Wednesday, 27 April 2022

What’s on your work desk Wednesday


I’m gathering in more than one way.

Personally I’m gathering my wits, patience, strength and all the other emotions and physical
stuff us humans contend with.  I won’t bore you with it, only to say I have been and am still
in the throws of sorting the move of my lovely 89 and half year old Mum to a really nice
retirement flat and arranging the sale of her house.

This was the outlook from her windows on Monday, isn’t it stunning.
I’m thinking of booking myself in.

On Sunday afternoon I set aside some me time to return to my
craft desk. I was determined not to miss the start of the new prompt
with my No Rules Textile Society.

I’ve stripped the cork display wall of its “UNMAKING” pieces.

and I’m bringing in the colours of Spring for the new prompt

The afternoon was spent happily gathering books, fabrics and

It was nice to spend time fiffing and faffing creating a paper
collage and adding machine stitching.

Here’s how it’s going so far.
Wish us luck for the move on Saturday.
Can’t wait to be sat looking out at those lovely views
with a cup of tea in hand.

Take care

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  1. Loving the new art work. Good luck with the move for your mum, I know how it feels. My mum at 94 is still in her own home but not sure for how long. Happy WOYWW with hugs, Angela x9x

  2. Good luck for Saturday. I well remember moving MIL into a small apartment from a three bedroomed house many years ago. It made such a difference to her life not having to care for a huge house and with all the activities there she soon had lots of new friends. I wish the same for your mother. May she be really happy in her new home.
    Love the new art, especially that first piece.
    Hugs, Neet 6 xx

  3. You're so lucky your Mum wanted to move and it looks like to a beautiful place. My 91yr-old is digging her heels well and truly in! Love your Springtime colourway.

  4. What fabulous makes. Good luck with moving your mum on Saturday xx Helen #1

  5. Ooh Lynn I adore your grey and cream wall board and don't know if I could have dismantled it had it been mine - however I am loving the spring colours too - I think I would need several boards! I hope all goes well on Saturday - what a lovely view from your mum's room, I hope she'll be very happy there.
    Hope you have lovely and not too stressful week,
    Diana xx #12

  6. A lovely post today - your Spring collection is wonderful - you have such a knack of putting things together so beautifully. best wishes to your Mum in her new home. xx Jo

  7. Good luck with your Mum's move on Saturday, and I'm glad to read you found some time for fiffing and faffing in your craft room! xxx

  8. Seems like a very apt way to get started with the latest prompt Lynn. I do hope your mum settles in well to her new place (a lovely view indeed) and that the sale goes smoothly. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

  9. I’m late in the day with my visits but I’ve been head down sewing until now...and I’ve still got more to do!!
    I really love the colours of your Spring boards. I will be sending you lots of love and good vibes for settling your mum in her new home.
    Annie x #7

  10. Hope all goes well with your mum's move. And love your crafting! Have a great week!
    Carol N #17

  11. Love the view from the window, would love that myself, Just a busy road outside my window lol. great new spring colours,

    Take care and stay safe,

    Lilian B#14

  12. I'm just in time to wish you and your mum lots of luck with the move. It sounds like you and Liz are living the same life at the moment with her Mum's move imminent! xxx

  13. lynn, I’m sorry to be so late, you’ll have made the move by now, bet you’re all exhausted. Hope your Mum will settle and be really happy in her new home. And that view will provide constant pleasure won’t it. Loving your Spring gathering, what a great prompt that is for this time of year. Take care of you, the admin alone is hard work, so pace yourself!