Sunday 2 July 2023

Eeh we had a grand day out

Eeh we had a grand day out over the border in Yorkshire at Sunny Bank Mills, Farsley, Leeds.

I was lucky enough to buy tickets for Hannah Lamb’s event  ‘FRaGMeNT of a DReSS’

The final episode of an idea borne by textile artist Hannah after being
commissioned by the Brontë Parsonage Museum in 2022 to create an art
installation inspired by Charlotte Brontes wardrobe.

Visitors to the museum where invited to write about a piece of
clothing that was special to them. That evoked strong memories
for them of childhood, relationships, emotions.

Then over two weeks with the help of students from the Bradford School
of Arts, the stories were embroidered onto fabric and made into a transparent
silk organza dress of memories.

‘FRaGMeNT of a DReSS’

So at the the end of the exhibition in December 2022, what next for the dress.
Hannah took back possession and came up with idea of sharing it and 
giving it further life.

And so a magical fascinating production was held in the Spinning Mill
attic room at the historic Sunny Bank Mills.

To a background of spoken memories playing softly the
audience were invited to cut a section of the dress to keep for themselves.

Then using her great granny’s Singer Sewing machine Hannah stitched
Cyanotype remembrance cards to each piece before placing them
gently into opaque envelopes for us to take home.

What next for our memory pieces ?

Well mine will be used to create another memory garment.
I am going to attach it to a Victorian cotton petticoat and it
will then be sent onto members of the No Rules Textile Society,
who will each add their own textile piece.  Eventually after a trip
around the UK and abroad it will end up as part of an exhibition of
work the group are planning to put together in the future.

Stay tuned for my next post on the wonderful
62 Textile Group exhibition we saw at the same time


  1. Wonderful! You know I would have loved this.I made a whole series of small quilts back in the day that I called Fragments of times gone by. xx

  2. Hi Lynne, this looks so wonderful. It must have been so atmospheric and I can’t wait to add to the No Rules dress !

  3. Oops, can’t work out how to edit your name and remove the E - sorry x

  4. Sounds absolutely fascinating, Lynn! xxx

  5. Beautiful! And glad you’re back!