Tuesday, 26 May 2015


 Next time we visit Liverpool we are going to leave our mark on the 
dock like many before us have done.
There are hundreds of engraved padlocks all along the quayside.
As well as the three Queens Cunard ships that sailed in at the weekend we saw this fantastic dazzle ship in dock.  
You can read a bit more about them here.
This is the artist Sir Peter Blake's tribute to the dazzle ship
If you are not into ships then jump on a bike for a bit of city sightseeing
and if its to cold and windy for that
get yourself into the Tate Gallery on Albert Dock.
 Isnt this venetian glass chandelier spectacular
Of course we couldn't come away without doing a bit of vintage hunting.
We found this fantastic shop on Renshaw Street, it was like Aladdins cave inside and the owner was really nice.


  1. It all looks very exciting ... What are the locks about anyway

  2. Have a look at this Helen. It tells you about them, they are love locks

  3. It's quite funny really, there is a lock pitch in Edinburgh too, and when Wee Man and I were there at the time of the Festival there were two or three people upside down with their heads in buckets. It certainly captures peoples attention, lol. You look fab in your vintage clobber missus :o)) xxx

  4. I love Murano chandeliers, I spent ages drooling over them in Venice!
    Liverpool looks cold but fun. Your mac looks fantastic. xxx

  5. Love the 'dazzle' ship, it was an important way of camouflaging ships during the war - not in such fab colours though. There was a wonderful exhibition of Peter Blake her in Chichester. I loved it.

  6. Hi there, I've popped over from Vix's blog,and I've seen your fab vintage style on Facebook too, so I thought I'd come and say hello! I visited Liverpool again last year for the first time in far too long, and loved the city - so much going on, it was fab. Now I need to go again to check out the vintage shopping opportunities...
    Great photos! xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by. We loved Liverpool, be sure to visit 69A Renshaw Street it's a real treat. There's some bargains at Ressurection on Bold Street too, upstairs in the vintage section. :)

  7. I visited Liverpool some years ago and I remember seeing the streets and thinking "this is one of the highlights of my year", but I would say even more than the year! You know people who say "I was born in the wrong era" or "I was born in the wrong place"? Well, that's what I felt, I would have loved being a Liverpudlian! So seeing these pictures here really warm my heart, thank you for that! I will check the vintage shop out!

  8. Hi Lyn! Thanks for visiting my blog, lovely to 'meet' you and how fab you got to meet Vix too. She is fab! So generous and kind.

    Liverpool looks great!!! That painted ship is absolutely brilliant! X

  9. Liverpool was the nearest city to us when I was growing up so it is very close to my heart. I have seen it at its lowest and glad these days it is on the up, I'm glad you had a lovely day visiting one of my favourite places Lynn xxxx