Friday, 16 April 2021

Friday Smiles

Look at that happy face, he’s been shopping.
Rochdale, our nearest main town, has a new shopping centre
and my mum had bought Philip a waistcoat for Christmas.
Sadly it didn’t fit, hence the trip out to exchange it now that the
shops have reopened.

Also it was an excuse for him to wear his new moleskin waistcoat
and trousers, bought from a lovely family run company in Scotland,
established in 1888.

They are such good quality and price he has bought another set in
a darker shade of green.  

The wool jacket by Christian Dior was a bargain £24 find from Stockport’s Pear Mill Vintage Emporium
and his olive green Italian leather shoes were bought over 25 years ago in York.

Back home now and I’m cracking the whip again and I’ve got
him filling the hole where the old garden pond was sited.

Meanwhile I’m still adding finished touches to the guest room.

Here’s a funny before I go.  Our friend Mike sent me a photo of his wife Joy
stood next to their two cars in the 80’s.

Apparently Philip had worked on both of them and Mike said 
‘That Phil Holland can weld confetti, he’s that good’

Here’s a few funnies Mum posted on her Facebook page.

Have a lovely weekend.
I hope the sunshine’s for you.


  1. Oh your Philip looks very smart! I love it when you tell us where the different items of clothing had been found/bought.
    Your funnies are great, especially the comment about welding confetti. Did I ever mention that my son is a welder? You will see him in one of my collages this week. (not welding obviously).
    Have a lovely weekend,

  2. How smart does Phillip look? ....I’d say dapper 😀 I enjoy your updates...both of the pond being filled in and your lovely finishing touches in your spare room.
    Annie x

  3. It's seems strange to see a man smile because he's been shopping but maybe things will all be different now! When you mentioned the new shopping centre it made me start wondering how things might have changed in Wigan and Manchester as I've not been back there since we moved to Lincoln in 1988 though I suspect not much will have changes in Wigan I always felt it was like 'the town the world forgot'! Loving the funnies and the last one is so true for sure. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  4. What a dapper well-dressed 'young' man! I like his choices.
    I appreciate your mum's humour. Have a good week. Kate x

  5. Philip does look like that cat that got the cream :-) He does look like his old dapper chap self here, and I can see he's enjoying dressing up. That moleskin waistcoat is gorgeous and so is that bargain Christian Dior jacket.
    Your sister is going to be so spoiled when she comes to stay with you!
    I love your Mum's funnies, and if tossing and turning at night counts as exercise, I should be in good shape :-) xxx

  6. Philip looks really smart and what a good job he's done of filling in the old pond. Your guest bedroom looks lovely as well, anyone staying will feel very spoilt. Your Mum's funnies are brilliant x

  7. He scrubs up rather nicely, doesn't he? That waistcaot is a perfect match with his trousers and the posh Dior jacket. What excellent customer service from that gents outfitters, too - they deserve to do well.
    Loving Joy's convertible, I bet she used to turn a few heads in that! xxx