Friday, 24 September 2021

Bucking the Lake District dress code

Well here we are again at our tin can in the Lake District.
There’s still plenty of flora and foliage to see on the
caravan park as autumn approaches.

We had a drive out to Hawkshead via the Windermere car ferry.  I should have gone across on a horse it’s only £2.  In the car it was £5.  It was a lovely adventure, even if the sail across did only last two minutes.

This little door made me chuckle with its sign
‘Bend or Bump’

After a walk round the village we had a coffee and cake before setting off back via Newby Bridge.

Now I obviously didn’t get the memo that frocks are not
allowed in Hawkshead or in the Lake District in general.
I was the only person wearing a dress.

Never mind birdwatching, I’m going out frock spotting tomorrow heehee.

I’ll be out with my Cumbrian chum on Monday
and I know full well Maria will be wearing something
pretty and not walking boots and waterproof trousers.

Off to visit the beautiful Holker Hall tomorrow.  It’s over
twenty years since we actually went in the hall and gardens.

Have a lovely weekend 


  1. That little door just tells us how small the people were. My Grandads would have had no trouble as they were both small. I was taller and my children are taller than me then grandchildren taller still. Who knows how tall people will be in the future, lol

  2. That car ferry always amazes Paul whenever we are home. When Connor was studying over there he made a point of going on it and talking to the ferryman. What a nerd. Dress spotting I love it. Why is the lakes always dressed with people who look like they are going on an outward bound course. They would never dress like that at home.
    And I bet it ends up in the back of a cupboard! Have a lovely time. I’m in Sendai visiting my BF

  3. love a ferry, sign of adventure! The LD dress code is bound to be legging type stuff and hiking boots, I bet there’s a whole world of keeping up and fashion pressure wishing that genre!

  4. I have sweet memories of Hawkshead, where we had a family camping holiday when I was a child. (many moons ago in the '60s). I smiled at your frock spotting exercise. I don't think there will be many frocks to spot!
    But you are very unusual in your lovely vintage dresses.
    I love that door.
    Have a great weekend,

  5. I've been to Hawkshead, but as it's so many years ago - early 90s if I remember correctly - I can't recall if there was a dress code. Mind you, it was well before my frock wearing days! Love you dress, and hope you're having a wonderful day with your Cumbrian friend! xxx

  6. My apologies for visiting so late. Life got in the way of computer time.

    That sign was funny, Lynn. I'm 4'11", so I would NEVER have to bend. I thought it was cute, though.

    I only wear dresses when I go out and about, so I would definitely NOT meet the dress code requirement in the Lake District. I think you look great and I know you and your friend will surely dress for success, not code!

    Have a super rest of the weekend, dear and again sorry to be so late visiting.

  7. That little door would suit me fine 😀 looks like you’re having a lovely time.
    Annie x

  8. As a walker - even I notice the 'all the gear-gangs' that roam the Lake District. The latest kit and caboodle being lugged about - must cost a fortune! Your layers of ?broderie anglaise petticoat is to die for!! Swish them at the next lot of walkers that yomp by - they'll be most envious!😄

  9. Good job I popped back to Annie's as I didn't know you had signed in to her Friday 'Stitch in Time' but sure I've not missed you over at mine, I'll check it out when I've done here. Looks like you've been having a nice time and lots to see too. Nice dress. Have a lovely week, Angela xXx