Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Centre stage to the welder

Centre stage this weekend had to go to the 
wandering welder in his dapper chap mode.

No he is not yodelling in the mountains of Switzerland or some such place
we were in fact in Keswick in the Lake District.

I'm very proud of him as he looks a million dollars and is 
in fact wearing about £40 worth of clobber.

The jacket and trousers came from Vintage Fairs and 
his shirt, tie, boots and waistcoat came from the charity shops.

Here he is again in the gardens of the Pheasant Inn at Bassenthwaite
were we stayed for two nights before moving down to Grange Over Sands
to open the caravan for the season.

I can't let you go without seeing this vintage knitted waistcoat that I am 
sharing with the welder.  He found it in a vintage shop but I got first dabs on wearing it.

I picked up this Traidcraft basket for £4, it still had its original price tag of £22
on it.  The skirt was sent to me by an Instagram friend and is made from a curtain.

These two embroidered cushion covers jumped into my basket 
at a whopping price of £2.49 for the two.

A great weekend was had by all and included a comedy play by Sandy Toskvig
"Silver Lining" at The Theatre by the Lake at Keswick.  
Afternoon tea at The Pheasant Inn where we stayed in Bassenthwaite 
Then finished off with a lazy day in the sunshine sat outside our caravan.



  1. It's such a pleasure to see well-dressed people, especially in this day and age. xxx

  2. The welder is looking ever so dapper, you are making a very stylish couple. Maybe I should send Jos shopping with Philip! I'm loving your waistcoat and basket, but my favourite are the cushion covers. Can they go in my pile, or is it clothes only? xxx

  3. I totally agree with 'A bird in the hand', it is such a pleasure to see you both looking so good.

    I was reading a blog the other day where the author had received such negative comments about remarks she had made about interviewing a French woman, owner of a cosmetics company, who turned up in scruffy jeans, slogan Tshirt etc. (and no makeup which is a bit bizarre to me but that's another topic)

    She was told she was 'anti feminist' etc etc for criticizing this woman. To me it is nothing to do with feminism but self respect and respect for other people, female or male, and of course context. I wouldn't want anyone to see me doing the housework or walking our dog sometimes, but if I was the owner of a company on company business I certainly wouldn't turn up 'scruffy'. However, I am sure that you and your hubby look amazing whatever you are doing - the smartest welder in the UK no doubt! His outfits here look as though they have been custom made on Saville Row, amazing.

    Thank you for once again brightening my day. And yes, 'Polyester Princess' those cushions are absolutely beautiful.

    1. Oh thank you Julia for your lovely comments. We love dressing up and even though the welder is usually in overalls he would never go and see a client looking scruffy. I won't mention the weld holes in his underwear. Just hope he never has to go to hospital haha

  4. I've seen that burgundy waistcoat for real and can vouch for it's fabulousness! Phillip definitely deserves a blog post of his own, he's one of the best dressed chaps we know! xxx