Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Look what Postman John brought ......

I've had some lovely things given to me recently including the Artist At Work peg from my friend Gill at Park Farm Shop & Garden Centre.  If you live in Lancashire and can get to Ramsbottom go and visit their tearoom and shop everything is homemade and its run by a great family.
The map peg was made by my friend Jacqui and the map is of Ayside where our caravan is sited.  She also made me the little red cushion which is now on display in my studio/workroom. 
Look at this lovely collage made by Logan who is five this week and lives in Scotland.
He made it with the help of his grandma who sent me this lovely card and sprinkly bits.  I've already used some in a box I've sent out.  Thank you Mo and have a great birthday Logan.
 This beautifully made tag came from Mel (the Yorkshire Fox blogger) as a thank you
for the buttons i sent her with a fox on them.
She is such a clever lady.  Have a look at her wonderful creations.

And here's a lunch bag I designed and illustrated for a young lady starting school.
Wrapped up ready to go
Thank you to everyone for the lovely goodies and to Postman John for delivering them and also a big hello to the new followers of my blog.  I hope you like it.

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  1. I am always SO inspired when I visit your blog! I just LOVE those beautiful tags! Well, everything really :0)

  2. You must be 'sowing' some pretty good stuff as we 'reap what we sow' And I recognised/spied Mel's lovely tag from 10 paces!

  3. Hi Lynn, your postman certainly brings you some lovely things, love the artist peg, Mo's things and Mel's tags - but then you are worth it! A x

  4. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments
    Lynn x x x

  5. What gorgeous goodies in the post.love that heart tag. I'm making fabric hearts at the moment, I could paste them to tags hmm... Have you made any flowers with the ladies yet?I'd love to see them!!
    Judy x

  6. Do you know..I knew that heart tag was from Mel before I read it. She has such a fabulous distinguished style. That's a lovely shade of pink she used. I bet your Mr Postie comes to your lane out of habit, I bet he'd get confused if there's ever a day when there's no mail for you, haha. Those pegs are very cleverly done and the cushion is very sweet.
    Logan is going to be a happy bunny when he sees his picture, "On the doodly bird lady's page", hehe :0) xx

  7. I just clicked your link to get here and what a lovely blog and lovely things to look at. I will be back.

  8. Gosh some of these tags are amazing Lynn.

    I particularly love Logans card the best.

    Sending you my very best x