Saturday, 6 March 2021

When is a curtain not a curtain. When it’s a skirt

On Friday I decided to move onto the next lesson of the
Online Course I’m doing on No Rules Patchwork.

The task was to make your own striped fabrics.
I’ve used some fabric pieces I had left from making a pair of patchwork
curtains for the utility room ages ago.

Have confidence I told myself and with that I set about applying strips
using different stitches and also cutting up the middle of some strips.

All went brilliantly until the thingymebob broke on my sewing machine.
Not having a clue what it was called I trawled the internet for a photo of
something similar.  Success, I found one for £8.95 incl.pp. 


Another lesson I had was learning how to do a film reel on Instagram.
Who says you can’t teach an old dog dog new tricks.

Hope this works 


After breakfast and listening to Tony Blackburn’s Sound Of The Sixties
on Radio 2 we set off over the border into Yorkshire.

We had run out of the savoury tarts that Sharon makes and sells on
Todmorden market.  The last time we were there was 10th December.

I did have a bit of a panic when a police car appeared in front of us as
we pulled up on the car park.  Oh eck, I thought should we be here or not.

It was nice to do something we would do in normal times.  The difference
being we couldn’t have lunch anywhere or go in any charity shops,
and I couldn’t drop Philip off at the pub to have a couple of pints with his mate.

Once back home I set to picking out some fabrics for my next
textile sample.

This fabric was once a pair of curtains I bought in a charity shop.
It’s previously been chopped up and used as part of my patchwork curtains in
the utility room and also made into a skirt by friend Val.  There’s
still lots left for me to cut up and use for my course work.

Hope you’re having a nice weekend and hope
you’re a step nearer getting your vaccine jab if you’ve not
already had it.



  1. You clever woman, you amaze me. What course are you doing? you probably told me but i have lockdown brain.... well... always have really! love your skirts and dresses. Your near police encounter made me laugh, i thought it's only in London the police are being 'vigorous' - we went to Bristol yesterda to collect a van and there were football games going on, multiple families walking, i was shocked, no one seems to care anymore. xxx

  2. I love that last outfit - I am just drawn to anything with pinky tones, always have been. We live on the coast so every weekend its busy but never any sign of any police - in fact I don't think I've seen a policeman since before the first lockdown!

  3. Love these fabrics...the first reminds me of a skirt my mom had in the sixties :-). And the flowers...bought something similair in a Watford charity-shop when I was visiting my niece, I made night-dresses and could make a skirt!. Wish I could go and visit these will take longlong time before travelling to England I think....vaccins are taking long over here in the Netherlands...even my over-70-husband doesn´t have one :-(

  4. Hooray for ebay and replacement thingummybobs!
    Your patchwork gets better by the day and I love both your dress and the curtain skirt - it must be almost spring now I've seen it again.
    Our police are really strict, we've got regular patrols and even a couple of chaps walking the beat since last March. Jon got stopped when he going to get an essential plumbing bit from B&Q! We drove 5 miles to fetch a bit of gardening kit today and felt terribly naughty! xxx

  5. What a relief you've found a replacement thingummybob on the Internet! I'm loving your New Rules Patchwork, and your curtain couture skirt. They are the best!
    What a relief you weren't stopped by the police, you naughty people :-) We only had strict rules like that during the first lockdown, now we can move freely all over Belgium! xxx

  6. Beautiful and inspiring Lynn as always xx