Wednesday, 12 May 2021

What’s on your Workdesk today ….. knickers and compost

Morning campers, I’m doing a round up of my week so far
before I get to what’s on my workdesk.

Monday morning I dashed down to Chantilly in Rochdale
to pick up my order of new underwear.

Marjorie who owns the shop was in the same year at school as me
and it’s nice to catch up with her every few years when I go in.
It’s nice to see her daughter Jocelyn too who will
keep the family business going if /when Marjorie retires.

In the afternoon we took delivery of seven massive bags of compost
for our next garden project.  Don’t be expecting me to move this lot
with my dicky back, I told the wandering welder.

Tuesday afternoon and off I popped for an eye test.
Look at this lot. They are normally scattered all over the house.
I’ve one proper pair and the rest are from the poundshop.

I’m happy to say my eyesight has stayed the same so no need for
new specs.  More money for new knickers haha.

Now to the desk, well wall.
I’ve started work on the new prompt over at the textile group
I’m a member of.  Our first task is weaving with paper.

I’ve used an old song sheet and the back of an old gallery programme.
The cork wall will over the next month will display all things Weave

Above this is a bit of old packaging and some cut up papers.

Here’s a bowl made using dissolvable fabric I made as an experiment.

and a bit of stitching just cos I felt like it.

That’s it from me. Sorry to have gone on a bit.
I think I’m caught up now.

Take care and have a hug on me on Monday desk hoppers.


  1. I do love your textile work, the weaving is very satisfying! You always think outside the box, I’d be much more pedestrian if faced with that challenge. The glasses photo made me hoot, I have the same amount of Home Bargains readers, they’re invaluable!
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

  2. I thought I would probably take a photo of somewhere but where to go to do it I have not a clue as I do want to keep out of the town centre. Anyway, will keep thinking.
    Love your weaving wall. What a lot of interesting things you can do for that - I remember making looms out of cardboard and string and then weaving wool when I was a kid. Bet I could still do something like that - who knows - one day I might relive it.
    Take care
    Hugs, Neet 6 xx

  3. How cool is that bowl? Did it work the way you thought it would? I've done some paper weaving on a layout once and it's quite tricky near the middle with thinner types of paper isn't it?! Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #4

  4. You have such a creative brain making a simple idea like paper weaving look amazing. Weaving is therapeutic - did loads at college and really loved it. xx Jo

  5. You always seem to have lots of interesting things on the go here. Interestingly it was only yesterday when I saw a card made with the weaving technique using paper and thought what a fun idea it was. Loving your spec. neck piece at least wearing them like that you'll know where they are. Sending lots of woyww hugs, Angela x17x

  6. There is always something interesting to look at on your blog. Thank you for sharing. I love the bowl especially. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#19)

  7. What a fabulous array of projects on display as usual Lynn. Love the weaving with the song sheet especially. Hope the wandering welder got that compost moved for you too. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #1

  8. I’m rather late in the day joining in the fun this week. I’ve been head down all day making two very special little bears full of emotions but am thrilled with the results so it’s been very rewarding ( I may share next week).
    I thought you were going to show us your knickers Lynn so it’s with great relief that the photos were of your amazing weaving instead.
    Annie x #8

  9. Your woven paper products are great. Lynn, and very creative (as is all of your work, actually!!). Now that's a LOT of pairs of glasses! I'm fortunate enough to have a single pair that does everything (varifocals) including going dark in the sun. I had to have new ones recently and they were veeerrrry expensive... They join my face first thing in the morning and stay there till I go to bed so no hassle! Mum used to have loads of different pairs and she was never able to find them when she wanted them!

    Thank you for your visit, and for your outrage at Ruby's behaviour with the kitty throw! My reaction exactly! Naughty girl. Thank you for all your good wishes for my upcoming investigations.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #24

  10. well I think that must be the time a WOYWW desk includes knickers! glad you didn't have to have new glasses. Have a good week. Helen #5

  11. Hi Lynn - not sure what made me smile more - the wandering welder, or all the pairs of glasses! You've certainly had a busy week! The weaving looks great. Have a lovely week, Heather xx #23

  12. Your weaving is fabulous. Like you I have 100 old glasses and duplicates on each level. But now my vision is weirdly altered in that I can wear my reading classes for my computer monitor now, just by moving it a bit closed to me. Saved my a pair of glasses! I cannot figure it out, but your blog always deleted all I have typed when I am just getting ready to post one time, then lets my type all I want the second try. But I carry on cause I love your stuff and need to be able to tell you :D Also if you are doing an ATC, I would love to swap!

    still with a sluggish internet
    Mary Anne (2)

  13. It's lovely that a family run lingerie shop is still thriving, no thanks to the likes of me who would horrify the doctors if I ever got run over by a bus!
    My pile of glasses is waiting for a trip to india so I can get them reglazed with my latest prescription, sadly they'll be waiting a long time.
    Love your weaving and patchwork but please step away from those bags of compost, i have trouble lugging them about and my back isn't dodgy! xxx

    1. I’d got to the horror of getting knocked down by a bus too, the last time I bought any was 2017. Saying that I only ever go every 3-4 years anyway. As I hand wash them they stay pristine. What a subject haha.
      The only lifting I’ll be doing is getting the money out my purse to pay for the compost. The plant dude is a great guy, he will come round to your house in his van and you can pick what you want plant wise and he's very cheap as well as good quality.
      Hair colour today, first time in six months xxx

  14. Your weaving is gorgeous! When my better half and I had our cataracts done we went round the house collecting old glasses. We have a boxful waiting for when they can be donated again but I’m still finding them.
    Loved your patchwork. What might you do with it? It would make a nice front for a cotton bag
    Have a great week
    Lynnecrafts 3

  15. Aha, the pic that stand out most is the all the reading glasses. Me too, one ‘proper’ and loads of cheapies scattered in appropriate places through the house! Love the weaving board, it’ll be quite a collection after a week. Have to say that using the packaging to weave through is a great idea! Good luck with the gardening, wish we had a plant guy that came around!

  16. Gorgeous work Lynn, I love your cork boards - they are a great way of displaying work. The weaving is lovely and looks like a fun project.
    Hope you have a good week
    Diana xx #16

  17. Lovely textile and paper weaving - I only ever buy undies every couple of years - usually 20 pairs at a time so nothing wears out LOL...
    Looking forward to the ATC swap next WOYWW - see you there - Cheers Maurs xxx #11

  18. Love your cork board feature, worthy of being a layout in a book! My husband used to buy the cheap glasses, they were always getting broken (sat on mostly), till he needed distance as well. He is a bit more careful with them now, but then he is mostly wearing them 🤣. You didn’t show your new knickers! Lacey, delicate creations or the more sensible type? Angela #10

  19. New underwear is a treat, especially when bought from a family run shop owned by someone you're acquainted with. Sadly, I have no such shop, so I just bumble along with a high street lingerie chain, where I've know to walk out of within minutes as I don't like being bothered in shops as long I'm not asking for assistance.
    I've just ran out of compost this morning, so it'll be to the garden centre in the next days. Don't even attempt to do any lifting, though!
    Love the weaving project, which I'm sure will keep you out of mischief :-) xxx

  20. i need new panties to so when I get the chance I will run to M&S and do a headless shop as I can’t get nice underwear unless you are the size of a teenager in japan.
    I have to have nice pants when I have my hospital appointments. You work is awesome. Only 5 days untill I can get out of here and we have decided to stay in another hotel. Take care and take care keep safe

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