Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Butterfly Brain of Lynn Holland

I'm thinking of renaming my blog to 

I constantly flit from one thing to another, settling only fleetingly on a thing before flitting off to something else.

Using this lovely notebook I had given me for my birthday I did an early morning exercise of writing down the WIP (work in progress) pieces that are scattered around the house.
This includes
A stitched story book I'm making for Philip 

A tote bag using an old Tapestry and a piece of hessian

A knitted waistcoat that's been going on all year 

A new autumn project from The Linen Garden

That's without me looking in all my baskets that are scattered all over the house full of unfinished projects.

Don't even get me started on the piles of books I flit between.  Its that obscene I think I need counselling.  

I've come to the conclusion there's to much to see and to much to learn about for me to settle on one thing.  
But maybe if I work through the list in my notebook and  at the same time fill it with the things that inspire and influence me I might get somewhere.
Well,  that's as long as I don't flutter of using another notebook at the same time 

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  1. I do the same thing so totally understand

  2. Tell me about it! This week's plans consisted of apple picking, chutney making, customising 10 waistcoats, taking photos of my latest stock finds, making wired headbands, tiling around the bathroom sink and sorting out the rockery. Instead I've been out charity shopping twice, done 6 loads of washing, written two blog posts and dusted the bedroom - too distracted by far!
    Great idea to write it all down and potter! xxx

  3. Perhaps we could all have a group therapy session! X

  4. Found your post from the creative inspiration party!! Yes, too many projects and such little time!! ha. Distraction from this and that.....starting a new project without finishing another!! yep!! That is why I started my blog- too many interests and maybe someone will get me. It also holds me accountable to finish it to absolute completion! Embrace it- makes you a more interesting person:)

  5. Years ago an ex BF called me his 'elusive butterfly' - not a term of endearment as such but because I flitted from one thing to another - and still do. Lynn, I am just the same - I long to finish two suitcases I began about 5 years ago, both of which gather dust on top of a cupboard until I take them down, dust them and put them back.
    I love all the things you have flit from and it wouldn't be the same if you just showed us one. Love your skirt/petticoat.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  6. I am pretty organized myself, but tend to get behind with my mending basket. This is now empty for the first time in years, thanks to the lovely summer we've been having. I do have a lot of unstarted rather than unfinished project. Nothing ever gets done as I lack the time. Making a list and ticking items off might be a solution! xxx