Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Sandals & Ceramics

 We made a quick dash up to the caravan to take advantage of the 
lovely weather after the storm last week, which blew our 
phone lines, we are still without a landline. 
Not because of BT though, they came and did their bit and 
replaced our old sockets with lightening proof ones.  
The storm blew up the phones so I've had to order some more.
It was wonderful to sit outside in the sunshine doing a bit of stitching.
The leaves are starting to drop now but I'm still sticking it 
out and wearing my sandals.
Every year we go to the Witherslack Artists & Makers Group Exhibition. It's a very special place.  We think it's a combination of the beautiful location, the people we meet and the peace of St. Paul's Church where we pop in for a cuppa and a cake (Philip comes out with a box full of homemade cakes every time) 
We never buy anything at the exhibition but are always enthralled by
 the talent of the ceramicist, weavers, carpenters, jewellery makers and artists who produce such high quality work.
The pieces by Alvin Irving  www.studiopottery.co.uk
remind me very much of Grayson Perry's work.
If I had the money and nothing else to spend it on I would buy one 
of this chap's chairs, they are stunning.
I've forgotten his name but we've seen his workshop 
at  Farfield Mill, Sedburgh
Witherslack, despite its odd name, is a unique little village 
in the Southern Lake District with its own community shop, 
garden centre, village hall, school and pub.  Its absolutely delightful.
I'm pinching this idea for our garden. It's an old window frame 
used as a display backdrop in the garden centre.
Back  in  the church, even though I think the workmanship of this marble memorial is spectacular, it is very sad as it's a six month old baby boy who died in the 1800's (I think)
 The churchyard must have some of the best views out across 
Cartmel Fell and surrounding countryside
 Not that anybody in here will be looking at them.
Oops, that was a bit naughty 


  1. Gorgeous photos, Lynn - can't say I've ever heard of Witherslack but it's a wonderful name! And I'm holding on to the tail end of summer and still wearing my sandals too!
    Thank you for your lovely comment, I so appreciate it. Everyone is being so kind, I'm going to cry soon! xx

  2. What a lovely post Lynn. I am thinking this place is somewhere near Cartmel and must look it up later.
    If I had enough money I would have to have one of those teapots. It is adorable - love the shape of it but the little legs make it so darned cute!
    Thanks for the journey, really enjoyed this post so much.
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx

  3. Witherslack is such a brilliant name, it's like something from the League of Gentleman.
    That window frame looks lovely. I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for old windows in skips, one day I'll build a greenhouse out of them.
    Sandals? Yes! It's still Summer as far as I'm concerned! xxx

  4. Your caravan always sounds idyllic. I'm with you on the sandals and toenails scenario. It's definitely still summer in my head. Although I've had to wear tights today but that's because our office is like a subterranean cave, complete with damp. They keep it nice and cold for us. Never heard of phones blowing up?! Witherslack, can't say it without laughing 😂 xxx

  5. I'd never heard of Witherslack either, but it looks like a lovely and peaceful little place. Lovely photographs, too, my favourite is the one of the vase of flowers in front of that window. It's getting to be too cold for sandals here, especially when I have to leave for work in the mornings, which is a pity as I've bought a gorgeous pair at the charity shop recently. xxx