Wednesday, 26 October 2016

What's on my workdesk today ....


This week there has been a lot of paperwork.  
The dreaded filing of VAT, filing of papers,
 sending quotes, writing reports and compiling 
documentation packs for jobs we attend. 
Boring but a necessary evil.

I seem to have lost my way with crafting over the last 
few months but as we creep through autumn and 
come to the point of closing our caravan for the 
season my mind has started turning to that time of year 
that drives us all mad. I'm not even going to say the word, 
you know which one it is.

I got it into my head yesterday that I wanted to
 machine stitch presents into paper parcels rather 
than sellotaping them, so I had a go.

This is just a practice one.  
I'm going to use recycled paper such as 
magazine pages and bits of wallpaper 
etc for the real ones.

If you want to see some inspiring desks hop over to 
Julia's place,  there will be lots going on with 
the other deskhoppers for sure.


  1. Hi Lynn. I love the idea of stitching your parcels....have a feeling it will rake me such a long time to make the contents that it will be sticky tape as usual for me.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x #16

  2. Also like your idea re stitching - knowing me though I will run out of time/ or presents won't lend themselves to that method. Love different ways of fastening/ decorating presents. Anne x 17

  3. Well, I wouldn't have thought of stitching present wrappings in a gazillion years!! But what a clever idea, I think you'll have a lot more patience than me though, I know the air would turn blue if I tried it, lol!!
    And well done on completing the brain turns to mush when presented with stuff like that!
    Hugs, LLJ 4 xxxx

  4. Interesting idea machining your wrapping papers hope you get your vibe in full flow soon. Have a creative week x Jackie 21

  5. Great idea about stitching your wrapping papers. You have way more patience than I do. Go girl! Glenda #26

  6. I REALLY like that idea! Will try for sure. Cello tape can look so naff. Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #24

  7. Hi Lynn, what a fantastic idea. So novel and looks really cool. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xxx #1

  8. Love your wrapping, Thx for your visit earlier, vicky

  9. Absolutely love the effect you are getting on the wrapping paper with stitching. Looks naturally very pretty. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @25

  10. Sometimes life, in this case paperwork, gets in the way of what we would most like to do. Good of you not to mention the word. I can't ignore it as on my way to work I pass a huge pop-up shop devoted entirely to "the word". The stitching is a nice idea. It would be a shame to open the wrapping though xxx

  11. I love the sewing idea - some metallic thread would make those parcels even prettier.
    That C word is enough to make me go scuttling off and searching for flights to escape. xxx

  12. I know that I seem to want to craft more in the winter months. It's a lot more tempting just to stay indoors in the warm and create something rather than going out into the snow and cold.

    Interesting idea for packaging. Hope you'll share more as you experiment.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #42

  13. Such a fun idea, stitching up the parcels! I may have to try that for my sister's birthday present. Happy Wednesday! Sandy Leigh #44

  14. What a lovely much prettier than boring sellotape. Happy WOYWW Elaine no. 18

  15. Your stitching idea is very clever and does not surprise me that you thought of it x
    I love that felt leaf! Where on earth did you get it Lynn?! Xxx

  16. What a good idea for the packaging, very different to the norm and i am sure they will cause some ripples of excitement when they are received.
    Sounds as if you have been super busy - didn't know you had a caravan - now am wondering where it is - just me being nosey.
    Hugs & Thanks for coming to see me
    Neet 2 xx

    1. It's in the Lake District Neet near Grange Over Sands xx

  17. Oh, I know that dreaded time of year of which you speak.
    Your sewn package is such a great idea! I love the uniqueness of it. Your presents will definitely stand out from the others. Thank you for sharing the idea.
    Hope #43

  18. Hi Lynn, I love stitching on any craft work, it makes things look more interesting even when it's a quite simple design. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 20

  19. Well this isn't exactly an uninspiring desk! Lovely idea for the gift wrapping, will be really pretty, and very useful for recycling. My stack of Gudrun Sjoden catalogues would make lovely colourful wrappers! I know what you mean about losing your way, totally get it. And the administration of working for yourself, some times it's never ending isn't it.

  20. Happy Belated WOYWW. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. I always wanted to have a sited caravan, but hubby prefers to tour. I struggle to get pressies wrapped anyway, but think your machine stitching is glorious. Ali x #7

  21. I occasionally stitch packages closed so I'm all for it. As for the boring stuff, I sympathize. I feel the same way but as you say, it's a necessary evil. xxx

  22. I'm not going to be rude enough to say the C word in full, but hey! What a lovely idea for pressies. All creativity ebbs and flows, it'll come back when the time is right. Paperwork and boring jobs; meh. The bane of our lives. They never seem to end! Xxx

  23. Ooh, that's a fun idea. Love the collaging of your photographs as well, super way to display them. Do you print them 12x12 to put in an album like that?

    Happy WOYWW for last week by the way - I'm late getting round.... as always.

    Morti @23