Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Get a room you two

Oh get a room you two.

We had a lovely long weekend away for our wedding anniversary.
A night in our favourite hotel in Grange over Sands, then three nights
at the caravan.  

Thursday we had a drive out to Coniston where the annual Vintage pop up shop
was in full flow and I picked up this lovely basket to use as a travelling craft
case when we are away.

I did a bit of stitching and watched a workshop on the Korean stitching
technique Bojagi, pronounced po-ja-gi.

I’ll be taking part in the workshop when I see the replay of it.
One of the techniques I'm going to have a go at is “pinch stitch”

I took a screenshot of it from the workshop.

Anyone who knows me, knows that there’s not a cat in hell chance of
me changing my 18 year old cyber green VW beetle anytime soon.
However, I would add this beauty to my collection given the chance.
I’ve spotted it several times when we’ve been around Grange over sands
and keep thinking of putting a note on the windscreen asking them to let
me know if they fancy selling it. 

I have my suspicions though that it’s owned by a lady who probably
loves it as much as I love mine.

Still not made it to my desk as the wandering welder celebrated his
72nd birthday yesterday (more snogging heehee).

We had a drive out to friend Emma’s gorgeous flower and coffee shop
to buy some flowers for Philip’s twin sister Elena.

Such a beautiful autumnal bouquet, I wanted to keep it for myself.


Every effort will be made to sit at my desk for longer than the blink
of an eye before next week when we set off again for another stint at
the caravan.  This time we are meeting up with my sister and Mum who
are staying in Grange Over Sands.

Here’s my nod to the cooler weather, it’s a flannel petticoat
under a summer frock.  I’ve not got the opaque tights out yet
I’m hanging on a bit longer to summer.

And here’s what I’m reading now after finishing Claire Fuller’s
Unsettled Ground.  I’m in need of a lighter read.



  1. I almost got y tights out this morning to take with me but decided against it. It's that mid stage we are at with the weather - lovely today though.
    Love everything about your blog post today - love the petticoat and the flowers are fab. No wonder you wanted to keep them.
    Good to see you two lovebirds.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx

  2. What a lovely post Lynn. I'm glad you enjoyed your celebrations and please wish a happy belated birthday to your darling hubby.
    Annie x #13

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely anniversary celebration.
    The flowers are gorgeous - I would struggle to part with them too. I have sunflowers in my window at the moment, trying to hold onto summer for as long as I can!

  4. I'm in tights today. Would rather be warm ! Glad you enjoyed your time away. Helen #7

  5. You snog away, it’s great to see! So glad you had a lovely weekend doing your favourite things - and that includes shopping and browsing as well, lol!!! The bouquet is glorious, I can see why it was hard to give away, the colours were just perfect for this time of year.
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  6. SOunds like another fabulous week of celebrations Lynn. Hope you get the chance to practise your Bojagi soon. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #8

  7. What a fabulous time you two had, first celebrating your Anniversary and then Philip's birthday!
    I've get a serious case of basket envy, and what a great idea wearing that flannel petticoat under your Summer frock! xxx

  8. Happy birthday and Happy anniversary 💗 I am not surprised you wanted to hang on to the flowers - they are gorgeous 😊

  9. Happy Birthday to the WW and continued happy anniversary to you both. Oh and I say, I love your vintage basket, I have basket envy right now, what a lovely idea for a sewing/craft basket. Happy WOYWW! Elle #11 this week

  10. Looks like you've both been having a good time. I'm loving the basket, what a great find and very useful too. The petticoat under you dress is a great idea too. I hope your week is full of crafty fun and happy woyww, Angela x5x

  11. I wouldn't swap your car either! but I've still got my dog van, with out the dog walking signs on it and I love it but I would be trempted to swap it for that Beetle too! Lovely pictures a good time all round... Happy WOYWW! Stay Safe, Keep crafting ((Lyn)) #22

  12. Lovely post, Lynn. You two really made the most of your birthday/anniversary celebrations. The basket is perfect for the purpose and the sewing book looks so interesting I just had to order it. I'd like nothing better than to take off in a campervan and craft my way round Britain (it's just a pipedream, of course). The bouquet is stunning. Years ago, a lifetime ago in Germany, we had a a Beetle and I loved it too. Hopefully you'll get to your desk before your next trip. Elizabeth x #23

  13. Happy Birthday to our favourite ex-welder and happy anniversary to you both! That first photo is just the best thing ever! xxx

  14. Your new craft bag is a lovely find. Beau flowers I would have liked to keep them too. Angela #2

  15. The weather this summer (and I use the term loosely, other than that awful hot spell in the middle LOL!) has been appalling. I am not ready for winter, tho'. A flannel petticoat seems quite sensible - my MIL would come to visit and always buy M&S thermal undergarments, but never a petticoat!
    Happy birthday and anniversary once more!

    Happy WOYWW, so very late!
    Mary Anne (9)