Friday, 17 September 2021

No place like home

A drive out to nearby Rawtenstall in Lancashire and look
at this lovely coat I picked up in Age UK for £6.50

Now I could tell you it’s a designer label but in actual fact it’s
George by Asda.  Hee hee maybe I’ll cut out the label and 
pretend it’s a posh one

I picked up a couple of books as well. Mum will enjoy the
Maeve Binchy and the Alan Sugar one is earmarked for a friend.

Thursday morning it was best foot forward for a walk around
Cowm Reservoir, less than five minutes from home.

The weather has been beautiful this week.

Cowm is also home to the waterski school for the disabled

We are lucky living where we do. We have the beautiful
Healey Dell Nature Reserve on our doorstep and can walk
for miles over the moors.

Back home and time for a cup of tea and a piece of homemade cherry and
coconut cake made by friend and neighbour Jan for Philip’s birthday.

 After I got to the task of putting up our new door
wreath from my friend Emma’s shop.

Philip planted up the heathers we bought on the way home
from the caravan at the weekend.

Before I go here’s a funny sign friend Anna shared on her Facebook page.
Make mine a “Not Coffee” please.

Have a good weekend.
We’ve a happy event next week, it’s my sister’s birthday and
we are going to spend a few days with her and Mum at the
Lake District.

See you soon



  1. What a bargain your coat was and, as always, you look wonderful in it. You’ve really had a week filled with smiles...the photos are fab.
    Annie x

  2. That coat was well spotted. Designer labels don't impress me. It's how it makes you feel wearing it that counts.
    You had some lovely scenery on your walk. It looks very tranquil and beautiful. I like the door wreath. Its a real eye-catcher.
    I used to read a lot of Maeve Binchy books so I would probably enjoy that one too. Kate x

  3. What a lovely coat! And what a bargain! You certainly have an eye for nice things. As for the designer label. The name George is actually the name of a very well known designer, who went to work for Asda (and no doubt earned a lot of money). His designs are great and I used to buy quite a lot of my clothes at Asda when we lived in the UK.
    Yes, you live in a stunningly beautiful part of the country (shame about the weather) I enjoyed seeing the photos.
    The coffee sign is spot-on! It made me smile. I always struggle with those fancy names. I only know that I like a mocha. At home we have a little frothing machine and I make my coffee with some cacao in it, so that would be a cappuccino choco. (I guess).
    Have a lovely weekend,

  4. Hi Lynn, I'm later than usual today as we've been sorting stuff for my mum this morning and forgot to schedule the post, too many distractions I'm afraid but doing my best to keep in touch with you all. The coat is a great find and really suits you too. Beautiful door wreath they really make the place look that much more homely. The walk looks lovely too. Must go, take care and have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  5. Sorry I slept while you posted. Love that coat. I have no idea about designers, so I think this is wonderful. And a great price, too.

    What a beautiful place where you live. I've always wondered what the moors looked like when I read books from British authors. You certainly DO live in a beautiful place. I love the heather, too.

    I really enjoyed the coffee signs. That was very clever. I'll have white coffee, I guess. I'm addicted to caffeine. Have a great rest of Friday and a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your time with your sister next week.

  6. Liz popped round in a dress the other day she'd found for 99p in a chazza, that was a George, too! That coat is fantastic and perfect with your floral frock.
    Gorgeous photos of your neck of the woods! xxx

  7. The pink coat looks lovely on you, just your style. Beautiful nature photos & a sweet wreath. Your door is beautiful, the Finnish doors are not that elegant. Happy belated anniversary! Glad you found me, welcome to link at Friday Bliss in the future, too.

  8. What an absolute dream of a coat, Lynn. I'm ever so slightly envious, as I am of that beautiful reservoir and nature reserve on your doorstep! xxx

  9. I love the coffee explanations, lol

  10. Love the coat!
    Love the coffee sign too! Xx

  11. What lovely images of the reservoir! It’s not a million miles from us and not a long walk round for my poor feet. I think we must drive out there and explore one day. I love your pink coat… the whole outfit is gorgeous!