Friday, 18 June 2021

Eh up, it’s the weekend again

This week is proving to be so quiet after all the high jinx of our
time at the caravan last week.  The fun and laughter seems to have
been left in a carrier bag somewhere on the M65 on the way home.

I have managed to lose myself in a flurry of fabric printing.  After
Thursdays zoom meeting our beloved leader Jayne suggested that
I work on a series of designs based on the pieces created earlier.

The mark making is done with a sample tube of emulsion paint,
delightfully named Dance Hall.

Once the paints dry I’ll work back into them and add more
marks, stitch and possibly appliqué. There’s no plans for an
end product, I may just keep them as fabric samples in a book
or if there’s enough make a single patchwork curtain.

I’ve finished reading Grayson Perry - Portrait of the artist as
a young girl.  Its an uncomfortable read as there are parts of 
his younger days that are difficult to read.  In the end I did
think well most of us aren’t the people we were growing up,
and the person he is now is someone I thoroughly admire.

Next up is this novel by Yorkshire author, Imogen Clarke.

Reluctantly Home is a story of two women both looking to
forgive themselves for events that changed their lives completely.

Over the weekend there’s this section of the garden to clear
of weeds and thin out.

Mum comes home from three weeks in Oxford at my sister’s
and my goddaughter Olivia who lives in Leicester is visiting

We’ve last weeks Sound of the Sixties to catch up on,
the final of The Great Photography challenge to watch
and this weeks Gardeners World episode.

Whatever you’re upto enjoy yourself and make
sure you fit in some laughter.


  1. I was struck by that fabric. I noticed it even before you mentioned it. I'm not sure what emulsion paints are, but I wonder if the same could be achieved with acrylics. Those were unique colors and that green was beautiful. I think they would be great framed and placed on a wall. I love the geometric aspect of each of them.

    Your garden is looking brilliant. I see absolutely NO weeds, so you either did a great job, or they didn't need much weeding.

    Your funnies were cute, too. Hope you have a great weekend, dear Lynn.

    1. Yes you can achieve the same with acrylic paints. Emulsion paint is what we use for painting walls in the house. We can get sampler pots or tubes with a little sponge on the end, which is what I used. I’m glad you liked them, thanks.
      That bit of the garden has grown like mad in the last week and is choking the peony and azaleas so I’ll have to thin it out.
      The peony is over 30 years old so I don’t want to lose it.
      Have a great week xx

  2. I tried to read that book about Grayson Perry but I couldn’t, I just thought of all those poor people in japan who cannot do that who have to hide in the shadows, but yet it’s okay for grown men to chase after teen idols, have you wouldn’t believe it.
    It angers me. I have to protect my daughter from these perverts and yet I love living in japan. I love what you are doing. I am off to see twinny and a business contact today in leeds. Love and hugs Alison.

    1. The Grayson Perry book was a bit of a difficult read in some parts and to understand where he is coming from. It’s a bit bizarre and I completely see your side of it.
      Enjoy Leeds, we like the theatre there and the Victorian shopping arcade. Give us a wave as you travel passed n the motorway.
      Take care xxx

  3. Your fabric painting is absolutely gorgeous, that Dance Hall colour is lovely, I'm always drawn to those wonderful cool blues at this time of year.
    I adore Grayson, I must keep my eye out for that book.
    We caught up with Rankin between matches yesterday, such a great and inspiring series. We'll have to squeeze Monty in somewhere over the weekend.
    Your Mum's trip has flown by. Give her a welcome back hug from me and have a smashing time with Olivia. I'm off to weed the veg patch! xxx

    1. My friend Maria in Ulverston wants to read Grayson, once shes finished with it I'll send it down to you.
      There'll be hugs all round later I'm sure and I will squeeze one in for you to.
      Enjoy the garden xxx

  4. Hi Lynn. I’m just catching up with your post while I have internet. The campsite we are on is a really big one in the’s lovely. We are parked at the top of the site and this morning we walked all the way down to the lakeside. Milly loved the water. It was a long walk down and all uphill back so I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself. I couldn’t have walked it 6 months ago. Milly and I are now recovering lol.
    Annie x

  5. Coming down from a holiday is always hard, I think, but you've had some lovely times and gathered lots of lovely memories. I had to choke back a few tears when Facebook served me with a memory of three years ago, which was our meeting in Chester!
    I'm loving your textile painting endeavour which are getting better and better.
    It'll be lovely to have your Mum back and your goddaughter visiting you! Enjoy those precious moments, my friend! xxx

  6. Reading your profile i just need to come and holiday there lol. You sound a lot like me. Love those beautiful fabric work and the fun and gorgeousness in your blogging posts. Will be back over soon. xxxx

  7. Hi Lynn, the weekend does seem to come round quickly at the moment. I thought today was going to be quiet and housework but then we got a phone call from mum and had to nip over there because the wheel had come off her walker then spent the rest of the time doing the housework and finally fell asleep instead of going to bed so just checking the emails and saw you had visited. Sorry that's all a bit more than you need to know lOl! Loving your garden and the blue and white fabric patterns are gorgeous. I have a bit of a think for denim blue. The books sound interesting too. Have a lovely weekend and try not to do too much. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

  8. Your fabric painting is... wow!! xxx

  9. I love your fabric painting. Some of it reminds me of Marimekko. Your's is a particular colour green, and I do like it.
    I have not read the Grayson Perry book. I think he is a strange character, who makes beautiful art.As a person he is so weird that I hate to think what his childhood was like.
    I love the flowers in your garden.
    Have a good week,

  10. Hi Lynn, i just popped by to say i hope the Zoom workshop tonight goes well. Hope you blog about it too. Happy Monday, Hugs June x