Friday, 26 January 2018

I’ve got the Blues

Can I say a big thank you to the new followers this week and a thank you to Connie for introducing my little blog to everyone.

I’ve been to the local library today and wasn’t expecting to get afternoon tea, it was a lovely surprise.
The reason for the treat was that British watercolour artist Geoff Butterworth was giving a talk on his work

Do you like my new blue and white jug, mug and notebook?  I got them with the money hubby gave me for Christmas.  It’s amazing how far £5 will go.  Only kidding Philip hee hee.
They are made by British ceramics artist Kate Thorburn

I’m partial to a bit of blue and white, can you tell.
I’m off on the hunt round the house now for more.
I’ll report back when my mission is accomplished.

Over and out folks 


  1. I love blue and white too. My kitchen and dining area are decorated in those colors. It looks so crisp and clean to me. Love you new jug, mug and notebook. They look just my style.

  2. I've just shown Peter your blog and he said "I know where that bag came from". I am trying to educate him! X

  3. I love a bit of blue and white too especially how you put them together.
    Annie x

  4. The blue and white pieces you have put together look so homely and yet sophisticated, a beautiful jug.

  5. Hi Lynn, I love that dress. I love denim blue which looks like the colours in your dress and the jugs which are gorgeous. I have to say I am a bit of a jug lover and Tea Pots too though strangely I very rarely drink tea, just love the pots though. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  6. Hello Lynn, what you call a jug we call a pitcher and I love it . . . not only that but your dress is adorable. Did you make it?
    Here's wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Connie :)

  7. Hello Lynn, long time no see! I was delighted having you visit my blog today. Thank you for your visit.
    In the meantime I have noticed that your blog has been recommended and now has new visitors. Well, I say, it is definitely deserved as I love your blog too.
    Today's photos were lovely. I really like your outfit with the blue/white dress and the brown cardigan and belt. The colours go (unexpectedly) well together. And yes, I like your jug and mug. It's a bit in the Dutch style, as as I'm Dutch....
    Have a super weekend,

  8. I love the China, house room would be easily found here! Your man, what a keeper.

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  10. I am one of the followers introduced to you by Connie and I think she was right on in directing us your way. I'm enjoying it!

    I absolutely love everything about your mug and jug! Very, very cool!