Friday, 16 October 2020

Seasons of Change

I’m starting to feel as if I’ve nothing to say.  It feels as if we are just getting through each day.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not unhappy, just struggling to see an end to it all. 

When there are more changes it seems to take me a day or so to rebalance myself.

My sister Jill’s visit came and went far to quickly and now Lancashire where we live has been put in Tier 3, so who knows when we will see her again.

Last Saturday we put Auntie Gladys ashes in her final resting place next to Uncle Geoff.  I'm so glad I’ve done this as I feel now as if I’ve settled her and there’s somewhere for me to go when I feel the need.

Another momentous event this week was closing our caravan up for the end of the season.  Hard to believe we’ve only been twice.

Look how kind the weather was to us though.  It was perfect.

It’s such a pretty caravan park.  No shop, no clubhouse, just nature, peace and some days we spot roe deer as well as squirrels and birds.

So what now then for the winter months.

Well there’ll be lots of reading, moorland walks, shopping at our local outdoor market.  There’s the serious issue of closing down our business of 40 years.  We are going to change the office into the spare bedroom to give us more space. There’s lots of decluttering and shredding of years and years of paperwork to be done, so we won’t be bored.

We are still waiting for our new carpet.  As it’s coming from Ireland, who knows when it will arrive. Then when it’s down there’ll be lots of cosy nights in front of the telly on our reupholstered sofas.

Please all stay safe and well.  It’s a scary world right now.



  1. I like your quote. It's true that simple things and staying busy help to settle us. Sounds like your home will be nice and cozy once you get your new carpet. Have a happy weekend.

  2. Dealing with one day at a time certainly helps. Finding that spark, that moment of brightness in each day, helps prevent all the madness that seems to be going on creeping in and taking over, like your quote says.... steady yourself with simple rituals xx

  3. I watch the uk news with dismay as all my family live there. It is hard to keep up with all the changes in regulations. The words about wisdom are wise, the routine keeps us tethered to the world. Autumn is such a lovely season.

  4. i was shocked when I heard the news. I thought of you straight away. I know you two are strong . I was not very impressed by some mayor holding the government to Ransom. They have no control over this current situation.
    Paul was shouting at the tv telling him to get a grip. If everyone did as they were told there would be light at the end of the tunnel. Keep safe and be strong. Love what you did the grave so pretty

    1. Can I just explain that the Mayors of Greater Manchester aren't holding the government to ransom, just asking that the population there are given some financial help if lockdown is enforced again. Greater Manchester has some very deprived areas yet as far as I am aware have not been given additional funds unlike neighbouring Lancashire - where Lynn lives - which has been given an additional £12m. I hesitated to make a political point on Lynn's lovely blog, which has been a real comfort to me in these troubled times, but the UK government's handling of the pandemic has been absolutely shambolic! There is of course some stupid behaviour but the PM's advisor flouted the rules way back in March or April, so brazenly without any comeback whatever - and the rules are so illogical anyway. My friend in Manchester has not seen her grand daughter since February - she can now see her in a pub but not her own home! Allie Jane and Lynn, I am sorry if this seems like a rant, but I am seething with anger at the government at the moment! Stay safe wherever you are.

    2. Hi I live in japan, my parents and my twin sister and my brother still live in the UK. I do feel your pain. But what I was trying to explain is you don’t go on tV holding government to ransom.
      My sister lives in Leeds works in Bradford and a lot of her workers live in Bradford. She has caught many people out using covid as a get out clause for not working.
      Our government in japan isn’t perfect, but you cannot go around saying the government is to blame when they cannot win whatever they do. Yes dominc rabb should have gone, but so should have the SNP lady and she is still there. They are only listening to advisers advice like the Japanese government. I haven’t seen my parents comming up a year and my pain is unreal. My mother is depressed, she is watching 2 young grandchildren grow up. She would have see them twice this year.
      If you want to blame anyone, blame the irresponsible members of general public who claim that it is nothing more than the flu. Who refuse hands, face, space. Who have house parties, who sent their children to university even though it is the worst time to send a child. My son is studying at home , the ones who think they won’t get it. Then they affect their grandparents and everyone else around them.
      Blame them. Follow Asia’s guidelines and cases will drop . It’s that simple, but to go on blaming someone trying to protect you. I have no words. I pray for everyone.

    3. Thank you for taking the time to reply Allie. I would love to continue the discussion but would probably bore the p**ts off Lynn and her other lovely readers, so I shall just have to agree to differ! I am not in the UK either and have not seen my sister, my only close relative, in the UK for over a year, but at least there is just the channel between us and not like you literally oceans. Look after yourself. Best wishes, Julia

  5. It must be such a weight off your mind to have Auntie Gladys settled and at rest with Uncle Geoff. The cyclamens are gorgeous against that lovely golden Cotswold stone, I know she'd have approved.
    What beautiful weather you had for packing up the van. Let's hope it gets much more use next year.
    Until this year I'd never really had a routine, I've always been spontaneous, doing whatever I felt like. I love the almost zen-like feeling I get from housework, watering houseplants and raking up the leaves. I feel like I have some control over my little part of the world.
    Stay safe! xxx

  6. Same here, Lynn, I feel as if I have nothing to show on my blog but my outfits, and I'm struggling with anything else. Plus, the rules have been changed yet again, or they will be, as from Monday, and I've felt out of sorts all day. It does take some adjusting each and every time, and it's getting more and more difficult for me. Having your lovely Auntie Gladys's ashes put to rest must be a weight off your shoulders, while closing up the caravan for Winter with only having been there twice over Summer, must have felt bittersweet. Getting through each day often feels like walking on a tightrope, but at least we've got our lovely homes and husbands! xxx

  7. Many thanks, Lynn for the calming yet uplifting quote. Please continue with your blog, whatever you have to say or show us is always a pleasure in these dark days. I am inspired by your beautiful dress and cardigan. You have great style and an individual touch with your accessories etc. It is the little things that so often matter in these strange and unsettling times.

  8. I share your sentiments, Lynn. There are days when I feel I'm just existing.
    Love, Colette xxxx