Monday, 12 April 2021

Monday Monday

This morning I finished reading The Yorkshire Shepherdess, just in time for the new series
starting this week. Next up is Ruth Hogan’s book Madame Burova. This is her fourth novel,
my favourite is The Keeper of Lost Things. Ruth sent me a little heart shaped brooch that
she'd found after I wrote and told her how much I’d enjoyed her book.  

As we can’t go to concerts I bought myself a ticket for an online one which was held at the home
of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. As well as the jazzy music of Tino and his band we were given
a tour of the now museum of Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera.

I felt like I’d had a night out.

Today’s weather is the complete opposite to Sunday’s deluge of snow
and so outside activities were able to recommence.

The old pond liner is out and will be cut down to use in a smaller spot
in the garden where we will be able to see it when we are sat out.

Now to fill in this massive hole.  The wandering welder is a man of many
talents thankfully and is cracking on with it.

Meanwhile I’ve been working my way through the last of my craft stuff.
It either has to find a place in the studio, be thrown in the skip or be sent
to the charity shop.

Tomorrow I’ve got my second jab and hopefully Philip will get his soon.
There’ll be no dashing off to the shops or pub for us though yet. Watching
the crowds on the news put me right off.

I’ll be back at my desk on Wednesday.  Hope you can join me.


  1. I've been trying to sort through my craft stuff but it's sooooo hard. I'm really struggling with letting things go. What if I need it for a project? Sigh...

    1. It’s so hard and I can’t give you an answer other than to be ruthless, make three piles.
      Keep - Skip - Charity shop/other crafters
      Take the bull by the horns. I’ve got a mahoosive pile of material to work through yet.

  2. I remember when Ben Fogle first did a programme about the Yorkshire Shepherdess when she was but a nipper. The next I knew, she was married with 65 kids!I really admire her though, it seems she's the backbone of the whole family. I also admire your ability to have a clear out in your craft room. I must stop procrastinating and get on with the job in hand. Love that you could visit Frida's house virtually. Have a good week.x

  3. I can't wait to see what your plans are for that pond. I'm very impressed with Philip's workwear, he looks very professional!
    One day I will visit Frida's house in Mexico, it's been on the list for decades. I bet that online concert was wonderful.
    How lovely for Ruth to send you a little gift after you were kind enough to tell her how much you enjoyed her work. I've seen that shepherdess lady on the panel on Jeremy Vine, she seems such a sensible and no-nonsense sort (apart from having all those kids!) xxx

  4. Do let me know what you think of Ruth Hogan's latest book. I too loved The Keeper of Lost Things, which I found in a UK charity shop and picked up because of your recommendation. I love it that she's a real keeper of lost things and sent you that brooch found.
    Can't wait to see the new pond. Your craft room is looking very neat and organized ... for the time being ;-) Good luck with your second jabs, Lynn & Philip xxx