Wednesday, 3 March 2021

What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday - Books, Frocks and Some Stitching

Before I get to my desk there was a trip to be had to the post office
and a trip to the library to return the books borrowed using the
Select and Collect service.  You can’t go into the library itself, only
to the front door where you drop the books in a box.  They are
then left for 72 hours I think before going back on the shelves.

I’ll be glad when I can visit properly.  It’s a place I’ve attended
since being a small child.

For frock fans these are both from PALAVAFOLK the jacket and cardigan
are both charity shop finds and the shoes are from FLY LONDON

Now to the desk.

I’m still doing the No Rules Patchwork online course, but
typical me I’ve gone off piste.  Jayne the tutor laughed and
said she expects us to do our own thing.

Thank goodness for that is all I can say.

This started out as an old antimacassar for the back of a chair.

I’ve cut it up, rearranged, stitched it back together and added some ticking
fabric that I’ve cut into strips.

I’ll add some hand stitching and fiff & faff some more with it before
adding a piece of old brown electrical wire I found to weave through
the top to turn it into a hanging.

Back to books.  My friend lent me Philip Schofield’s life story.
It’s funny, open hearted and sensitive.  I’m amazed at just how
much he has done.  He writes as he speaks, which works for me every time.
The audio version is read by Philip himself.  I had a preview listen. It’s very good.

Now I hope everyone has had a good week and the folk
who’ve now had their vaccine jabs are all feeling ok and
more optimistic for the future.

See you all next week


  1. Well now I'm disappointed! When I clicked the link it came up with a warning that there was some sensitive content and I had to agree not to be offended before I could continue! No idea what that was about! Love your frocks - I do like interesting dresses and tights (she says wearing black trousers and a grey top...) Glad you're enjoying the textiles class. Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #7

  2. I am loving your quilt-y play for sure. And you make me roll my eyes and cringe in shame when I consider all the fabric I have amassed over the years. I have used some - my daughter has the best looking face coverings of all her school LOL! but all she asks for is plain black. DOH!

    I am ALSO missing the library - we had craft club there every week but not for a year now. Can't WAIT for it to open and all the ladies to have had their jabs.

    Happy desk hopping' day!
    Mary Anne (1)

  3. What did you think about Girl, Woman, Other? That was the book we were discussing in out book group Zoom last night.
    Love the various colourful photos. And the fabric play...
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #2

    1. I’ll hold my hand up and say I gave up on Girl, Woman, Other. It just wasn’t for me.
      What was the verdict with your reading group ? Xx

  4. Morning Lynn. Hope you manage to get some more great books to read. I devour books - love reading - first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and any time I can find in between!! There's never a wrong time for a good book, is there? Well done - doing your own thing - your own take on the brief... brilliant.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  5. I cant remember the last time I went to the library, I should join again it's less space filling than all my books I've bought lol love this week's outfits Helen #5

  6. I’m really enjoying what you do with your patchwork’s very you 🥰
    Annie x #9

  7. I love the pile of books photographed with the backdrop of your vintage dress. I'm ashamed to admit that I only read Kindle books, just because it's more practical as I usually read at night - but you can't beat a real book! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #22

    1. I read at night too and would constantly have to replace a kindle when it crashes onto the floor when I fall asleep haha x

  8. Hah, rules and guidelines are there to be ‘bent’ occasionally, lol! I do like your imperfect patchwork, the ticking works really well with the antimacassar (now there’s a word I didn’t think I’d be typing today!)
    Your frocks are fab as always, you do colour so very well.
    Hugs LLJ 8 xx

  9. Love what you are doing with the patchwork course, great that the teacher is an enabler allowing each student to express themselves individually. Super job. Love the top floral dress too.
    Thanks for the visit BJ#13

  10. Yes I love the off piste patchwork - much more fun than the "straight" stuff! Your outfits are fab - I never see lovely things in our Charity shops - you must have the eye for it. xx Jo

  11. Your no rules Patchwork class sounds really interesting and I'm loving what you've done so far - I can't imagine you ever conforming, you have such a unique and lovely style! I have been devouring books during lock down, did you enjoy the Rachel Joyce one - I loved it and have read all hers now - I'm definitely a fan!
    Hope you have good week, stay safe and well,
    Diana xx #20

    1. Yes I’ve enjoyed Rachel Joyce’s books Diana. I only came across them this last year. Miss Benson’s Beetle is my favourite xx

  12. Love the off piste patchwork Lynn. well it is supposed to be no rules lol. I can't wait to get back to the library properly either. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  13. Yes, missing the library - I run one of my craft classes there!! Don't know if we'll ever get back, pretty sure this will be the time they shut most of them for good, the council have been sneakily selling sites off during lockdown. Thank goodness there is a pretty good e-library or I would be desperate by now, I read very single day. I am with you on the wedding invites, I wouldn't do them for anyone else. I had it all planned that we were going to have a get together with the bridesmaids, mums, and aunties to 'production line' the invites and get to know each other as well before the hen party. In the end none of it has happenned, but I only had to make 24 so it wasn't too onerous, although thank heavens for a decent stamping platform!! I still can't figure out why your blog displays so huge on my screen, I don't really get the full loveliness of your photos. I do love the colours in that lamp though!! Have a great week, stay well stay safe, love n hugs, Cindy x #18

    1. I can’t explain the screen size thing Cindy. Only that nobody else has mentioned it. Technology is great when it’s doing what we want it to isn’t it xx

  14. I got a warning too when I first clicked on your link. I love your dresses, especially the first one with the jacket and your shoes. Same thing happens at our library but the best thing is no fines if your books are late back - not that I make a habit of it! Lovely patchwork projects.

