Friday, 22 January 2021

Lockdown Diary .... Step away from the biscuit barrel


Wednesday is our weekly shopping day.
Despite the lashing rain we still went to our local outdoor market.
Chatting with the traders is so nice and the fresh products are the best.

That’s the fridge and pantry filled again.
Shopping is the nice bit it’s washing it all off once we are back home that’s a nuisance.
But I think we’ve developed a good system now between us.
Then there’s always a lovely lunch of fresh sandwiches and cake from the bakery.
Followed by a quiet afternoon reading.

Can you see the silly sayings I’ve doodled on the pantry doors.
I’ll paint them in properly one day.


It’s not really a pantry, it’s an upcycled  pine wardrobe.
One day when I either find a proper one that will fit in the gap
or I win the lottery and can afford one of those bespoke ones I’ll change it.

Now if you’re feeling you need a bit of cheering up you
can share these lovely flowers with me before I take them
down the lane to my friend and neighbour who’s been a bit poorly of late.


We’ve woken up to rain, wind and snow this morning.
That doesn’t bode well for a trip out to the accountants, dropping off a birthday 
present at our nephews and collecting a pile of books from the library.

I enrolled in their Request & Collect scheme the other day.
You fill in a form saying what type of books you like and any authors in particular 
then the librarian selects up to 12 books for you and you go and collect them.
Sounds good to me.  I’ll report back on that one and the other photos in the collage 
at the top of the page.

I’m off to dig out my thermals now.
Stay safe all.


  1. Great organisation! I love that feeling when the fridge and pantry are full! I've been dipping into my biscuit tin a bit too freely recently myself! Still, with this cold weather and lockdown - need a cuppa and something nice! That's what I tell myself, anyway!

  2. I admit my cupboards (I don't have a pantry in this house) are fairly full, but you have so much in your fridge. It all looks wonderful.

    Lovely flowers for your sick friend. I'm sure they will cheer your friend immensely. You are lucky. Our library is still closed. And your snow looks cold. Hope you have a super rest of Friday and a great weekend, Lynn.

  3. Hi Lynn I had to smile at your pantry. We had a real one in our other house but in this one they had taken it out and we keep the washing machine in the space now so I turned the cupboard under the stairs into a pantry which works quite well. Loving the flowers and the view through the window brings back memories, it's very sunny here today. I have got our thermals out of the suitcase just in case as we wont be needing them for any ski trips for a while. Take care and have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  4. I always enjoy my catch up at yours Lynn. Every time I go away smiling...and we all need more of those eh? I love your pantry cupboard. Dod has just been shopping while I made a Memory Elephant [my only work of the week sadly] so our cupboards are also now filled with lots of fresh it.
    I loved the funny Lynn....we could all do with hot lingerie at the mo.
    Annie x

  5. My favorite is seeing that big sink full of all the beautiful fresh produce. I love my fruits and veggies so much! Looks like you are nice and organized. I love the beautiful flowers too. Stay warm and toasty, have a great weekend!

  6. ha, ha, love the “Move away from the biscuit barrel” I weighed myself this morning, very bad. I think your wardrobe works very well as a pantry. The flowers are beautiful, I need to buy some next time I visit the supermarket, I threw some daffodils out this morning, they lasted quite a while. I wish our library would offer a request and collect scheme, we’re in total lockdown, when I’ve finished my current book I’ve only got a few that don’t really appeal to me. I’ve never washed any produce I buy.

  7. Step away from the biscuit barrel sounds like good advice right now. I am certainly trying. My will power goes on holiday at Christmas time, but I am diabetic and my high sugar level was a bit of a shock when I tested it this week. The flowers are lovely. They will certainly cheer your friend up. You have more freedom than us to go out - no markets or libraries here, but we do have the sun and that makes up for quite a lot. Kate x

  8. Goodness me, that's a full fridge! Ours is pathetic in comparison.
    The fresh veg looks lovely and those lovely blooms are enough to cheer anyone up.
    Ugh! Doesn't look very nice outside your window today, it's been so bright here it's been sunglasses (and a hot lingerie!)
    Have a fab evening! xxx

    1. It’s only full on a Wednesday We buy milk in for the week, so it’s always rammed with that and cake boxes haha.
      We have to push ourselves to go when the weather is so grim but then we are always happy once we’ve done it. Gawd help us if it snows and we can’t get out. We wouldn’t starve but Philip would be pretty miserable without his cakes xxx

  9. What a lovely sight that sink with the vegetables. So colourful. As are the flowers for that poorly person. A joy to behold.
    Your pantry is amazing and I loved that glimpse of your fridge. Full of food and that it a nice feeling. I was surprised at the amount of fresh milk you drink. We use UHT milk and I always have 6 or 7 packs in reserve, but I don't drink more that a liter per week. (Unless I make a cheese sauce for macaroni cheese or something similar.)
    And I smiled at the potatoes and the eggs in the fridge too. If ever you run out of space, you can safely leave those out of the fridge.
    Oh and those biscuits! I am a sucker for biscuits. I keep them on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet (out of reach for me). I have to get the little steps out of the bathroom to get to the top shelf (or ask hubby to get me one). Recently they have moved one shelf down as I have to take some medication late at night (Ibuprofen) and it's not good to take those on an empty stomach. So I take some biscuits and a glass of soya milk. I'm sure my scales will not be happy at the end of the week....
    Have a lovely weekend,

  10. Love your pantry even if it isn't a "proper" one! Ours is a couple of shelves halfway down our basement stairs :-) What a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, you are such a lovely and caring neighbour! We've had a reasonably nice day for once, which was very welcome after a couple of rainy and windy days! That library scheme sounds wonderful! xxx

    1. This used to be the living room before we had the upstairs extension done and I always said I wanted a proper pantry but at the time I refused to pay daft money for one. I found this wardrobe and had shelves put in. It does the job but it’s not the same as the bespoke ones which are more solid and well laid out xxx