Wednesday 22 March 2023

Hares, ballerinas and a cat called Tango - WOYWW

Postman Sid brought me a mystery parcel this week

It was a box full of fabulous things from friend Tina in Montgomery,

I don’t know what I swooned over most, the paper hares made by Tina.
The beautiful books or the stunning piece of textile art she has handstitched.

Everything is enchanting and I can’t stop looking and appreciating it all.
What a very heartfelt, thoughtful thing to do

There’s been zoom meetings with my textile group the
No Rules Textile Society, where we meet once a week, talk
about the latest prompt and look at what members have been doing.

On the home front after 15 years my sister is returning home from Oxford.
She’s bought a house and this is the style she is hoping to replicate 
in her front room.  She is even adopting a cat like the one in this
picture. She’s seen one at the local animal rescue centre. It’s called
Tango and is a three year old house cat.

Telly wise we are enjoying the three part series on BBC 2
about the life of Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. I’ll admit I’ve
being a fan for the past 25 years since doing my HND in
Textile Design at college and studying her work.

Sara Cox BBC 2 programme Between The Covers book programme
has returned for another series and is another favourite in our house,
even though the wandering welder never reads anything other than
the Saturday paper and the covers on his cd’s.

I’ve just finished reading this book I picked at random off the shelf
in my local library.  It was a really good read and I can recommend it.

We had a trip out to Manchester with my goddaughter Amy,
who gave us tickets for the Nutcracker Suite by candle light,
accompanied by a string quartet. 

I’ll never bother taking the car into Manchester again, we were there in
12 minutes by train and it cost us just over £5 each return on the train.

As March draws to a close we will be spending the last
week with friends holidaying in and around Stratford upon Avon.
There’s a trip to a butterfly farm and Blenheim Palace planned, as
well as Burford and Warwick Castle.

See you on the other side.
Take care

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  1. Wow, so many gorgeous things to look at this morning but the first thing has to be those hares from Tina, wow they are fantastic, I may well have a go myself. All the fabric and beautiful things enclosed, what a treat to have a surprise like that. I’m really glad your sister is moving back, it’s so good to have family round. Funnily enough my brother is moving from the Midlands bank to Gower so he’ll be closer by too, awesome!
    Hugs LLJ 4 xxxx

  2. What a fabulous parcel - no wonder you could not stem your excitement.
    I love the room your sister is hoping to replicate and the cat in the picture is adorable - just look at its face.
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  3. Your gifts from Tina are so beautiful - what a lovely thing to do. I haven't seen her for ages. Enjoy your trip to Stratford. xx Jo

  4. What a fab parcel from many lovely things. You sound to be rather busy and it's been lovely to catch up.
    Annie x #12

  5. Such a fun post, just love all the photos you shared. Beautiful groupings. Hope your sister adjusts well and finds the perfect spot. Photo is great with that pretty kitty. Have fun with your travels, it's so good to venture out. Finally our snow melted and this week 40's No green/flowers or walking. In fact now it is total fog. I so need sunshine and lollipops. A trip to see the 3 hr away grands and pizza !!!!! Love that big black/white flower you are wearing. Have fun, be safe and Happy WOYWW

  6. What a wonderful gift to receive, all the better for being a surprise. I love those hares and the books look good too. Happy WOYWW. Angela #8

  7. No wonder you can't take your eyes of the gorgeous collection of art that you received, it's all very special. Enjoy your time away too. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x5x

  8. What fabulous contents to the mystery parcel Lynn. We have sworn only to go to London by train from now on too - far easier than driving. I will have to catch up with the Frida Kahlo series. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

  9. what a gorgeous parcel to receive! I missed this week's Between the Covers, but usually watch it, though I haven't read a book for a while, never seem to get time! Glad your trip to Manchester was easier (and cheaper) by train.. Have a great week Helen # 1

  10. It's always a treat to see a post from you pop up!
    Tina definitely spoiled you with that amazing parcel. Lucky you!
    How funny that your sister is adopting a cat like the one in the picture. It must be wonderful having her nearer to you!
    Sara Cox's programme sounds lovely. I recently finished reading her memoir Till The Cows Come Home, which was a lovely read.
    I'm envious of your upcoming holiday, have a lovely time you two! xxx

  11. What a pleasure to see you! You’re very busy and I love it! Your friend Tina is a bit special isn’t she, how marvellous a gift is that. I can claim some connection …. we both buy the same tissue paper and I’ve extended my collection of that pattern into a wash bag too!!!! Tenuous, or what! Stratford is one of my favourite places, yo7 have a lot planned and I hope you enjoy every second of it. Blenheim is another favourite of mine actually, my daughter says I’m a ‘sucker for dead people’s houses’!! If your sweet sister has one ounce of your artistry, her home is going to be lovely. It must be very exciting to have her coming within easier reach!

  12. Yay! Lovely to see a post from you, my lovely friend! How fabulous was that parcel? I'd have been afraid to unwrap it, the paper's a work of art in itself!
    Your sister's dream living room (and cat) are beautiful. How exciting that she's finally moving back up north and that there's a cat on the way.
    I loved the Frida doc so much i watched it twice - and will probably watch it again!
    Trains are ace! A return to Birmingham is £5.40 for me and takes 22 minutes. Not that we've got a choice at the minute, our buses have been on strike since Monday.
    Your holiday plans sound very exciting, we were planning to visit Burford when we met up with Claire and Gareth last month but spent so long in Bourton-on-the-Water that we ran out of time.
    Have fun! xxx

  13. What a fabulous parcel!
    And so many interesting things to read about in your post! As a fan of Frida
    Kahlo I am envious of the program!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #6

  14. Thanks for your passion and insight into this subject