Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Sack the desk, what's on my wall instead

A big thank you to Annie (Wipso-A Stitch In Time)
and to Jo (Twiglet) for the lovely ATC cards.
I have everyone you have ever sent me on display in my room

I'm sorry I didn't join in last week's desk hopping, I just didn't have the 
heart for it after the horrors of the Manchester bombing.  
I live in the North West and it had a big impact on us all round here.

You may recall that I revamped my craft room wall to take part in 
a project called "This Hour of Mine".  

Since then I had a play day with a bunch of friends and we stitched
one inch squares.  

I've attached mine to some vintage floral playing cards
which are now on the wall next to pictures torn from 
an old book on roses that I found in a charity shop.

My wall keeps evolving and my collection of antique books
on flowers is such a lovely thing to have out on display alongside everything.

So I guess I should change my blog page to What's on your Wall Wednesday haha.
Thanks Julia for keeping us all together for the past eight years.  Long may it continue


  1. Your wall looks amazing as it ebbs and flows with your latest creations. My heart goes out to you all in the UK.
    sandra de @5

  2. wow, your wall is fabulous! the atcs from Annie and Jo are gorgeous. Helen #5

  3. Happy WOYWW. An incredible wall. I love those vintage playing cards. Ali x #7

  4. Happy WOYWW.. I adore your vintage wall so much beauty to look at.. Amazing Love it all May #19

  5. You always have such beautiful ideas..I love seeing what you're up to!
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

  6. Amazing wall. Happy WOYWW (What's on your wall? Wednesday) Sarah #22

  7. Oh dear Lynn, of course you would be upset over the Manchester bombings. Even over here in Oz we felt horrible too. We have grown up in relative "peace", so these modern times are just so sad.
    I love your new wall, and those ATC's are so cute!! Maybe we might share some if you want? I think I still have your addy. I need to check.
    Hope rest of week seems less bleak. I couldn't believe being was just early afternoon here!
    Judy xx

  8. The bombing has had an impact on so many. One of my closest friends mentored the girl from Ramsbottom which is very close to me.
    Love your little inchies - and what a lovely way to display them.
    Hugs & Thanks for the visit - Neet 13 xx

  9. I think we were all feeling the pain last week Lynn so understand. I was determined the ********* weren't going to win. Really glad the ATCs arrived safely and hope they made you's so lovely to think a little of Annie's love adorns your special space. I try to make each year different from the last but these days remembering what I did last time isn't so easy hehehe.
    Sending you big hugs.
    Annie x #17

  10. There is no better space for hanging art than on our walls, things always look differnt when stood up as opposed to laying down, I miss my easels and cannot wait to unpack them... Dxx 27

  11. Hi Lynne. Your wall looks great - far neater than my desk!!
    Take care. God bless you with His peace at this time.
    Margaret #9

  12. Manchester has affected so many - country-wide. My daughter was in Manchester last week - and we live in the South of the country! She was safe, thank goodness! It is so sad that pathetic people feel they have to try and diminish us by bombing themselves and hurting so many. When will they ever learn that they only make us all stronger? I hope you feel better soon.

    I do adore your changing and developing wall... it's such a great idea :)

    Bubbles #31

  13. Love the wall such pretty thing on it,

    Happy WOYWDW lilian B#35

  14. Loving all the flower themed items. Old books are a love of mine and ones that include flowers... doesn't get much better. I love those vintage playing cards and the inchies you've added are perfect. Hugs to you, friends and neighbors in the wake of a horrid tragedy. We are with you in spirit. Creative Blessings! Kelly #32

  15. What a cool ever-changing wall! I'm sorry that you were so affected by what happened in Manchester, it was a horrible tragedy, so many young people involved. I think we were all affected in some way or another, but the closer you are, obviously, the more it hurts. Thanks for sharing, Lindart #41

  16. Hello little pen cat, your twin is sitting next to me waving a paw!
    Last week made us a bit reflective, didn't it? While we have to carry on sometimes you just have to take a break and share the sadness.
    The wall is gorgeous, I love those little embroidered cards and that print of the lady bedecked in flowers is truly lovely. xxx

  17. I see that your gorgeous wall is coming along nicely! I totally understand how you must have felt, Lynn, as I was going through the same turmoil of emotions after the Brussels bombings last year. Here's a big hug from Belgium xxx

  18. You always make your walls so beautiful and it's lovely to think our little ATcs will be there too. Annie and I will be swapping all our post tomorrow - more ATC WOYWW fun! x Jo

  19. Your wall looks amazing, Lynn, and must bring you a lot of pleasure each time you look at it. So must your collection of antique books. The tiny squares are fabulous.

    Manchester is my second favourite city, after my native Edinburgh, and my husband's a Mancunian with family still living in the area, so I quite understand why you didn't feel up to joining in last week. I was there in 1992 and 1996 when the IRA bombed the city centre and can still remember the shock we all felt then too. It's all seems so senseless.

    Hope you have a good week. Elizabeth x #33

  20. Hi Lynne,
    Loving the pieces of 'This Art of Mine' on your wall.
    Big hugs from a fellow Northerner.
    Katie xx

  21. Hi Lynn. Gorgeous ATCs and loving your wall. I understand how you felt last week. I used to teach in Wigan and have friends in the area, any of them could easily have been thier picking their children up. Have a good week and happy crafty woyww, Angela x21x

  22. It is horrible what is happening in the world today. Your wall is wonderful and I'm sure bring you happiness everyday. Dorlene #39

  23. Know you must have been upset about the happenings of last week I originate from Ashton under Lyne so know how you must feel.But life goes on and us Busy Bees of Manchester must set an example. Love your vintage floral playing cards and what you have done to them. Anickoana

  24. What a beutiffully curated display xxx

  25. I hope you are feeling a bit more secure after the events of last week, and that your lovely cards remind you that most people are kind and decent.

  26. I love your wall arrangements, such a charming and creative feel to it!! Very inspiring indeed!