Friday, 23 February 2018

Well here's something different from me...

In 1997 my lovely sister in law (Philip's twin sister) gave me a 
Helen Steiner Rice Daily Devotional perpetual calender. 
 It has been on my office desk for 21 years now, some days I have turned the page 
over without reading the words but some days I will come across a note or notes 
that I've written in previous years.  Today was one of those days.

This was the daily devotional message.....

Everyone has his own little niche
No matter how tiny or small
For every life has a purpose
Or we wouldn't be here at all

This is what I wrote......

February 23rd 2011
" Olivia asked me to help with her school project"

February 23rd 2013 
"Took Amy to Gracie Fields Theatre to help with her performing arts"

February 23rd 2015
"Took Macy and Blossom to the pictures"

February 23rd 2018
"Made and sent a special gift to a friend who has had news she didn't want to hear"

The message on the calender was  ....
" Today, examine your talents, and whatever they are, use them to help someone in some way"

So many times over the years I have read the message
and realised that its something I have already done that day.
Looks like as an auntie and godmother I come in handy now and again.
Enjoy your day
Lynn xx

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  1. So lovely to look back to see the good you’ve done on this day each year Lynn. Love the sentiment. I’ve told Milly she’s your pin up 😀 she gives me so much to smile about every day.
    Big hugs,
    Annie x

  2. What a wonderful thing to do, and to be able to look back over the years is a gift. Our memories fail us, but you have it in writing. Now I’m pondering what I can do. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Your perpetual calendar is a lovely reminder of the things you did over the years. Those notes are priceless. I like the quotations too ... we should all know that our life has a purpose. Have you been told today that your petticoat is showing. When I was a child I remember that we'd be told that it was 'snowing in summer' when our slip could be seen beneath our skirt. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x

  4. I love that, because everyone has talents, but some people don't seem to realize it. I'm always having people talk about my creative abilities and then end with, "but I have no talent", it is just not true. We each need to discover our talents and then use them and be grateful for them. It takes a village! Life is so much better when people use what they were blessed with to help others.
    P.S. Love your petticoat:)
    Keep Smiling,
    Connie :)

  5. That's so lovely, Lynn. And it's clear that one of your talents is being a great auntie and godmother and the most wonderful friend. I love re-reading things I've written years ago, and I'm forever regretting not having kept a diary. Which is where blogging has come in for the last couple of years. I'm loving the doggie in photo no. 2! xxx

  6. It's wonderful to be able to see what you have done on that day over the years. I keep a diary and occasionally I look to see what we did.
    Isn't it lovely to be in a position to help others. Life certainly has a purpose.
    I always enjoy your potos. Today I am intrigued by the Young lady on the wash line....
    xx Lisca

  7. Hello Lynn I love your post - the messages and your writings. Anne x

  8. You have found your niche, and are obviously a great auntie and godmother. I love the idea of this calendar and your notes, to remind you of years before. Long may it continue. Kate x

  9. I really like the idea of the calendar and being able to write something new each year then look back, love it. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  10. I would have been here sooner, but I’m still having phone and internet problems from the ice storm we had two nights ago. To make matters worse, my keyboard is acting up again. I’ll just stop before I get too frustrated and wish you a belated happy Friday Smiles.

  11. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! What a fab pressie that was.
    You've got so many talents but your best is your big heart, you make everyone happy with your thoughtfulness.