Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Melon’s, books and a new frock

Hump day

Is there such a thing as midweek anymore.
For us Wednesday are now the day we do our weekly
shop at the local market.

Who knew you could get so excited about buying fruit and vegetables.

So after a shower, my daily Pilates practice and breakfast of porridge
and berries it was time to get ourselves ready for the off.

There’s always lots of chat and laughter with the market traders
and the very best in produce.  Meats locally sourced and the finest
fish from Scotland.

There’s something so appealing about seeing all the lovely colours
in the sink ready for washing off before being stored away.
I love to capture the moment.

What I don’t like is the stink of the steriliser stuff we use to sanitise
the rest of the shopping.  I have a really strong sense of smell and I can smell 
it on my hands for hours after.  I think I’m going to have to wear a mask
and gloves or let the wandering welder sort it all.  


World Book Day and I’m channeling my Mary Berry look.
Or maybe The Thoughtful Dresser. A Linda Grant book.

Thinking about my books I spent a happy hour looking at all
the special ones I have.  I keep them in bags that I’ve made
from my stash of fabric.

I was saving this new dress from Ghost for our first proper outing 
at the end of
lockdown but it kept jumping off the rail at me, saying ‘Wear me, Wear me’.

It’s a lovely fit and so that I wouldn’t freeze to death I’ve layered
it up with opaque tights, my Fly London boots,  a massively frothy petticoat
and a cashmere jumper I’ve had for at least 15 years.

I’m linking up with 
where there is always a giggle or two to be had.

Here’s a couple of the cartoons my 88 year old Mum has posted on
her  Facebook page this week.

Have a good weekend
Spring is upon us
Keep smiling 


  1. Your fruit and veg look so inviting....gorgeous colours. I really love your really suits you and I love the way you put outfits together.
    Annie x

  2. Your fruit and veg looks lovely - I also bought a pineapple this week, first one in months. I also really like the dress, those are my sort of colours. I got several lovely summer skirts in charity shops last summer, however, they are all a bit snug due to those lockdown pounds gained over the last year! Once the girls are all back at school next week I intend to get out walking so that hopefully I will be able to fit into them.

  3. Looks like you've had a nice shopping trip. It's funny but now it feels like fun whereas before it felt like a bind having to go shopping. The dress is lovely and really suits you, love the boots too. The dog funny of course is perfect, love it. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  4. I just love coming back from our market and spreading my buys on the table to just look at. My own little harvest festival every week. There is no fish and meat at our markets though.
    The dress is beautiful and just suits your style so well.
    I love all the book bags, though I am not sure how good I would be at keeping them all in the right place.
    I think it is rather good that a shopping trip is now fun, in fact it is the highlight of the week. We are hoping ours will be a little further afield next week. Kate x

  5. Loving your frothy frock. Jo x

  6. You both scrub up a treat, that's a lovely photo of the pair of you.
    Love that Ghost dress and yes, nothing should ever be saved for best. You've styled it beautifully with the frothy petitcoat and kick ass boots.
    That fruit & veg looks lovely and the dog on a bicycle made me giggle. xxx

  7. That sink full of colour fruit and veg does look very appealing! And I'm totally swooning over that delightful Ghost dress! That's far to stunning to languish in your wardrobe until you can properly wear it out! xxx

  8. We call Wednesday tipping day because it tips us towards the weekend :)

  9. I have that Dottie Angel book and I treasure it. I have bought a few items from her when she had her Etsy shop. She is a lovely person. That fruit and veg would cost an arm and a leg over here!
    Glad to see you two looking grand!!!

  10. Gosh, Lynn. I hope you see this post because I am REALLY running late. I enjoyed seeing your fruits and veggies in the sink and your inner Mary Berry, too. Fortunately I know who she is because I watch the British Bake-Off. The old ones with Mary are the best.

    Your mother has a fun sense of humor. It was a cute joke. Sorry I'm so very late visiting. Life got in the way of computer time this week.