Friday, 25 June 2021

Toe tapping only please

See this face, it’s not smiling that’s because it missed booking tickets for
an online talk coming from National Trust property, Gawthorpe Hall
at Padiham, near Burnley, Lancashire which is not far from us.

I thought this’ll be interesting and a change from the football.

They have a rare collection of shoes from the 18th to the 20th century and
are looking at the techniques for decorating them, what they would have
been worn with and how changing fashions affected footwear of each period.

Oh well not to worry.  I can always sit and admire my own
collection of boots and shoes.

 and count how many pairs and colours of jelly shoes I’ve got

Have you ever thought about the origin of jelly shoes.  It’s not what you’d think.
Here’s a link to Wikipedia all about them.

That got me thinking about the origin of Mary Jane shoes.
The comfiest shoes ever.

I’ll be wearing something a bit more stylish on Saturday night.
We’ve got a date with one of our favourite bands.
There’ll be no dancing, just lots of toe tapping.

At least we will be able to wiggle in our seats and sing along.
Well I hope we can sing along, unless it’s like church where you’re
not allowed.  Confused ?  so am I.

2017 with My Darling Clementine lead singers.

Here’s a you tube video of them.
(I think you’ve listened along before Annie)

Have a good weekend everyone.
Keep smiling but no singing in the streets please
unless you’re a rowdy football fan of course.



Spot the difference one year apart to the day


  1. Sorry to hear you missed the on line talk...surely this day and age there will be a way of hearing it again? I love all your shoes and boots....I have very few really [only my favourites get worn]. I can't spot the difference apart from the fact your wearing a cardigan?
    Annie x

    1. We’ve had the settee reupholstered in between time Annie and I’ve got a different coloured brooch on haha.

  2. Anything but football sounds good to me and so sorry you missed booking in, maybe it will be available again another time. Loving the shoes, the Mary Jane shoes look a bit like some I got from Hotters which were a revelation for me as I have never had such comfy shoes. Hope you have a great time at the concert. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

  3. So sorry you missed the talk. I love that fresh blue patchwork type dress its so pretty. Difference ? Maybe the swap of the yellow and blue ribbon bows ? lol. Happy weekend Lynn, Hugs June x

  4. Oh those shoes! Just beautiful. I have always had a thing about shoes from being a young teenager, however sadly it has to be comfort for me now! Sure you will be able to find the talk on their website or Youtube once it's been initially broadcast?

  5. So sorry that you missed booking those tickets, Lynn! Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous. But I loved the little peek into your collection. Those jelly shoes made me smile, as I've got the pink and blue ones after you waxed lyrical about them when you first got them. And I love Mary Janes too, so stylish and comfortable. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy My Darling Clementine! xxx

    1. What a lovely day we had in Chester Ann.
      Have a nice weekend you two xxx

  6. So sorry about missing the talk. I bet it was interesting because those shoes sure looked interesting. They are in style right now, too. I gave up style years ago and now live in several colors of Reebok tennis shoes, the only kind that I can wear. Actually those Mary Jane's look like they would interfere with my arthritic bulge below my big toe. Enjoyed seeing your choice of shoes, though. Saw the only difference was the ribbon on your dress, but maybe I was wrong. Have a great weekend, dear.

    1. You’re right about my brooch being different Elizabeth. The sofa has been recovered, it’s the arm that gives it away haha
      Have a good weekend yourselves x

  7. My comment has disappeared. How annoying! Now I have to try and remember exactly what I wrote...
    Never mind. What a bummer that you missed the talk you wanted to hear. Like others, I believe there must be a way to hear the repeat.
    The antique shoes are absolutely beautiful!
    You have a lot of shoes! And so colourful! I had to smile at the jelly shoes. Here people (mainly children) wear jelly shoes on the beach and in the sea, to protect their feet from stones and rocks and sharp shells. I never realized people actually wore those until I read the article that you linked. Don't you get sweaty feet in them?
    Ha! You got me going with the differences! I too had noticed the different colour ribbon. And of course you are wearing a cardigan, so it must have been warmer last year. Of course last year you hadn't had your furniture upholstered yet, so that is different too.
    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the My Darling Clementine concert.

    1. Well done on spotting the reupholstered sofa Lisca haha.

  8. I hope you had a fantastic time watching My Darling Clementine! Did you get a photo with the band this year?
    What a shame you missed out on that talk, those shoes look wonderful although your collection gives them a run for their money.
    I was a bit lost on Thuesday & Friday with no footie!
    The book has arrived and I shall get stuck into it later, thank you! xxxx