Friday, 3 December 2021

Life opened up in November

Looking back on November I can see life opened up and looked
a lot more sociable than the November of 2020.

There has been in person craft workshops where it was good
to spend time with folk I haven’t seen for a long time.

There was a surprise afternoon tea for Mum’s 89th birthday with
two of her friends and a birthday treat with my special friend Bev as
she celebrated her 66th birthday and joined me in becoming a
pensioner this year.

There’s been lots of great zoom talks and meetings with
textile artists and the lovely No Rules Textile Society group
I’m in and I’ve carried on with my Pilates
practice via zoom classes.

And there’s been cosy days snuggled up with a few good
books from the library when the snow arrived and the
temperature plummeted.

Then boy did we start December off in style.

Along with our special friend Angela we have been saving for
months for a trip on the Northern Belle Pullman train.

We took the normal train from a local station upto Leeds where
we boarded the historic diesel pulled Pullman and took our seats
in the elegant Alnwick carriage.

Each carriage bears the name of a stately home or castle and has
been individually designed and restored by some of the country’s
top craftspeople including marquetry experts, muralists and
mosaic artists.

It was the most fabulous day

Delicious food, the champagne and wine flowed as did the
chat with fellow passengers.

Harold and Vanessa, an 80 year old couple who were sat
across from us regaled us with tales of holidays abroad and
their wedding eight years ago aboard a cruise ship. They have
known each other since childhood and always been friends, finally
becoming a married couple some years after Vanessa’s first
husband passed away.

I wish I had taken a photo of this charming couple as Vanessa
looked wonderful in a lilac lace cocktail dress and matching
faux fur trimmed cloak.

We were entertained by musicians and a magician as the train
took us on a round trip from Leeds via Hull and York.

The wandering welder was in his element as Mr Dapper Chap
in his vintage and charity shopped outfit.  His liberty tie was a
£2 Age UK find and his English wool overcoat £40 from a
vintage shop in Portbello Road, London some years ago.
I think the only thing he had on new was his thermals.

The three of us agreed it was a wonderful memorable day.

None of us wanted get off.

But here we are the motley threesome full of food
and wine at the end of the day.

We’ve already started planning our next adventure.

What a lovely start to the silly season of Christmas and
the month of December.

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  1. Wow! What a treat that train ride was. The three of you look so glamorous, you wouldn't look out of place in an Agatha Christie film. The photos are gorgeous!
    That platter of cheeses had me salivating and it's only just gone 8am.
    Well worth saving up for. Were you tempted to swipe that plate?
    I've always fancied doing India's Palace on Wheels but I'd have to sell the house to afford it! Liz did the Orient Express for her 50th! xxx

    1. I was tempted to swipe the cruet set haha.
      I’d love a sleepover on the orient express but can’t see that happening. It was worth saving our pennies for though and we would do another xxx
      Ps hope you got your birthday parcel. No opening before the day mind. Still no look with my commenting on blogs grrr !!

  2. That sounds like a wondeful trip. What an epic way to start the season.
    Our life ticks on as usual here with nothing special to mark the turn of the months, but I am looking forward to decorating the house this weekend. Not many folk do much for Christmas around here as their main celebration is Epiphany or Three Kings Day as it is is known. We have a one day of shop closures etc when it is very quiet and most people stay with their families, and then it is life as usual until january 5th.
    So it is good to see you getting back to all your activities. Stay safe and enjoy the season. Kate x

  3. What a wonderful outing! Love the outfits - so cosy and festive. xx Jo

  4. What a wonderful day out...thanks so much for sharing it with us. Life should be filled with wonderful memories like that.
    Annie x

  5. What a wonderful day out and all that amazing food x

  6. You're so right this November has been a better month and I've managed to meet with some crafting friends too. I love trains and this is such a wonderful trip on such a gorgeous Pullman. It was very kind of you to share your day with us. Have a lovely weekend, Angela x

  7. Ooh, I'm slightly envious! What a fantastic day you had on the Pullman train. You all look so dapper and well dressed.
    I love old trains and a trip on the Orient Express is on my bucket list. But I'd settle for a Christmas dinner on the Pullman any day. Lucky you!
    I have just started reading The Last Reunion. It starts when this woman steals Japanese netsukes from the Ashmolean during the hot summer of 1976 (I remember it well as I gave birth in that August and it was stifling!).
    Have a lovely weekend (hopefully without snow),
    Keep smiling,

  8. Your November month was certainly much more sociable than ours and now that our Covid-19 cases are again sky high, December doesn't look much better.
    But oh, lucky you. That trip on the Northern Belle Pullman train sounds the stuff of dreams. What an adventure and what a way to start December! xxx

  9. Sorry this is a generic message, but it's all I could pull together. Late Thursday as I headed to the basement, I caught my sleeve on the railing and lost my balance. I fell down 13 of the 14 steps to the basement floor. I laid there for what seemed like hours, but in reality was probably little more than 20-30 minutes. When I was able to get up, I realized I had hurt my back enough that all I could do was lie on it. I have trouble sitting or standing. I hope you understand. If I normally visit you every day, I hope/plan to feel better by Monday. Thanks for your support and understanding. PLEASE, NO SYMPATHY. It was my own stupidity.

  10. Oh, wow, Lynn, what a wonderful trip. My hubby would love a trip on that train - he's an all thing rail and train enthusiast. My experience is that we meet lovely people on train journeys and your elderly almost newly weds sound very interesting. We won't be doing anything quite so exciting this month as it looks we're probably going into lockdown again. I just have to mirror you and settle for the cosy seat and a good book. Have a fun-filled week. Elizabeth x