Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Postman Dave's been .......

Lovely Postman Dave has been today with this inspirational little word bobbin
made by the fabulous Tina Gilmore of Indigo Moon. 
She is such a talented and lovely person.  Thank you Tina.

I've got a bit of a brown thing going on here with my pictures.
When we were in York over the weekend at the Festival of Vintage 
I used it as a good excuse to visit Duttons for Buttons. 
Well, its the equivalent of a sweetie shop but less fattening. 
Its like stepping back in time in when you enter. 
Have a look at the link for photo's.
Mr Dapper Chap picked up two Tootal ties and these lovely brogues
at the Vintage Festival
Don't think he will get his big toe in these little boots though.
The wooden chain is going to be revamped to include a textile piece.
I giggled when I saw this as I know you like a challenge.
So go on, what is it ?


  1. Thank you Lynn, i can just see Phil in those brogues and the ties, i've no idea what the last item is.....Duh..... Some good buys, it seems you had a nice time in York. xxxx

  2. Love the buttons, Lynn. You should see my stash. Mr. Dapper Chap's brogues are lovely. And ooh, another challenge. I've no idea what it is though. xxx

  3. Mr Dapper's new shoes are gorgeous - so are the titchy ones! xxx

  4. So you've been galavanting, just like me! More amazing finds, you do really well in your quests! Last time I went to York, Duttons was closed so I missed out.As for your challenge, well, the mind boggles. Do tell! soon, very, soon......
    Lv Jo x