Sunday, 15 May 2022

One step forward, ten steps back

One step forward, ten steps back. No that’s not a new dance,  it’s the state of things in my little world.

See this face, well that’s how I look for real.  All out of flunter.  If you’ve missed recent events, here’s a recap.

1. Found a lovely retirement flat for my 89 year old mum.
2. There’s a water burst before she moves in.
3. Morning of move there’s another burst but we move anyway, paddling through the hallway.
4. Three days later there is major flooding. Mum moves back out to her old house that we are due to sell.
5. One of my dearest friends dies.

Fast forward what feels like months but is in fact less than a fortnight and one of mum’s oldest friends dies unexpectedly.  They’ve been friends since they were 18.

Oh I’ve not finished yet.  On my way home from a catch up with my bestie and what we call our “lost & weary” club, my car clutch pedal snaps and the car is stuck half in the garage and half on the narrow country lane we live on, narrowly missing the side of the garage wall by an inch.
After the heart palpitations calmed down I rang the nice green flag man who arrived a short time later and gulped when he saw how close it was to the wall.

What a good chap he managed to bump it into the garage without any further damage.  After a short consultation with the nice man the wandering welder said he would be able to repair it. - Sunday night update : It’s not fixed yet. It needs a new pedal.

Honestly could you make all this up.  I doubt it.  One day I’m sure I’ll laugh at this lot.  It was far more peaceful during the pandemic.  

Did I mention that I’ve had to cancel all holidays and events in June in order to get Mum settled back in her new flat at some point.  Keep your fingers crossed folks that things work out for the better now and there’s no more drama.

(From 2018 morning our Chester meet up)

I’m so sorry Sue, Ann & Jos, Vix & Jon, Tina & Gav and all the lovely ladies in our No Rules Textile Society that we won’t get to meet up as planned.  With a lot of luck we will be spending some time at our caravan in the lakes with a beer or  two for company. The season started on the 1st March and we haven’t been there yet.

I’m looking forward to the days when I will be able to blog some good stuff.

Thanks for sticking with me
Lynn xx

In the meantime there’s two funerals, more meetings with contractors, carpet fitters, a mammoth amount of paperwork to get through, more phone calls and yet another house move and house sale to get through.

Sounds like a script for a sitcom


  1. You certainly sound very busy, and I want to thank you for posting today. I enjoy your blog so much and have missed a few of your posts. Hope things will slow down for a breather for you. Hugs from Wisconsin.

  2. Hi lynn sounds like you have been to hell and back and then back again !!
    I am so sorry for your mums loss. I lost someone close last year and I am still comming to terms with it.
    Good old green flag. My mum and dad are with them and highly recommend them. Your mum will move in soon, it’s better to have all those problems sorted out before she moves in.
    Still no sign of the baby. 3 weeks to go and well I’m well and truly ready . I think it is getting ready to pack its suitcase now as wow it is letting me know plus my bump has dropped. Keep safe well and smiling. Love and hugs Allie

  3. Good grief - what a roller coaster - sorry for both your losses - they alone are enough to knock you sideways - sending hugs.
    here is a much smoother home transition for your mom xxx

  4. You will laugh about this one day. But a few tears to relieve tension would not be amiss in the interim.

    Fingers crossed that things are much more under control by the end of June. They don't have to be perfect; just reasonably controlled!

    "Reasonable" likely will become a frequent part of your vocabulary going forward. Interesting how our lives can change in what seems to be a heartbeat, isn't it?

    ...Taja 🏜️

  5. Oh Lynn, what can I say? It really seems to be never-ending!
    I am absolutely gutted that we won't be able to meet up, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that you'll be able to get everything sorted, plus that you will be able to at least spend some time relaxing at your caravan! Sending hugs to you both from us two xxxx

    1. If things go to plan on Monday and the floors are dry we should be able to start moving forward. Keep your fingers crossed Ann xxx

  6. Oh Lynn, I'm so sorry, Liz filled me in when I caught up with her yesterday. Talk about bad luck. We shall miss you and Phillip so much when we meet up with Ann & Jos. xxx

  7. Just doing a catch up! Goodness you have been through the mill! Thinking of you xxx

    1. This is Lynda by the way!