Friday, 25 March 2016

When the curtain came down....

Happy Easter to everyone, I hope you will all being having a few choccies
Look what happened when I forgot to give these little beauties to my workshop ladies
Which is no good for the figure now that I've got my new frock to fit into that friend Val made from the old curtain that had been wrapped round the seat cushion in our boot room for about three years.
She also made this crimplene beauty into a knee length dress from a maxi, shortened the fancy bit on the front and then with the bits that were left made me this bag.  I am going to add a blingy button or brooch to the bottom of the handle.  How do you like it Vix ?
I got the dress off my bestie vintage trader friend Vix of 
earlier this month at 
Watch out for the next instalment of "When the curtain came down"
Here's a sneak preview

Happy Easter Friday


  1. Brilliant bit of up-cycling there Lynn. Happy Easter. x Jo

  2. What a fab model you make! the curtain dress is a stunner and the Crimplene maxi looks so good as a midi. The bag is incredible. I'm very impressed!
    Have a fab weekend, Lynn & Mr Dapper! xxx

  3. Oh, I love that blue Crimplene dress and bag! How clever of your friend. The curtain dress is lovely too! I see what you mean that we could be "twins-in-style". xxx

  4. Oops! Off with his head! There's nothing wrong with that figure! I love seeing you modelling your outfits, you wear them so well. The curtain dress is fab, and I LOVE the crinoline number. Kinky Melon always has something for everyone. Quite incredible. Xxx