Tuesday, 8 May 2012

WHAT THE POSTMAN BROUGHT.....and what I sent

First to drop through the door was this lovely embroidered card from Connie of KonnyKards. 
I love the colours and materials, it is so pretty.  Thank you Connie for the lovely gift, it is now on the inspiration wall in my studio. 
Link for more images of Connie's lovely work 

Next a box  of colourful beads and strings that we can use at Sunnybank Craft Club to make keyring holders or handbag tags.
The book is one of Geraldine Taylors illustrated childrens stories. Geraldine, a recognised author of childrens books, has bought three of my Doodly Bird sketchbooks which she is using to write stories in for her grandchildren.
Link to Geraldine Taylor books 
The little ATC Collection is a pad of ATC size decorated sheets 
A ruby wedding card to my lovely friend and sister-in-law Elena and her husband David.
A bag and book down to Eastbourne
An order for two more books for the teachers of St. Edwards School, Castleton.
Oh, and a card I bought from Haworth Art Gallery for Kim Tillyer of Witchmountain because it reminded me of her work.
Link to Witchmountain blog and work 


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  2. Morning Lyn :D What a lot of lovely things there!
    The embroidered card is simply gorgeous, thank you for the link to Connie's work. The beads are a lovely lot of colour. Where did you find those Lynn? The anniversary card is just simply, beautifully done! I just LOve the Doodly in the bath! SO sweet! It will enjoy moving to Eastbourne, lots of new sights to see down there. However as we all know, The Great Wader, does like to take-over 'communal' bathing areas. But....if you sing, ‘A Nightingale Sang In Barclay Square’ to it, it will move over. I love to see birds in the bath in my garden. And last but not least, the teachers Doodly books are just great. I particularly like the Orange Lesser Spotted one (they're usually quite shy though, so hope the children aren't too rowdy)
    Have a lovely day Lynn xx

    1. Hi Mo,
      I got the beads of Amazon. Type in Melissa & Doug and you will find them.
      Love your interpretation of the Doodlies.
      Lynn xx

  3. ...so many wonderful things to look at Lynn, your postings are like a rainbow always so up-lifting and much needed after a days work in the NHS!...hope you've had a loVely day, the sun's rays are just appearing here hope they are reaching you too...Mel :)

    1. Thank you Mel for your lovely comments.
      I've had a great day, you will see why tomorrow.
      Have a nice evening.
      Lynn xx