Thursday, 16 February 2017

Pattern overload ...

It's pattern overload today
Pattern on my tights from

Different patterns on both sides of my reversible skirt from 
British designer/creator Stefania

Pattern on my vintage find handknit cardigan (part of a twinset)
from Stockport Vintage Village's - Garbo Vintage.
Maggie has fantastic stock.  That's who I got my antique
petticoat off, that I am always flashing 

 There's pattern on this cotton blouse that I found in the charity shop.
And the reason for this overload of textures is because I finished knitting the triangle
shawl I started last week.

Here's a picture of the back of it.
The wool is by King Cole and the range is Opium,
Colour - Leaf
I got it from a local wool shop that has been there 
for years and the ladies are fantastic and don't make
you feel like an idiot when you haven't a clue what you
are doing.

Just to add even more to the concoction I got these Texting Mitts
from a local company
They are only up the road from me in Burnley, Lancashire.
Love how they jumped on the techie bandwagon with their name for them

Boots by Fly London - colour Camel

We are off to the pub tonight for tea with the neighbours.
Hope I don't make their eyes go funny with my clobber

I am going to have a go at this next
Wish me luck


  1. Goodness me, that shawl is beautiufl, it looks like lace and I'm loving the colour. Thanks for the close-up of that glorious skirt.
    Have fun at the pub! xxx

    1. Switched the skirt round to the other side to go out and changed my boots to a more dressy pair xxx

  2. I mentioned Marion Foale here the other day - and there is her first book under the texting mits!

    I am totally in awe of your skills and speed. A lovely wall hanging and a knitted shawl in the blink of an eye!

    1. Yes I followed up on what you said about her Julia. I can't believe the book is 35 years old, it's so on trend now.
      Don't me fooled the scarf was easy peasy and the hanging was done in an afternoon with a friend. It wouldn't have happened left to my own devices haha

  3. I do love a bit of pattern overload myself, so I can only approve. But oh my, that triangle shawl is fantastic, from its lacy texture to its wonderful green colour. Well done, you! xxx