Wednesday, 19 January 2022

What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday

Good morning everyone, I’m still here, albeit still not firing on all cylinders
and suffering with what looks like long covid.

Even though I’m on the mend, I’m learning that the fatigue can hit at any time
along with bouts of joint pains.  So I just take each day as it comes.  I’m not used to having
to put the brakes on but heyho it’ll pass.

On Friday I had a walk around the local reservoir, we live in a beautiful part of Lancashire
and are lucky enough to have lots of moorland and Healey Dell nature reserve within
minutes of home.

Something we have always been short of in the area is somewhere to meet up with folk for a
coffee or a bit of lunch.

Well not now as two fabulous local lads have opened a trendy coffee shop
which we tried out after our walk.  

We loved it, so much so that I’ve been again with my friend for lunch.
I think they will be a great success as you’re sure of a friendly welcome, great food
and a relaxed environment.  Good on em I say for having the confidence to invest in
the local area.  

Back home and I have managed a bit of craft work at my desk.
This week I’m joining in a series of short daily textile workshops with

Well when I say I'm joining in that’s the theory.  I had to go and lie down after the first
workshop but at least I put in an appearance.

Day one was mark making on fabric with acrylic paints and using things like twigs, credit cards, brushes,
sticks, in fact anything that you could make marks with.

Day two was Deconstruct to Reconstruct

Cutting up the painted fabrics to make new pieces.
Stick with me to see where it goes next.

Until then enjoy your week and stay well.

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  1. I’m doing my rounds while I wait for Julia to put her post up so there’s no link as yet....I’m sure you know where to find me.
    Love the fun with the fabrics but am so sorry to hear you’re still not 100%. Same here sadly...I don’t think we shake these bugs off so well as we get older sadly. Sending you big healing hugs.
    Annie x

    1. Thanks Annie. I’m sorry you’re feeling the same xxx

  2. I met a lady who loves vintage and historic clothes. She is the one who gave me the scraps. Her name is Peta Pendlebury. Sorry to hear you are still not ŵell and hoping you will feel better soon. Hugs Angela #10

  3. Oh blimey Lynn, I am very sorry that you’ve been affected so badly by Covid, as you say, it will pass but it’s annoying for someone who’s always up and at it. Your crafting is fab, I guess that’ll help pass the time if you’re in the mood to do it. You have the most amazing view from your window, I bet you never get tired of that!!
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

  4. There are so many nasty winter bugs about and Covid too! Annie had only just really recovered from Covid when she went down with a not Covid but looked and felt like Covid bug ie she wasn't testing positive but it certainly has left her feeling low. Let's hope we can all get through the Winter and look forward to a healthy Spring time. Your little cafe sounds perfect - just what you need for friendly get togethers. I love your black/white experiments. Get well soon. xx Jo

  5. Sorry you're feeling rough still , hope it passes soon . Take care Helen #13

  6. Sorry you’re feeling rough. It’s good the new coffee shop has opened up as you need to keep up your blood sugar when you’re feeling so tired.
    Your textile art was great; looking forward to seeing the next one!
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 12

  7. So sorry that you are feeling long term effects from Covid Lynn. Glad you were able to do a little crafting at least - loving the fabric colours. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

  8. Oh it’s not fair Lynn, I feel for you, fatigue is just horrible. After my op in November I had to go back to bed after a shower it was so exhausting! I don’t know what the recommendations are but I am eating protein rich yogurt - a few spoons in between meal times and that helps keep me going. I know it will pass so please be easy on yourself and worse - be patient. Wish I could come to Market Street and have lunch with you, you’d have to feign exhaustion to get away!! Taking part even a bit randomly, in a workshop will at least keep your crafty wheels oiled, there’s nothing worse than the feeling of wanting to do stuff but simply being too tired to actually do. Would it help if I tell you you’re looking fab? would mug you for the red boots….!

  9. I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling a bit rough. Being fatigued must be so frustrating, especially when one's not used to having to put the brakes on. You're doing the right thing taking thing easy for a while. Your reservoir walk and coffee and cakes at the new place both sounds quite up my street. Love the new art project too! Sending hugs from us both xxx

  10. I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling bad but the more I hear about this awful virus the more I know it's been sensible for us to avoid the things we could have done. My most sadness is losing my dad and not being able to visit him in hospital or having a funeral, I couldn't risk my familys' health so we had an unattended one. Take care and happy crafty woyww, Angela x1x

  11. I hope you recover soon! I had it in Oct. with 9 days of fatigue.
    Your fabric art is really cool!
    Have a restful and healthy week!
    Carol N #20

  12. Oh dear - Long Covid is not good, so hope you get over it as soon as you can. Maybe it'll only be long-ISH. I love your textile art piece - it looks quite tribal and will surely be fun to destruct and reconstruct into a new piece. Will look forward to that. Your local walk looks stunning BTW. Glad we have Stourhead nearby for when I am feeling strong enough to do it. Nothing like the great outdoors to lift your spirits!

    Stay Safe & a late but Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (3)

  13. Glad to hear about the new coffee shop, it looks fab! But sorry to hear about your health problems. ❤ your patchwork skirt

  14. So sorry you're suffering from long Covid and wish you a speedy recovery. Bad enough having the virus without its after effects. Love what you're doing on the textile art course. I've always been nervous using paints on fabric and only made tentative attempts so far. I'll be following what you do with the fabric with great interest. Your reservoir walk looks beautiful and the new cafe sounds the perfect stopping place. Have a good week. Elizabeth x #26

  15. It's rubbish that you're still suffering, Lynn. So mnay of our friends have said the same thing, no energy, feeling low and lacking in enthusiasm. I hope the symptoms pass and you're able to enjoy life to the full again.
    In the meantime enjoy those beautiful walks and meeting up with friends. That cafe looks lovely, the caks look proper home-made, too!
    Loving both your outfits, the splash of red at the hem of that gorgeous skirt with your Fly boots is fabulous! xxx