Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Stop the world while I get off for a bit

I’m not joking when I say this retirement malarkey is taking its toll on me.
Well actually it’s more to do with getting out more now than we did.

Times running away with me and I may have to have a little lockdown of
my own to get myself back on track with my craft projects and other stuff.

The No Rules Textile Society, that I am a member of, are working
on using one piece of fabric and making ten new designs out of it.
The only other fabric being a backing piece.

I’m using this African design cotton that hubby Philip came home
with years ago when he was doing a job at a bleachers and dyers factory.

For this sample I’ve cut circles out of the original material then
chopped them up and appliqued them onto an antique chair back

At least I’ve made a start.

I got stopped in my tracks on Monday when I had a day out with
my best friend Sue. It was a good excuse to wear the other
dress I bought when visiting my sister in Oxford.

Our outing was to a posh garden centre which sold
everything but the kitchen sink.

I was a bit taken with this display of brushes used as a guide
for outside paint colours.

Look they even had a craft shop

On the home front we are having a bit of a revamp in the kitchen.

We swapped our round kitchen table for this 4’ x 3’ antique pine one
and we are using some old railway sleepers as wall shelves for crockery.
They are being cut, sanded and waxed by the wandering welder as we speak.

Book wise I’m reading these from our local library.

 And will be on the look out for author Sebastian Faulks after I seeing him being interviewed 
on the telly at the weekend where he read an excerpt from his latest book Snow Country.

He’s not a writer I’ve ever read. Apparently his novel Birdsong was made into a film,
I’ll add it to my list of films for winter days when it’s either to wet or cold to go out.

In the meantime life’s running away with me again this week as we head off back
upto the Lake District and are joined by my mum and sister this time for a few days
of family time.

After that I will be shackling myself to the house and catching up with paperwork,
phone calls, chores and crafting.  

Have a good week.  We’ve had some lovely September weather
up here in Lancashire.

Take care


  1. Hi Lynn. Pleased you're making the most of your retirement and your family crafting can wait a while it will still be there on your return. Have a lovely woyww, Angel x14x

  2. Oh those hanging brushes are so cool, and would look great in a frame on the wall as art! I remember seeing a post by Dina Wakley where she said Tim Holtz asked her for her old scissors, all covered in paint, and he framed them to hang on the wall. Art has no boundaries, right? Love you textiles - you should pop in to Brick Lane on day and explore the sari shops there - I used some to make curtains for our home back in the USA when we ended up there for a couple of years. Sadly gone now, but they were the talk of the neighborhood LOL!

    Happy WOYWW, on the day, for a change!
    Mary Anne (1)

  3. I don't think I have time to retire if I will be out as much as you - enjoy it while you can, I say!! the fabric you are using for your challenge is beautiful. Happy WOYWW - I shall look out for the Sebastian Faulks book too, he writes so well. Helen #4

  4. Plenty of time for shackling when the weather sets in. Love the kitchen table. Birdsong was the best book on WW1 that I've read. His description of the trenches was so emotive. The film not so good. Read the book first. Love the fabric too.

  5. Ooh such a lot of lovelies to look at this week - the fabric is gorgoeus, I think it would be in my too precious to use box if it was mine (I am trying to break myself of that habit though!!). I love those coloured paint brushes - what a fab idea, they would make a great wall decoration for a studio. I have to agree with the previous comment to read the Birdsong first before seeing the film - I haven't read Snow Country but will look out for it - I read The Girl at the Lion D'Or over lockdown but the characters irritated me, I was disappointed as I like his writing. That's a lovely kitchen table and I hope you are going to show us the shelves when they are up - they sound wonderful.
    Have a fun week, retirement obviously suits you!
    Diana xx #15

  6. Birdsong is one of my favourites - very moving. I love what you are doing with that gorgeous fabric! xx Jo

  7. Glad you are having such fun in your retirement Lynn. Look forward to seeing the kitchen revamp. That fabric is certainly a good one for working with for your challenge. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

  8. Life has been quite full-on since you're a pensioner, hasn't it? My working week sounds only half as exhausting :-)
    Loving the new designs you created with that gorgeous African fabric, and how clever is the paint brush display!
    I haven't read Sebastian Faulks either, although there's one of his books in my reading pile, called A Week in December. For some reason, I'm feeling that I can only read this one in the appropriate month ;-) xxx

  9. I know the feeling, Lynn, of being frustrated at not being able to spend as much time being creative as one would wish! Days go by and I don't go near my studio. It's always at the bottom of the heap and after I've done all the essential jobs, I've usually got no energy left for it. I love the photos of the fun colourful shop - what a lovely display of coloured paintbrushes, and what an imaginative way of displaying the various colours. I love the dress you are wearing too - so pretty, and unusual. Your rearrangement of the African fabric is genius - beautiful!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #11

  10. PS Sorry - meant to say #9. #11 was last week's I think. Put it down to brain fog...

    Shoshi x Definitely #9

  11. Great photographs, from the well dressed scarecrow, decorative brushes to that lovely teddy bear! You have had a fun filled and crafty week. Angela #7

  12. Read the book before you see the film of Birdsong, huge chunks were missing. And it was one of those books that has stayed with me, I loved it and cried and hated it and loved it. Powerful. Will approach Snow Country soon! Love your Oxford dress, it looks fab. Isn’t it funny how being able to go out and about a bit takes up so much time, I’m really struggling with fitting my inside and outside lives together! I hope you’ll love the new kitchen table. We had a round one for years and finally changed it because I got the ar** about it never being able to go anywhere…couldn’t push it against a wall out of the way, etc etc. Wierd, because I love to eat at a round table!!

  13. I didn't realise that you'd got two of those dresses, now I'm even more envious!
    That fabric is to die for.
    Birdsong is one of my all-time favourite books - its incredible but will break your heart. I've never seen the film as I didn't want to spoil my memories. I've never read a Sebastian Faulks novel I didn't love. xxx

  14. Lovely dress!
    I love the African fabrice - and looks as though you have made an excellent start.
    Must look for Snow Country - not sure that I got beyound the hated of Birdsong though.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Stay safe and keep well!
    I am hoping to visit everyone this week – unfortunately last week I just couldn’t make it…
    Susan #20
    Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

  15. Glad you seem to be enjoying retirement even of things are running away with you. That fabric you re using it looks lovely.

    Take care and stay safe, Lilian B #21