rules Textile Society that I’ve been a member
of since Covid times and the thing that has kept me connected to
like minded folk.

The wandering welder enjoyed himself as well and came away
with some fabric pieces to cover his waistcoats with.

I’ve seen a couple of great films. The latest Julia Robert’s one
and the Fisherman’s Friend sequel.

I’m ploughing my way through books at a right rate of knots.
This Lesley Pearce thriller had me gripped from start to finish.

Don’t read Bob Mortimer’s autobiography in bed, you won’t
get to sleep for laughing.

I’ve neglected my blog of late but maybe October will see a
return to it with more of the above hopefully.

Hello everyone over at
What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday 

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Something to blog about -Woyww

Hooray I’ve something to blog about.

The textile group I am a member of has a new prompt.
ART & ARTISTS and we are to create whatever we want
by focusing on our chosen subject.

I love the whimsical collage work of Emily Hildebrand aka Quiet Noticing
over on Instagram.  She works in paper, painting & drawing.
My take on it is in fabric.

My second choice is Cherokee based Textile artist and author
Krista Barmer aka The Mending Space over on Instagram.
It’s all about layering and stitch with this one.

I’ve not gone with the more well known artists yet, I’m just going with what
I’m drawn too.

Over on the home front.

We picked up this vintage looking wallpaper for 99p a roll
and after living with it pinned up for a couple of days
the wandering welder has set too stripping the kitchen wall
ready to hang it.

Here’s the tidy side of the kitchen

Out and about.

I went to see Where The Crawdads Sing at the cinema yesterday.
If you’ve read the book I promise you that the film will not disappoint.
We were spellbound for over two hours and said we could watch it again.

Did I show you this stunning handworked wire flower I found in
the charity shop for 20p in a frame.  Just imagine the hours spent
making it. Never mind the skill needed. It’s pinned up on the
studio wall now.

I’m sorry for not getting back to you last week, it’s been a
bit full on again with paperwork and mum’s house sale.

Next week we are taking Mum upto her favourite holiday cottage
at Grange Over Sands and in between taking her it we will be at
our caravan just up the road.

See you soon.
Stay well and keep crafting