Sunday, 25 July 2021

And in the blink of an eye

No I’m not on the naughty step. Tuesdays sewing class was cancelled
because someone had been in Gail’s shop who had tested positive for
covid so she had to get tested herself.

Not to worry that gives me a week to bite my nails before I’m
tortured again with cutting and stitching accurately.

So to Wednesday and market day.
One of my favourite things is seeing our fresh fruit and veg
in the sink in cold water ready for washing. Doesn’t it look colourful.

Look here the strawberries look like an advert for Marks & Spencer.

In the garden the Astilbe has joined the party

And the hanging baskets are growing more beautiful
by the day

Thursday and it’s been a day of running round doing errands.
Poor Frida my 18 year VW is spending a few days in the garage
being serviced and a bit more tweaking ready for our trip upto
the Lake District next week.

We had a lovely early tea with our bestie and her Dad then
back home to watch Channel 5 Inside Hampton Court and another
episode of Baptiste on BBC Iplayer.

I might sound like my chirpy self but a lovely friend Sandy
lost her life to cancer recently at 48 and after visiting her
Mum and sister on Thursday I’ve lost my chirp a bit.

Here’s to you our beautiful quirky friend.
It’s hard to let you go.

Love to all our friends at home and in my little iPad world.
See you soon.

And then how did this happen so quickly
Our gorgeous niece Olivia off to her prom on Friday night.


  1. I am so sorry about your friend, I lost my mother in law to cancer, so I know your pain. That veg looks lovely. Love your bench trainers. Keep smiling. I’m free and home with the kids yay!

  2. sorry to hear about your friend Lynn, such a cruel disease. xxx

  3. That fruit & veg from the market looks lovely, and so do your Astilbe and hanging baskets. Mine are getting a bit leggy ...
    So sorry to hear about your friend :-( xxx

  4. I'm so sorry about Sandy. So young and so pretty. You'll have to plant something beautiful in your garden to remind you of her.
    On a brighter note I absolutely love that skirt you're wearing!
    Olivia is a stunner, just like her auntie! xxx