Friday, 1 June 2012

Look what the Postman brought (late) and I sent...(on time)

 Jules Watson owner  of JUJU & BUBBA
 made me this lovely textile picture from a photo I sent her of my 9 year old Cyber Green VW Beetle, which I admit being emotionally attached to. Jules helped me enormously with hints and tips when I was setting up my website.

 Next came richly coloured tyvek beads from Carolyn Saxby in Cornwall
who also runs the highly successful TAG TUESDAY CHALLENGE.
 Carolyn's work is amazing have a look at her links. I am meeting up with her in September when we go down to St. Ives on holiday.

Look what she sent me as a gift.

Here's what I sent.
A book to artist Christina Romeo who did these ATC cards. I found the book when I was looking for something else and thought how much Julian Dyson's work was like Christina's and so I offered to send it to her.

 Next the migration of the Doodly Box of goodies upto Scotland.
and finally a gift of a bag, book and two mugs purchased from the Doodly Bird Store for someone I can not mention as they havent got it yet.

And last but not least at all look at this that arrived from my blog friend Mo Allan

 This lovely Doodly Bird House is going on the Inspiration Wall in my studio.
With all the lovely things I have been sent recently I think I will have to have a rejig.
Watch out for the photo's.
There's a thought ... Inspirational Wall Blog !


  1. so much going on Lynn, you have recieved some rather splendid gifts, all very beautiful, these people have amazing talent, glad to see the Doodly Birds migrating...thanks for showing this loVely post Lynn have a fabby Jubilee weekend...Mel :)

  2. What a feast for the eyes Lynn. So many beautiful things! The pic of your VW is fabulous, as are those Tyvek beads, must go and check them out! The doodly bird house is just gorgeous, love it. I have put you on my blog today and there are some lovely comments on there for you to read if you get a minute. Have a wonderful weekend. Anne x

    1. Ooh I must pop over straight away and have a look, thank you.
      Hope you enjoy your weekend as well xx

  3. Aww, how lovely to see The Bird House at home :0)
    Your VW picture is superb! How bizarre that I discovered JuJu just by accident following links from I don't know where now, and I just LOve her work. I have my eye on one of her cats for my sister-in-laws Christmas or perhaps a picture - such choices. We are SO spoilt for choice around blogland aren't we.
    And as you know I LOVE my box of Doodly goodies - but I can't post pics of them cos one of the recipient's sisters will be watching - yikes, haha. But the pictures are ready for posting by the end of term. Only 4weeks to go now before the kiddiewinks are off for 7 weeks.
    What lovely comments from Mel and Anne, but also a fabulous posting by Anne too. How kind she is, but I agree with all she says about your work. I have her bookmarked now, for a mooch about ;)
    Love Mo xx

    1. How fortunate I am to have the best customers and blog friends around.
      Lynn xx

  4. Hi Lynn, thanks so much for inluding my little beads in your post ... what lovely mail you had from the others too ... a real feast for the eyes ... love Mo's goodies!! Have a wonderful weekend celebrating the diamond jubilee. I shall drop you a line privately to thank you for your beautiful doodly birdies send to me - THANK YOU ♥

  5. I love the textile picture x

  6. Hello Lynne, Just popped over to see the birds meet Queenie - fab! Thank you so much for mentioning Juju & Bubba on your blog and posting a pic of your lovely Frida!