Friday, 8 October 2021

Retirement Diary - cornflakes, clogs and treasure

As summer turns to Autumn and the leaves start to
turn rustic colours, it’s time to reach for the comfort food.

My little Old Beetham Post Office recipe book hit the mark
with its Cauliflower & Broccoli soup.  I added a tear & share
cheese and pepper plaited loaf from Park Farm Shop, Ramsbottom.

Okay we all have a weak spot and here’s mine, Cornflake cakes
with a mug of tea.  More specifically the ones made by our local
bakery Mannings.  I wonder if there’s a Cornflake cake addiction clinic,
I’d be a lifetime member heehee.

Friday night I spent a super evening on a stitch workshop with
a bunch of lovely ladies, albeit via Zoom.

Our host was Scottish based Lindsay aka The Border Tart.

Our aim was to make Tiny Treasure Bags.  No previous experience
required other than being able to thread a needle.

Using small pieces of recycled fabrics we stitched, chatted and
giggled the evening away.

I’ll leave you with a photo from last Sunday’s Family day
out in Bacup.  These are the Coconutters who have been
entertaining the town for years with their clog dancing.

Originally started when the men came out of the mines and
would sing and dance when they surfaced into the daylight
after a hard days toil in the coal mines.

I wouldn’t liked to have been one of the wives trying to
wash their workwear.  Let alone the miner having to scrub
himself clean.

We are having some lovely October weather I hope
you can get out and enjoy it.

Have a good weekend 


  1. Lovely post - I am tempted to make the soup and even try to bake a cheese and pepper loaf too. I think the Coconutters look great- miners did come up from the pit looking as black as that back in the day - what a life! xx Jo

  2. The cornflake cake brings back some memories, I used to love those. It was interesting seeing the clog dancers. I come from a small mining village and there are many stories to tell. It was from the miners that the phrase "Toe Rag" comes from as it was a piece of cloth that they used to clean their feet with. It's now used as an insult. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  3. That soup sounds very yummy. Yes, it's the time of year for soup. I made some tomato soup yesterday with fresh tomatoes.
    Corn flakes cakes! I've never had those. I have come across a recipe that had all bran as an ingredient. Yours looks chocolatty and very nice. I might try one...
    The coconutters are fun to watch. Yes, miners used to be that black! We used to frequent folk festivals and I always used to love the Morris dancers. (They invariably frightened the children)
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Keep smiling,

  4. I could murder some of that Cauliflower & Broccoli soup and the thought of that cheese and pepper plaited loaf is making my mouth water!
    I never had cornflakes cakes, so I wouldn't mind giving one of those a try either.
    Love those Tiny Treasure Bags and the Coconutters made me giggle! xxx

  5. Your soup sounds good, but I've never heard of cornflake cake before. It must be a British thing.

    I have no pinch grip, so I can't hold a needle, but I sure like your little hand sewn bags. They are very pretty.

    I've never heard of coconutters before, but I know miners who are in the states know how hard and dangerous it is.

    So glad your weather is perfect. We are breaking all kinds of warm weather records this week. Have a super rest of Friday and a great weekend, too, dear Lynn.

  6. It is definitely soup season - I made some smoky sweet potato soup on the slow cooker last night and the house smelt gorgeous.
    Your little treasure bags are so sweet - I am inspired!

  7. l used to love cornflake cake then I developed a Cocoa allergy and I can no longer eat chocolate or have anything with cocoa in it. Which annoys me. Yes it is soup season we have gone over to ramen bowls now as they are warm and filling.
    I can imagine hand sewing being very therapeutic. Love the cocoanuters I am supprised the PC brigade hasn’t stopped them. Love and hugs

  8. It's always such a pleasure to read your posts, Lynn. The soup sounds and looks delicious. I have a fridge raid soup in the slow cooker for today because it's that kind of weather up here. The little purses are delightful and the name Border Tart made me chuckle. Have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x

  9. We don't eat much soup but yours looks and sounds lovely. I used to make a curried parsnip and apple one (with apples scrumped from next door), I'll have to send Jon down the garden with a stepladder in the dead of night!
    Those treasure bags are gorgeous!
    Those coconutters are a bit scary - like an Oompah Lumpah from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory! xxx

  10. Cornflake cakes are still made at some point in school every year...or Rice Krispies! xxx