Friday, 1 February 2019

Well that’s January done with

January Scrapbook

Well that was a quick start to 2019.  
Where did January go.

For me it went by quietly stitching, reading, trips to market and the library, dodging the snowstorms and a lovely at home movie afternoon with my best friend.  We watched a feel good film The Bookshop.

I’ve surprised myself by producing a book SOME PEOPLE.  It is made up of images of people I know and words that came to mind as I thought of them.  It’s a personal book just for me but husband Philip has claimed it for himself and won’t give it back.  He’s so sweet.  I enjoyed the process so much I’m working on another.

I’ll leave you with this silly picture to close the first month of the year.
Hope you all are cosy and warm in your homes 

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  1. It really is true that the older we get the faster time passes isn’t it? I’m pleased the first book is that successful....let’s hope there will be many more.
    Annie x

  2. Hi Lynn, I'm with you. I just don't know where the month has gone and it will be Christmas again before we know it! I guess if the time goes quickly it probably means you busy and enjoying yourself which can't be bad. Loving the idea of the book, maybe you should get it published. Take care and keep warm. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

  3. I was wondering the same. January's been mostly a blur for me mainly due to work issues. We've had a tiny bit of snow, but it was gone within the day. Instead, we are having days of non-stop rain. Love the idea of your book, and I'm not at all surprised that Philip won't give it back. Lots of love from us to you two! xxx

  4. I apologize for being late visiting, but life has caught up with me, i fear. January for me was a blur, helping a friend get away from an abusive husband. Other than that, my life is really quite dull, especially compared to yours. You have been so busy and I love the collage style art you created to share what January was all about. Did you publish the book? If not, maybe you should.

    Have a super rest of the weekend and a great start of February, dear Lynne.

  5. Well done on scrapping January already. I am well behind on my scrapbook pages. It looks as though January was a nice peaceful month for you. It is amazing that we are in February already. Maybe in February I will manage a page or two.
    Making the book sounds very therapeutic, so you may as well keep going on the next one! keep warm and cosy. Kate x

  6. Your book sounds amazing! And I love your drawing. (I for one fully support the shivering as exercise school of thought by the way!!!!)