Wednesday 2 August 2023

Woyww ….. petticoats, books and Pippa Dee

Where is the year going, July sped by and my sister is still not back up north with us.  If you’ve followed along, you may remember that she took the decision to move from Oxford back home after 15 years.  The house she chose to buy in March looks now like it might be hers within the next week or so.  Poor girl has had her furniture in storage and been living in Airbnb’s for weeks.  She’s a bit like Alan Bennett’s ‘Lady In A Van’.

I was determined to start working through my book pile

but got sidetracked when I found these two books on
the New Books stand at our local library.

The Couple In The Photo, was a good read. A thriller and a
new author to me,

On my desk there has been some action. I started a new
project. The Travelling Petticoat.

This vintage petticoat is making its way around the country.
Members of my textile group will each add a piece of their own
stitchwork before passing it on. Eventually it will go to members
in America, Portugal and Australia.  Eventually it will come
back to me.

Do you remember the clothing company from the 70’s ‘Pippa Dee’
They operated in a similar way to Tupperware, house parties held
by self employed housewives. I went to one held at my aunt’s house
and I bought this silk bra and knicker set and wore it as a bikini
on my first holiday abroad with a friend.

I’m creating a book about clothes that hold memories for me.
It’ll take the form of photos, textiles and script. I’ve got a story about
a beautiful full length emerald halter neck dress I bought my Mum when
I started work. She wore it for a night at the casino with dad and their friends.

And a story about this dress bought for my little sister from a
posh children’s market stall.  She loved it and was even happier
when the most popular girl in the class had the same dress on.

That’s all for now folks.
Hope all Julia’s lovely desk hoppers are well.
Thanks for letting me pop in and out of the group.

See you soon


  1. Hope your sister gets her home pretty darned quick. Living in Air BnB's is too costly.
    You must buy Lynne's new book. I haven't opened mine as yet - seen the inscription but not begun to read but i can recommend. I read some of her snippets she put out before the book was finished and I thoroughly enjoyed her style of writing. `Of course, set in Paris it held a fascination for me as I love the city.
    Will go to Amazon and look at some of your recommendations, Thanks.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx

  2. What a lovely project you have planned Lynn. Can't wait to see the petticoat again when it has finished its travels. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #15

  3. Oh it's agony, this house buying thing...such a ridiculously expensive series of events. I wish your sis well and gosh, it'll be like Christmas to have her own stuff around her again very soon. The travelling petticoat is going to be awesome, bet you're excited. I think the clothes memory journal is a fab idea, the stories will be ace! I remember Pippa Dee..I bought a pair of white trousers which were see through...they tried to tell me that was the point, to show off nice underwear!!

  4. As usual, having to begin the petticoat, sad for your sister being adrift, and never heard of Pippa Dee but enjoyed your stories!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (4)

  5. Love the travelling petticoat idea, what fun, it’ll be wonderful to see it at the end if its wanderings. Some clothes evoke such memories, I loved reading your stories and seeing the pics - I wish I still had a pair of dusty blue suede platform boots from the 70s, I loved them soooooo much!
    Hugs LLJ 5 xx

  6. I love the thought of that petticoat doing the rounds and would love to hear it's tales when it returns to you.
    Annie x #10

  7. Your poor sister, what a nightmare!! Hope it's sorted soon.
    I well remember Pippa Dee . . . with 2 young girls it was a treat to buy instead of making and as to your bikini . . . how smart were you?!?!
    Have a creative week
    Christine #18

  8. Hope your sister gets settled soon. Its not been an easy time for house buying. Love the pile of books and the clothes memories. Happy woyww Helen #2

  9. Love the idea of .the travelling petticoat. Hope your sister gets settled soon. Sounds like it has been a rough time . Angela #9

  10. I'm sure you'll be pleased when your sister is settled properly though there are times when I'd be quite happy to be in a hotel and let someone else do all the work Lol! but I guess it would get boring after so long. Great idea with the travelling petticoat, you must show it to us when it returns. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x8x

  11. It will be lovely to have your sis nearby - I can recommend it! That petticoat idea is wonderful, I hope you show it to us when you get it back. xx Jo

  12. The petticoat is a lovely idea, Lynn. It would be great to see it when you get it back. My book will be on Amazon in a few weeks. At the moment I’m selling signed paperbacks directly for £10 plus postage. If you’d like one please email me at lmcollis@icloud.(dot)com.
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 12

  13. I'm keeping my fingers crossed your sister will be able to move into her new home soon, Lynn. And oh my, that pile of books definitely manages to rival mine. I never seem to be able to get to the bottom of it!
    Love the idea of the book you're creating. Don't you look va-va-voom in that silk bra and knicker set! xxx

  14. I hope your sister moves soon, as if the stress over your Mum's move wasn't bad enough!
    I love that photo of you in your Pippa Dee set. Mum always used to buy me printed nylon bras and knickers from Van Allan to wear on the beach - much cheaper and cooler than the kids stuff on offer in M&S! The book about clothes you've worn is inspired, I hope you include that infamous shell suit! xxx