Wednesday 3 May 2023

Dandies and ballerinas - woyww 726

We’ve been out and about again (it’s what us retired folk do), this week to Manchester
Art Gallery to see the Dandy Style exhibition.  250 years of Men’s Fashion.

It’s so quick and cheap for us to get into the city centre, £10 for
the two of us and we can jump on the trams for that as well.

Here’s a few of the outfits we saw.

My own Dandy was the smartest visitor there.

As a treat we had lunch in Waterstones on Deansgate

And then I spent a happy hour browsing the shelves while
Philip roamed round the shops.

On Monday night we visited a local church that has been
converted into an events venue and restaurant. Freddy who
bought the redundant building has brought life back to this
beautiful old place of worship. He is very community minded and
opens the doors for lots of local groups to enjoy.

The event we attended was a Candlelight concert with beautiful
classic music played by Mercury String and two very talented
young ballerinas performed parts of Swan Lake.

With the atmosphere of the church it was very moving.

No crafting or stitching this week as we’ve been out walking
and working in the garden.

There’s a planning meeting about whether we go to the
caravan for the Coronation Day celebrations or stay home
and deck the house with bunting.  It’ll be the weather that
decides where we will be.  Either venue it’ll be spent with
friends and there’ll be lots of good food and a tipple or two.

Enjoy the weekend all


  1. Sounds like you've had a good week. I would have loved to see the exhibition in Manchester but at the moment there are other more pressing things going on. Sadly Waterstones in Lincoln has closed as they are changing quite a lot of the shops here at the moment. Wishing you a very happy woyww, Angela x6x.

  2. What a glorious week you've both had Lynn ❤️🤸‍♀️ from that fabuuulous exhibition ... oh my the outfits 🤩 are spectacular ⭐️ I have to say I'm rather drawn to the painty jacket ❤️🙃 looks like my arty clothes 😘 Liking the look of the treasures you purchased at Waterstones ... a joy to lose yourself between the pages 📚 Beautiful it is to see the church given a new lease of life rather than lying empty and sad. Your 📸 photos tell such beautiful stories ⭐️ Wishing you an even more fabulous week ahead 💕 with love and hugs Tracy #10 xxx

  3. Wow, that exhibition looked marvellous and didn’t your hubby fit in well! I’d have liked to have seen that too, so many amazing outfits and ephemera. Hasn’t the church been converted brilliantly too, I’m so glad you enjoyed your evening there!
    Hugs LLJ 5 xx

  4. You’re right, you had the best dressed Dandy on your arm! I see now why you had to stop him touching the exhibits…I would need to reach out and do the ‘feel the quality’ rub!! We’re at home for the Coronation (in as much as we don’t have the caravan choice!) and I will be trying to watch at the same time as gardening if the weathers fine, and if not, then I’ll be stitching…my daily stitch journal is about two weeks behind, thank goodness I make notes! Have a super weekend.

  5. That was a glorious outing. I dk like Mick Jagger’s outfit. That church and the ballet must have been so amazing.
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 13

  6. That exhibition looks amazing as does your super smart hubby. A lovely out and about post! x x Jo

  7. I'm doing a quick catch up of my favourite blogs in a brief break from my sewing...I'd had 4 customers before 9.30 this morning [crazy!!!].
    What an amazing exhibition Lynn....and he was certainly the best dressed :-)
    Annie x # 9

  8. What a great trip ! Your man is very well dressed ! Enjoy the coronation wherever ! Helen #2

  9. Well, your wandering welder certainly was the best dressed there I can well imagine. Love his outfit. Looks like an interesting exhibition.
    Likewise the concert with the ballerina's looks lovely, what a lovely place and `i can imagine it was moving.
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx
    ps medicated now - seen doctor

  10. You have such an interesting social life! The Dandy exhibition looks amazing and yes, I have no doubt that Wandering Welder was the most stylishly dressed chap there. I must admit I'm a bit distracted by young Mick, wow!
    Liking the look of those books (and your fabulous outfit) and well done to Freddy for saving that building.
    We've finally gone some warmth and sunshine today, I was beginning to lose my mind! xxx

  11. Sounds like a fun exhibition Lynn. What a great venue for events - ballet by candlelight sounds perfect. Enjoy the Coronation wherever you are. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #1

  12. You're definitely making the most of your retirement. It's about time I look into mine! The Dandy exhibition looks fantastic, and although young Mick is a strong contender, I agree that the Wandering Welder stole the show! The church venue looks amazing too, and I do like the sound of that Candlelight Concert.
    Enjoy your Coronation Day celebrations, whatever you decide to do! xxx

  13. That sounds like an interesting exhibition. And as your man is such a snazzy dresser, a must-see for you.
    The event in the church with the ballerinas and the lovely lighting also must have been really nice.
    But a visit to Waterstones is definitely a treat. looks like you are both really enjoying retirement.
    Enjoy the coronation.

  14. Argh. Lost a long comment. I used to know how to keep it from happening but now I can't. Poo. Abridged version: love the exhibit, your Dandy IS the best. Candlelight anything is magic, and who doesn't adore a big bag o' books!?
    Happy WOYWW ( just a day late :D )
    Mary Anne (4)

  15. Looks like you are spending your time well! The exhibit looks very intriguing, men's fashions are so difficult I think, they are far more restricted than we are. In the US there was the Met Gala last weekend and some very creatively wonderful men's fashions. But I think day to day men will pretty much always wear the same type of thing. Have fun on Saturday! Have a great week, Lindart #20

  16. Wow! That was some trip! I too have just lost a coment and its started calling me anonamouse again...I thought I'd solved that. Maybe blogger is hoping that every one will give up blogging and go away! Have a great week Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn)) #7

  17. Such an interesting post today! Would love to see that exhibition and the ex-church is stunning...
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #12