Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Books, birthdays and picnics

That was a quick week, I've gained a year since I was last here.
Time flies fast and I got a new watch off the lovely hubby for my birthday.
One that I don't need my glasses on to see.


On my desk I've been making little pockets for the books that mean a lot to me 
and/or are very old and need a bit of protection

I've handstitched the title of the book on the front

I'm going to be standing them up on some display shelves once the wandering welder gets home and puts them up.  Apparently I am not to be trusted with a drill.

Having them covered is also very useful for taking them with me when I'm out in the countryside having a picnic, with my parasol over my head to keep the sun off,  sitting on a travel rug eating cucumber sandwiches and little fancy cakes. On the best china of course and using damask napkins.

And if you believe that you don't live in wet and windy North West England
This is the hanging I was working on last week

Time for a bit of desk hopping over at Julia's place


  1. What a lovely idea to keep your precious books safe and snuggly :) And I have a BIG numbered, man's watch so I can see it - the joys of being in our 50s!!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    Claire, no. 3

    1. Even worse for me Claire, I'm in my 60's haha xx

    2. Nah, you're allowed, you old lady, you :D xx

  2. the only trouble with a big watch is the weight.. but am so with you!! Love your stitching. Helen #1

  3. I really love your special book pretty plus they make your special books even more special.
    Annie x#11

  4. It's not just the north West with the incessant rain, you know!
    Those book pouches are so sweet. Despite living on my own for 10 years Jon still insists on managing the power tools, he reckons the walls would resemble a sieve if I had control! xxx

  5. Oh, Happy Belated Birthday lovely gal! Hope you had a good day - the big watch made me laugh :-D Especially as I had to get new glasses this week with extra oomph in the reading bit. Sigh...... Lovely book covers, they have a proper vintage vibe about them for those halcyon picnics out on the moors..... :-D
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  6. Wonderful idea for your books .... mine are 'falling to pieces' in a box!
    Love the thought of using them on your picnic - we can dream ....
    Have a good week
    Christine #20

  7. What a lovely idea to keep your treasured books safe. I am buying my dear mum a new bigger watch for her birthday in October,shes struggling with a tiny one at the moment. Hope the sun comes out for a picnic!
    Lynda B no 6

  8. What a great idea for protecting precious books. The picnic description made me laugh once I realized you were kidding. I could just picture the scene though. Happy WOYWW Sarah #25

  9. Morning Lynn, and a belated happy birthday. Lovely book covers - and yes, even from abroad here in Wales, I can believe that you might, just maybe, get one occasion during the year when you could sit outside with that VERY exclusive picnic...
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  10. A good idea to keep your favourite books safe. I have a big watch for the same reason. ANickoana #14

  11. Hi Lynne, your picnic description really made me laugh! Book pockets look ace. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 XxX

  12. Ah, we do matching picnics! I love the idea of the pockets for the precious books, how lovely they'll look all together too. Many happy returns Lynn, am sorry the greeting is belated!

  13. That hanging is lovely, and really does the poor brooch justice. Those book covers are fabulous too, but maybe you can rustle up some waterproof ones next! xxx

  14. Fabulous way to store your favorite books... lovely idea... I love the wall hanging for your brooch it has turn out amazing... Have a great week.... May#17

  15. Hi Lynn. That's a great idea to protect books ... one I may just have to borrow! I agree with you about the weather in the North West .. I'm a resident too! We've managed a couple of sunny days of late, but nothing that makes me want to pack a picnic! Have a lovely week, Heather #30

  16. Hi Lynn. That's a great idea to protect books ... one I may just have to borrow! I agree with you about the weather in the North West .. I'm a resident too! We've managed a couple of sunny days of late, but nothing that makes me want to pack a picnic! Have a lovely week, Heather #30

  17. Love the idea of a pocket to put your book in! Beautiful pockets they are too! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #35

  18. Belated Birthday Wishes, Lynn. Your birthday watch looks brilliant and I can empathise with the need for a bigger face although at just the wrong side of 60 you've a long way to catch up with me - just the right side of 70! Love your idea of making covers for your much treasured books - the embroidered titles are lovely. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could enjoy a picnic but sadly days like you describe are few and far between. Especially up here on the west coast of Scotland, known not only for it's high rainfall but also for the midges that can ruin any picnic in no time at all! Still, I enjoyed the image of you sitting in the shade of a parasol reading a much loved book. Oh, and despite having lived on my own for a goodly number of years and discovered the joy of owning my own drill my DH thinks like yours. I indulge him because otherwise what would he do with his drill :) Have a great week ahead. Elizabeth x #28

  19. I really like your clever and pretty idea for protecting much loved books. I may try something similar in my own way one day soon.
    Your tapestry + charming hanger are so special. It is your chosen words that move me the most about that piece.
    Happy WOYWW!
    ~Rose of Rose's Art Garden #36

  20. What a great idea for protecting your books. The picnic sounds lovely - though we don't get much picnic weather hear in N. Ireland either!!
    Bernice #24

  21. Ohh love all your craft goodies. Have a great week xx Jan (42)

  22. What a lovely idea to make the pockets for your favourite books. Hope you have them standing in a row now.
    Had to smile at the description of a picnic - sounds like something from a film of the 30's (as in 'set in')
    Love the hanger.
    Hugs, Neet 13 xx

  23. Ha ha....i can just see you reading under your parasol, very Elizabeth Bennett.....i'd have had champagne and strawberries with my cuccumber sandwiches though......ahhh...we can dream. Those book pockets are fab, can i steal it for my books? (Credit to you of course). Glad you had a nice birthday, much love xxx

  24. That's a great idea to protect your special books and they look so good too. Have a great crafty week and a very happy belated WOYWW, Angela x21x

  25. WOW! Stunning hanger!
    Beautiful picture of the place where it hangs. :)

  26. Your covers are so cute!!!
    Have a great day!
    Diane #26