Monday, 21 June 2021

Don’t mention it ……

Saturday rolled in with sunshine and a visit from goddaughter Olivia,
her boyfriend George and her mum. We sat in the garden, chatted, drank tea and
had a good catch up. It was great to hear that Olivia starts her first job after graduating.
She will be working in a lab for a large construction organisation, testing soil and water to
examine if sites are fit for building on. It’s not something I’ve ever thought about,
but I guess it makes sense. You can’t just start whopping housing estates, office
blocks and industrial units up willy nilly can you.

Late afternoon my sister arrived for an overnight sleepover after bringing
Mum home from a four week stay in Oxford with her. It’s only the
second time I’ve seen Jill since October.

Sunday morning, along with friend Jane we headed down to Healey Dell
Tearooms for breakfast.  I had a tasty vegetarian full English.  It’s
not something I’d normally do or have, but I could get used to it.
We had such a nice relaxed catch up.

As we left folk were turning up for a Fathers Day barbecue.

Once Jill had headed off back to Oxford, I took Mum to buy
a new vacuum cleaner then headed back home to feed and water
the hanging baskets and do a bit of weeding.

The baskets are from Simon aka The Plant Dude on Bacup Market.
They are so pretty and coming into their best now.

Let’s not talk about the garden parasol that had to go back after we waited in
three days on a run. Or the ongoing saga of the new electric meter we’ve been
waiting for since November. And don’t mention the crackling telephone line, let
alone the hole in the lane that gets bigger by the day.

This cheeky chap is also doing his best to wind us up by eating
all the bird food.

The pussy willow we rescued is thriving and will be moved into a
larger pot soon and I’m so pleased with the new hydrangea.

Monday and it’s cold enough for layering up today’s outfit and for me
to put my thick tights back on.

This morning I’ve had a zoom meeting with the textile group ladies.
We chuckled, chatted, exchanged ideas and been given a project for
August if we want to do it.

I found a use for this Sales Ledger, dated 1930. I’m filling it
with fabric and paper samples I’ve worked on, along with sketches
and bits and pieces that take my fancy.

Tonight I’m taking part in a zoom drawing class with London
based Molly Martin who I did the Repair Workshop with last week.

I’ll have to admit to liking the new interests and online events
that the forced lockdown of 2020/1 has brought me.  

I’ve always been an advocate for never being to old to learn
new things.  So as I approach getting my pension in August,
I say bring it on.  Who knows what I’ll get upto next.

See you Wednesday 
Hope you’ll bring the sunshine with you and thank you for popping by.


  1. What a lovely way to use old book, the aged pages and style of writing make it a wonderful foil to your pieces x

  2. That sounds like a pretty fabulous weekend, dodgy parasol, meter, hole in the road and crackling phoneline aside! That tearoom looks a gorgeous place and I'm liking the sound of the veggie breakfast.
    Isn't that ledger book gorgeous? What a clever way to breathe new life into it.
    I'm so with you on it never being too late to learn a new skill, nothing more ageing than being set in our ways and not trying new things. xxx

  3. What a lovely weekend you've had Lynn, with visitors galore! Healey Dell
    Tearooms looks fabulous - those chandeliers! - and the full vegetarian breakfast sounds truly scrumptious. Your hanging basket is looking very lush and I don't think I would mind a visit from that cheeky squirrel, even if he's eating all the bird food! What a wonderful idea using that old Sales Ledger for your project! xxx