Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Whats on my workdesk today...

Well there is not a lot of work yet as we have just returned from a long weekend at our caravan in the Lake District.  BUT .... we did fall upon a fantastic garage sale and we were like a couple of kids in a toffee shop.
Here is a snippet of what we got.  Further info to follow another day when I get to have a good rummage through it.  I will tell you though that I got 12 hammers and about 6 pair of pliers.  Does that feed your imagination ?

Next up are some more birthday presents.  I bet you think that girl's birthdays go on for ever !  My lovely friend Audrey crocheted this purse for me and made a card to match.

My very creative friend Barbara Jepson put this bag of goodies together using
the colour theme green.

That set me thinking about the Christmas present swap for our craft group and I came up with this idea.

1. Spend no more than £5
2. Using a gift bag of your own choice fill it with goodies matching the colours
    to the bag.
3. Put as many things in as you like.  Add just one present if you want.
4. We will then put everyones name in a hat.  Each person will pick a name 
    out and be given their bag.

Last year we made Christmas crackers and did the same thing.

Here's a link to more


  1. Love t/he flower on the crockery - looks very retro - 196070s or thereabouts.

    Your birthday presents are lovely - the little purse is exquisite and what a great idea to make up a colour-themed goodie bag - never seen a green stapler before.

    Like your Christmas swap idea too - it's a fun challenge that should result in some interesting bags of goodies.

    Have a great day and fabulous week. Elizabeth x #101

  2. All Christmas presents should be like that...what a fab idea.
    A x #68

  3. Ooh what a lot of lovely goodies Lynn. I'm very intrigued by your garage sale finds and can see what looks like a very quirky teapot lid in the style of a tea-time table..? Cute!
    That 'green goodie bag' is wonderful, as is your sweet purse. We used to do a 'Secret Santa' where I worked, I think they're a great idea. Get's everyone involved with no clique's 'allowed'. Have a great WOYWW :0) xx

  4. Great garage sale finds and love the Oresents.
    Famfa #22

  5. 12 hammers and 6 pairs of pliers? The mind boggles......

    Love your latest birthday presents and also your garage sale finds, you really have a nose for a bargain Lynn. I like the idea of the goodie bag Christmas swap too. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #32

  6. What a beautiful desk to look at, really beautiful things on it.

    Happy WOYWW


  7. Your bargain crockery makes me think of free machining on a daisy collage. Lovely little crochet purse too - what a fab gift. x Jo

  8. Wow you certainly know how to browse a sale! Fab birthday pressies and ideas. Take care Zo xx 118

  9. What ARE you going to do with 12 hammers and pliers?? DIY dentistry??

    I do love the idea of a colour themed prezzy though, shall definitely use that idea :)

    Hugs, LLJ #71 xx

  10. You have certainly been collecting goodies from all directions! I must say that I'd certainly know what to do with all those pliers and hammers, a crafty girl can't have too many and a jewellery maker needs even more! Fab gifts seem to keep coming. ... lucky you!
    Lots of love joZarty xxx

  11. Oh I can see your "green" friend went to Ikea. I have a box of those paper clips too, too cute. BJ#35

  12. What beautiful gifts Lynn. The little crotcheted bag is gorgeous. I like the swap idea too. Enjoy your evening. Hugs Rita xx

  13. Love the idea of a gift bag swap. At least with crafters you know what to fill them with!
    Have a good week,

  14. The gift bag swap is a great idea.we've just joined a small project swap and are looking forward to creating something different

  15. what a fantastic idea on the gifts swap, and i must say your header/craft room photo is fabulous xx

  16. Great gift swap idea... and looks like a marvellous haul from the garage sale too! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  17. Lovely birthday gifts, thank you for sharing with us, and what an intriguing blurb . . . 12 hammers, indeed!

    (Okay, honestly, I have a box labeled "15 hammers" in the basement, they were used for teaching various children's classes!)

    :)Happy WOYWW!
    trisha, #148 this week

  18. Hi Lynn,

    Oh, I love a good yard sale! I can't wait to hear about all the hammers and pliers! The retro plates are very cool.

    When was your birthday? The crocheted purse your friend made for you is wonderful. I would love to know how to crochet. Love granny squares.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #17

  19. You got some lovely goodies. That crochet purse is gorgeous. What a great idea to do the Xmas swap.
    Have a Doodly great week.
    Von #44

  20. Looking forward to see the hammers in use, I have three but only use them for tiling!!
    Really love your craft room.
    Jan S 152

  21. Lucky you to have such a long Birthday! All those hammers and pliers, the mind boggles!
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #49

  22. Gosh, can't imagine what the hammers and pliers could be for! You've gotten some lovely birthday gifts -- the color theme idea is really fun. Happy belated. :) ~ Laura #122

  23. A colour themed gift swap is a great idea. Can you imagine me dithering in the gift bag aisle...oh the choice!!
    You asked me something about the ipad and blogger...I've given up with it, now use an app I paid for called Blogsy...but it took a lot of learning and I use it so infrequently that I probably cant remember how any more! I did download Chrome as an App and that has made commenting a lot easier. Hasn't solved all of the issues, but is certainly a vast improvement!

  24. Thanks for that Julia I will check them out.