Thursday, 26 April 2012


No nasty bills today only goodies.
In this prettily wrapped parcel is 
 this lovely crocheted peter pan collar from Natasja owner of
Next an Easter Bonnet ATC (artist trading card) from Grace Lister who is a member of 
A great place for anyone who likes hand embroidery.  There's lots to see, a chance to show your own work, workshops, resource shops, challenges and lots more.
The card was part of an Easter ATC swap, the one I made went to a lady in USA.
 And lastly, get your hankies out girls, look at this little fella that 
Jennifer Schultz of 
made for us from a photograph of Bobby our Papillon. Dont get upset those of you who don't know but we lost him last November.  Is'nt he a cutie and she has captured his expression beautifully.  Here is the picture she worked from.
 I've got a couple of things in the pipeline (just waiting for photo permission)  for next week or later this week that will interest you stitchers and button fanatics.
Bye for now
Lynn x


  1. OMGoodness that Bobby doggy ted is just the cutest! How clever Jennifer is to capture his look so well. That's talent! :)
    And, Snap! Of course I love your PP Collar :)
    The ATC is beautiful Lynn :) It's great to get such petties from Mr/s Postie isn't it? May their waterproofs keep them warm and hold out this current wet wet weather from chilling their bones :)
    I'm intrigued by the upcoming (I hope), button-a-holic post ;)
    Have a great afternoon. I'm not sure if paying to go swimming is really necessary this afternoon, we could just cossie up for the garden, haha x

  2. Running a bit behind on my visits. what a wonderful and thoughtful gift.. your little puppy had a fun visit. Have a great WOYWW!

  3. what a great look she managed to capture .... he was a cutie..


  4. oh... wanted to say ...I saw some of your doodly birds on another blog earlier in the day....hmmm... too many to remember ...where ...was ..that..?
    I love those funny little guys...


  5. Jennifer is a genius to capture Bobby so well. Such a lovely momento.

  6. Now, that's the kind of post that is worth receiving. The copy of Bobby is priceless. Elizabeth x

  7. I've just found your comment on my blog Lynn with the link to here. Sorry, it got buried in rather a lot of spam comments :( I think your crochet Bobby dog is absolutely lovely - very cleverly captured, so sad that you don't have real Bobby anymore, I didn't realise that when I commented on your FB pic. Pets are so precious and that's a lovely little memento. Shaz x