Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Workdesk Wednesday meet up …….

Good morning desk hoppers
This week I’ve found a use for an old sales ledger I’ve had for
some time.  I’m using it to keep fabric samples in, pieces of collage
and I’m going to use it as a sketchbook as well.

It dates back to 1930 and is from the estate of the late
Mrs Sarah Wood.  It appears that she owned several properties
around the Yorkshire area.  The book is a record of the rental income
and expenses of her company.

Rents ranged from £9.15 shillings a month to £21.5 shillings & one penny.

During Monday’s textile society zoom meeting we talked about
creating layouts with a grid.  I’ve used the app PhotoGrid. 

Crikey, I went down a right rabbit hole with that one and
couldn’t stop once I got started.

This one was made with an image of some sari silk ribbons
I have in a basket.

I’ve used one image 12 times, turning it round and round
and using different filters.

On Monday night I did an online zoom sketch class.
We packed such a lot into an hour and at the end of it,
it was amazing to see what we had achieved through a series
of exercises that lasted anything from 30 seconds to eight minutes.

I was pretty chuffed with myself and have signed up for another.
Isn’t zoom amazing, I’m getting the hang of it now.

Then off I went down the rabbit hole again with digital pattern
repeats, this time starting with the flower in this drawing.

Come and drag me out of the hole before next Wednesday
won’t you please.

Thanks for popping by


  1. Love that bright pink jacket you are wearing above.
    Gosh, you have been busy doing all that manipulating - I would not know where to start with something like that but can see how useful it is to you. Love the sari silk one especially.
    Great zoom class you had, I never seem to find these things, but when I do I forget to attend so it's a no win situation with me these days. Well done you.
    Hugs, Neet 10 xx

  2. Yes, me too! The bright pink jacket that is! I quite like zooming, but having had a zoom call for ages as most people I know, have got back to work. I quite like digi-ing my own paper too, but its yoo awful to share! Stay safe, keep on crafting! Happy WOYWW?! ((Lyn)) #15

  3. If you’re not on the Linky List next week, we’ll know where to find you! That grid app appeals to me too, as I’m a pattern nut. It gives some great effects. Love your sketch and paint work too, I’m glad you enjoyed the class. And that ledger book is awesome, well done for rescuing it - it was the neat handwriting and numbers that got me, so satisfying.
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

  4. I’m just grabbing a quick break and catching up with all my favourite blogs while I get the chance...the world and his wife are needing sewing at the mo so I’m keeping busy.
    I’m not sure I’d drag you looks so much fun I rather fancy joining you down there 😀😀
    Annie x #13

  5. I agree that zoom is the greatest invention of this century. I absolutely LOVE those digital images you created. They are very well done. I about died when you said you are using that ledger for fabric samples. I have looked for one to use in my art for EVER. If I find one at a sale, they want a ton of money for it. I would LOVE to get my hands on a couple of those pages (grin). Love your jacket, too. Happy WOYWW from # 5.

  6. I have tried several fabric shops, but it appears no one has heard of sari silk ribbon. How fabulous to find a ledger, I think that is at the top of a lot of crafters’ lists. Digital art is amazing and I can go on and one trying different things, great patterns. Angela #9

    1. Hi Angela
      If you copy and paste this link into google it’ll take you to where I got the sari ribbons from

  7. Zoom certainly has broadened everyone's horizons Lynn. Loving your drawings and digital art. WHat a fabulous ledger! Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

  8. what a fabulous ledger! You will have loads of fun with that. sounds like you and technology are now best friends - a great way to craft in company safely! Have a creative week Helen #1

  9. You are so going to enjoy filling this old Ledger it's gorgeous. Loving the drawings too. Hope you are having a very happy woyww. Sending hugs, Angela x17x

  10. love the ledger, that is a creative way of using an old ledger. Sari ribbons are so pretty, I love yukata ties that we use to tie yukatas with . You would love them, you. Can buy them cheap on eBay. Paintings are lovely as well take care and keep safe love and huggs allie

  11. Hi Lynn, ooohyou've been busy haven't you? I love old books like that ledger, I've hoarded a few, what a great way to make use of it and enjoy it. Love those repeating patterns too - did you know you can get your own images printed onto fabric? You can get as little as one metre and it's not too pricey. Contrado is one company in the UK that does it. I reckon some of those would make gorgeous fabric prints. Have a great week. Annie C #30

  12. Happy Belated WOYWW. Loving your pink jacket, your drawings and your digi designs. There are so many fantastic apps and software programs now. Ali x #24

  13. What a lot to share today! Loved looking at all the designs.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #20

  14. Look at your fabulous artwork! That pink flower would make a wonderful wallpaper! I still don't know what Zoom is - aren't I awful?
    I love seeing sari ribbon piled up in baskets in Indian street markets, trouble is it's all so pretty I can't decide which one I like best and end up going home without anything! xxx

  15. Oh happy Woyww, such a great group of fun photos. Love the flower in the digital work you were doing.. and the leaves are gorgeous too. Let me know the energy pills you take. Have lots more fun with your fun projects.

  16. Your artwork is just flying Lynn - the grid designing is brilliant - you could get it printed as a fabric length - stunning new outfit there I think!!! xx Jo

  17. That grid designing is fantastic! Love your drawing as well. Happy Belated WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#23)

  18. Love your activities. And the ledger! I found a similar one in Dublin and lugged it all the way over from Ireland - I've used the pages in many of my collages. xxx

  19. That old sales ledger is a marvel in itself, and I love your inventive way of giving it a new lease of life.
    I'm marvelling at those layouts. The one created with the image of the saris and the one following it are my favourites.
    Oh my, and you certainly got a talent for sketching! xxx

  20. ooh I love the old ledger, they are like rare finds these days. Also love your drawings especially the vases. Elle #25, EOTC

  21. My sister’s been digitally playing with her designs and creating fabrics for some years now Lynn, so I suspect you may actually just on a ledge staring intro the abyss! Love that old sledged, what fascinating records, some of those rents were quite high! Beautifully kept book keeping. Sigh. Perfect way to use and enjoy it too, I wonder if Mrs Sarah Wood would applaud the longevity you’re bringing to her works!