Sunday, 24 October 2021

Weekends come around so quickly

Last weekend I joined some lovely folk on a Somatics Movement
workshop at Create Escape near Milnthorpe in Cumbria.

It was so nice to see our host Angela & Deb again.
They are fantastic cooks and company.

On the way up the day before we stopped off for lunch at one of our
favourite tearooms, Beetham Old Post Office.

The cookbook they produced a few years ago is one I
use a lot.  This is their Broccoli & Cauliflower soup I
recently made.

This week on Friday we had our flu jabs and spent Saturday
flat out on the sofas, fit for nothing. Both of us had
headaches, felt like lumps of lead and shattered.

You can’t keep us Holland’s down for long though and Sunday
we were up and at ‘em over the border for lunch in Todmorden
and a look around the Sunday Craft market. 

I picked up this gorgeous ivy vase for a friend’s birthday
and a linen jacket from the charity shop for £2.49

I’m going to use it for this month’s prompt with the
No Rules Textile Society I am a member of.
We are upcycling clothes.  For the price I paid it won’t
matter if I wreck it.  It was worth it just for the vintage
style cloth covered buttons.

I’m a bit excited about starting a revamp of my craftroom, or
as the wandering welder calls it The Studio.  First up though
18 year old Frida our VW Beetle has an MOT to get through.
Fingers crossed.

Be back Wednesday at my workdesk.


  1. That jacket is definitely most 'bargaineous' (I have a wonderful friend who mangles her words and elevates them to the most glorious heights and your jacket definitely befits that word!) I am looking forward to your embellishments and work on it 😊

  2. Your Broccoli & Cauliflower soup looks truly scrumptious, and I'm once admiring those gorgeous shoes of yours! It's good to hear you both soon recovered from your flu jabs and were able to go off gallivanting to your beloved Todmorden.
    Can't wait how you'll upcycle that linen jacket, and I'm keeping everything firmly crossed for Frida's MOT! xxx

  3. I can't wait to see you work your magic on that new jacket, it's such a pretty looking thing alreday!
    The soup looks (and sounds)wonderful!
    I'm sorry the flu jab knocked you both out, isn't it funny how it affects some more than others? Neither of us even got a dead arm this time.
    Good luck, Frida! xxx

  4. That jacket would look superb with some embroidery. Enjoy the recycling process. x