Thursday, 15 February 2018

Cover your modesty woman

If this mad friend of mine hadn’t said let’s go for a walk this morning around the reservoir where we can blow the cobwebs and calories off last night’s fish n chips and get ourselves blown to bits, full of mud and ruin our beautifully recently coiffured hair at the same time 

I wouldn’t have gone in the charity shop near where she’s lives after and ended up spending £4.50 on this fair isle waistcoat and a cord mini skirt that no decent 62 year old would be seen dead in it’s that short.  
I’ve tugged it down here to hide my modesty and so you won’t get a flash of my knickers 

We are off to see this new musical on Saturday, about the teddy boys in the late 50’s.
I better not wear that skirt if I’m going to be doing anything like what’s on the poster 


  1. Bargain! You've got me hankering for a charity shopping morning after seeing your finds - I haven't set foot in one since 2017!! You've got the legs for that skirt, that's for sure. xxx

  2. I agree with Vix that you've got the legs for that skirt! I always feel the need to cover my knees ... xxx

  3. The waistcoat thogh, is perfect. No way could I wear the skirt. Just a few too many years on this body.

  4. If I had your legs I’d be happy to wear the skirt Lynn.....mine are best kept covered. Looking good there girl.
    Annie x

  5. You look good! As others have commented I wish I had the legs for a skirt like that. :-) Have a great weekend. Anne x

  6. Hi Lynn, not sure I could wear the skirt but your legs are better than mine. I absolutely love the waistcoat. Have a lovely weekend and hope you enjoy the musical, Angela xXx

  7. I think you look super in the waistcoat and mini skirt Lynn. I really enjoyed the tale from today and your trip to the charity shop. It put a smile on MY face. Have a great Friday and super weekend at the musical.

  8. I love your charity shop buys. You have a knack of finding the right pieces. And don't worry how short the skirt is. If you are comfortable wearing then go for it. Kate xx

  9. Oh I do miss charity shops. I always used to find real bargains. Like you. You have certainly found something nice there. I love the waistcoat. What to say about the mini skirt? Your legs are perfectly alright for that skirt. You don't look your age anyway.
    I've not Heard of that musical. I'm sure you are going to have a great time. Enjoy (and tell us all about it later),
    Lisca xxx

  10. you do get some bargains Lynn, hope you enjoyed the musical xx

  11. You look fabulous in your new outfit xxx