  15. I have been doing a lot of reading too, I have hundreds of free books on my Kindle. I am starting to be a lot more discerning even if they are free. Usually I can tell pretty quickly if it’s worth reading. We have a lovely little Library in our village. My grand daughter usually spends her lunch times in there as it in the school grounds. Have a great week Angela #17

  16. Lynn, I love your frocks and really love the shoes!! Super cute! But I REALLY love the project you are doing. Not sure what it was you were "really" supposed to be doing, but this is fabulous and will look wonderful on your wall!! Can't wait to see it finished!! :) Be blessed and safe! Felicia #26

  17. Hi Lynn, pleased to see you keeping busy. You always manage to get some great finds in clothing, you look great. Have a very creative week and a happy woyww, Angela x19x

  18. My son had his vaccine today so all is well in my world at the moment. Love the frock - and I think it must be you I have to blame for me stopping wearing trousers (jeans) and starting to wear skirts because I am in love with coloured tights.
    Love that you want off piste - that is what I like to see - shows you can do individuality.
    Hugs, Neet xx

    1. I’m glad I’ve come in handy Neet haha xx

  19. I adore your style, Lynn - always such gorgeous clothes! As for your patchwork piece, well, that is nothing short of stunning. The use of ticking strips woven like that is inspired! The boldness of it, in contrast with the lace, is just brilliant. It reminds me of some Zentangle patterns. Stylish in the extreme. I'm another "off-piste" merchant - I'm hopeless at doing what I'm told and always want to do my own thing! That's why I don't do courses very often.

    I'm really out of reading at the moment. I am so busy during the day with this and that, and decided I really needed to get back to reading, so started doing it in bed before sleep, but usually I manage one page at most before dropping off, and then I have to recap the next day, which means that very little progress is made! My hubby can sit for hours with his nose in a book but I always have too much else to do! I do have my Audible subscription, though, and enjoy audiobooks while I'm doing mundane tasks, so I suppose I'm getting it that way! I've got a couple of non-fiction archaeology/science type books on the go at the moment but it will probably take me the next 10 years to finish them if I keep up my current progress!

    Thank you for visiting, and I'm glad you enjoyed the kittiness of my post this week! - also the Norwegian knit. I hope your local Tesco stocks that yoghurt - I love the flavour of it. I'm so thrilled it's back on the online list.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #21

  20. Those frocks are fabulous and the tights you're wearing in the top photo are a wonderful colour with the dress!
    I got that warning, too - I was expecting another photo of Philip in his underpants!
    Your patchwork is absolutely gorgeous, it would make a wonderful pocket on your gingham dress. I like no rules, don't you? xxx

    1. I’ve no idea what’s going on with the warning thing. I kept getting emails saying some blogs I’d commented on had been blocked when in fact they hadn’t. Omg I can’t be doing with technical stuff.
      The patchwork is quite a big piece so I’m going to have it as a hanging. I’ve honestly no idea where I’m going with this course. I need to concentrate more and not go off at a tangent. I don’t think we’d be very good with rules haha xxx

  21. I have a huge reading thing going on, some Japanese some English, I have a huge Kathy reichs collection to go through at the moment. But I don’t think I could watch bones.
    Your doing well with your class. I am enjoying repairing things. And sorting out my wardrobe, it’s a logistical nightmare ! But it’s nearly over. I am sick of putting things back thinking I will wear them when I won’t. So I have pushed myself. Work will be pleased!!

  22. Those two frocks are gorgeous, Lynn! And I didn't expect anything else from you than doing your own thing on the No Rules Patchwork. I love what you've been doing! xxx

  23. Our library is operating the same way but I'm so thankful that I can still check out books! Great looking frocks by the way. Love them! Dorlene #30

  24. Sorry I’m late! Loving the stack of library books, I’d almost forgotten that they stock them in that size, makes them sooo much easier to read when you’re sans glasses because you just picked it up for a sneaky page before you do what you came into the room to that you’re repurposing the anti Macassar, I’m interested to know what part of it is ‘off piste’. The workshop is obviously feeding the old mojo!

  25. Another busy week from you! I'm not a very great reader... but I have read things like...Harry Potter All the Dan Browns...I get sooo many words muddled it takes me ages to get round woyww! It fact if I didn't have my phone here to help with the spelling, I doubt very much if anyone could read what I'm typing! I had the Discovery of Witches (the second book) for almost a year from the Library....they didn't mind me keeping it but in the end asked to 'see' it! Love Philip, and he's right, life is what you make it!Stay safe, keep crafting! Happy very late WOYWW?! (((Lyn)#16