Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Something to blog about -Woyww

Hooray I’ve something to blog about.

The textile group I am a member of has a new prompt.
ART & ARTISTS and we are to create whatever we want
by focusing on our chosen subject.

I love the whimsical collage work of Emily Hildebrand aka Quiet Noticing
over on Instagram.  She works in paper, painting & drawing.
My take on it is in fabric.

My second choice is Cherokee based Textile artist and author
Krista Barmer aka The Mending Space over on Instagram.
It’s all about layering and stitch with this one.

I’ve not gone with the more well known artists yet, I’m just going with what
I’m drawn too.

Over on the home front.

We picked up this vintage looking wallpaper for 99p a roll
and after living with it pinned up for a couple of days
the wandering welder has set too stripping the kitchen wall
ready to hang it.

Here’s the tidy side of the kitchen

Out and about.

I went to see Where The Crawdads Sing at the cinema yesterday.
If you’ve read the book I promise you that the film will not disappoint.
We were spellbound for over two hours and said we could watch it again.

Did I show you this stunning handworked wire flower I found in
the charity shop for 20p in a frame.  Just imagine the hours spent
making it. Never mind the skill needed. It’s pinned up on the
studio wall now.

I’m sorry for not getting back to you last week, it’s been a
bit full on again with paperwork and mum’s house sale.

Next week we are taking Mum upto her favourite holiday cottage
at Grange Over Sands and in between taking her it we will be at
our caravan just up the road.

See you soon.
Stay well and keep crafting


  1. Love that picture with the dog sitting on the chair! The holiday; cottage looks very pretty. Enjoy your time away. Happy WOYWW. Angela #16

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog with my coffee this morning, a visual feast! Have a great week, Ginny M

  3. I'm glad to read you've been creating some lovely textile art, and that plans are afoot to redecorate your kitchen with that gorgeous 99p wallpaper. Can you send Philip over here when he's done :-)
    I've bought Where The Crawdads Sing when we were in Shropshire, and it's next in my reading pile. I'd no idea they'd made a film, but it does explain why the book now seems to be everywhere!
    Your Mum's holiday cottage looks very cozy. Do enjoy your time away! xxx

  4. great to see you and hear the news. I can't remember the last time I went to see a film at the cinema! have a very happy time at the caravan . Helen #2

  5. Your textile work is utterly gorgeous, Lynn, I imagine the creation of it is wonderfully relaxing, something I'm sure will help you destress after the nightmare of your mum's move.
    The wallpaper looks so pretty - what a wonderful find.
    I was in two minds about seeing When The Crawdads Sing, I absolutely loved the book and didn't want the film version to ruin my memories of it. I'm glad you enjoyed it, The Guardian's review was just one star! xxx

  6. Minimal comments as I wrenched my back :(
    so I am late AGAIN…
    Love the inspiration hints, esp. Emily, and also looking forward to the movie (even if the book is almost ALWAYS better....)

    Happy WOYWW
    Mary Anne (6)

  7. Ah Lyn, what a lovely post, I feel you are emerging a bit now, well done you! I love the wallpaper, what a fantastic find. So glad to r3ally your take on the film, was worried that it wouldn’t be faithful, so am now looking forward to seeing it. Love your fabric homages, and delighted that you chose artists that ‘speak’ to you, much more interesting for those of us who haven’t met these artists yet. Have a lovely time in Grange Over Sands, the cottage looks idyllic.

  8. lovely interpretations, Lynn. That wire flower is stunning. Looking forward to seeing the wallpaper in place. Hope you and mum had a safe and pleasant trip. Creative Blessings! ~Kelly #21

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