Monday, 17 June 2019

Don’t tell the welder

I haven’t got a desk this week because I’ve been painting the Welsh dresser in the kitchen.  The walls are being painted and papered now as we do the weekly swoop round the desks at Julia’s place.

Yesterday I found a little match pot of Farrow & Ball paint and before the husband could get his welding mask off I’d attacked the walls in the utility room.  It makes me feel posh saying “the utility room”  heehee.

Next up I rescued a wallpaper sample I was about to wrap a present in and stuck it on the wall with masking tape.  I like it.  Now I just have to persuade Jo our decorator to paper it properly before she goes to work her magic on someone else’s home.  
So my plans for the day are a quick dash out for some more wallpaper and later I’ll be giving it a good coat of looking at.

Lynn xx


  1. Happy decorating! your wall looks great. Helen #1

  2. LOVE that green! As we rent, we can't paint the walls, but I'd use that green if I could :)
    Happy WOYWW!
    Claire no. 2

  3. Our wallpaper looks so good!
    Love the colour you've painted the dresser, it reminds me of tumbledown garden sheds and old greenhouses! xxx

  4. Love the apple green and pink colours! Did you use chalk paint for the dresser? I've always wanted to have a go with that.
    Hugs LLJ 12 xxx

  5. I do love that shade of green! Good luck with your dresser! Have a great rest of the week!
    Glenda #19

  6. Love your utility room! Your sense of style is fabulous!
    I love my utility room but mine is a room for doing those dirty jobs in - not that it isn't nice - it's just not "pretty" like yours. People think it is the kitchen when they first step in as it is fitted out like a white glossy kitchen but that is how I wanted it. If ever I moved I would have to have a utility room, I cannot imagine not having one.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx
    ps hope you do make one of those mirrors - base is from Ikea

  7. Hi Lynn, The green walls and the flower wallpaper look perfect together! I need a utility room, but just have no space for it, and I love our house so don't want to move, so will just have to make do! Have a lovely week, Heather xx #11

  8. Hi Lynn, love that green colour. And I'd love a utility room too, lol. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #14 X

  9. Hi Lynn, feeling a bit sad after reading your email. But we'll have to make up for it next time we're in the UK! I'll send you the details you asked me when I get home. Love the colour you painted the Welsh dresser, and your utility room looks very grand indeed! Lots of love to you and Philip! xxx

  10. Love the color combination of your walls. Very feminine and pretty. Enjoy! Dorlene #26

  11. Love the combination of colours with the paint and wallpaper. Hope the job gets done. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  12. Gorgeous colours. Happy WOYWW. With Love & God Bless, Caro x (#10)

  13. Hi Lynn, I love your colours and the pretty flower paper.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #8

  14. A good coat of looking at, and admiring your sense of style too I hope, it looks gorgeous! Such a fresh pattern. Will the Welder boy not notice the painted dresser? I ask that without a smirk....i’m Not sure that Joiner boy would if I did something similar. Not for a while, anyway!

  15. Green and pink is one of my most favourite colour combinations, Lynn. I'd give it a 'good coat of looking at' too. Oh, and what I'd give to say that I'd painted the utility room - not that I have utility room envy you understand. Did the Welder spot the difference - I wonder? Have a great week. Elizabeth x #24

  16. No desk! oh well never mind, great photos though. Wishing you a happy woyww, Angela x15x

  17. Read this few days ago Lynn but because you have embedded comment box instead of pop up I couldn’t comment have to come when time to fiddle onto special web browser for embedded ones which are very unstable. Blogger rules again.. can change comment box in settings too tho. Some have but lots haven’t.
    What a wonderful use of wallpaper, love them both the rose buds with green yummo but the Art Deco first ornament looks lovely too. Classic indeed.
    Thanks for popping over too.
    Happy belated WOYWW. Thanks for sharing, Shaz in Oz.x #6

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